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For sale

I've got the two tent flys, two army bivy bags, a pair of woman's Dachstein tramping boots size Euro 41,

  • Fairydown Grampian sleeping bag,
  • Columbia puffer jacket navy blue size XL,
  • Kathmandu Goretex raincoat camo size XL, green swandri,
  • Hunttech fleece top size XL, Kathmandu thermarest,
  • Tornado raincoat fluro yellow size S,
  • LL Bean fishing vest size XL.

Plus lots of small stuff like primuses, frying pan, fly fishing gear etc. Thats enough for now 😀 if anyone wants to know more ask them to call me.

Ally 022 044 2161 2016-04-07

David Currie’s funeral notice was in Saturday's Dominion. The funeral was at Wesleyhaven at the far end of Rata St. Naenae on Monday April 4 at 1pm. Cheers, Ted.

Daypacks: Special Offer!

Hi everyone,

I've just started a small company, Green Tree Road, selling commercial quality backpacks. I think that these packs would be perfect for you with their clean yet rugged design. These 28L packs are simplicity at a realistic price.

Although we're a small company, we are willing to offer you a special price, even better than the one on our website.

-$65 each for 1-5 units

-$60 each for 6-10 units

-$55 each for orders over 10 units

For more information and photos of the packs, have a look at our website: http://www.greentreeroad.co.nz/home/

We look forward to hearing back from you regarding your interest. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Email: Amy Adele -> mailto:amy-adele [snail] hotmail [period] com
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Brilliant Biscuits

Hi! a few years ago I met some of your intrepid members while working on the Mt Somers track and they generously shared some famous tararua biscuits with me. I have tried to replicate them since - not completely successful. Pleased to find site and recipe -why didn't I look sooner?

Question: the ones I tried had oats, do I just exchange wholemeal flour for oats?

Thank you Gabrielle lange_gm [snail] yahoo [period] co [period] uk

Answer: Oats will make the biscuits crumbly. Using flour instead will make them harder. Also, golden syrup will make them hard. Go easy on the sugar and syrup.

David (2/2/11)

Sending "trip reports" by email

Does anyone know how to email the trip organisers with the statistical trip report i.e how many people went on the trip etc. There is reference to trip reports and tramping reports - I'm not sure of the difference - but the link to create a tramping report doesn't seem to work.

Help please

Marilyn Bramley

Please see the Trip Reports and Tramping Reports pages to gain an idea of what these are.

simon 2011 Mar 23 16:20

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Add your buy, sell, swap,
and other notices and information here

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