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Daypacks: Special Offer!

Hi everyone,

I've just started a small company,Green Tree Road, selling commercial quality backpacks. I think that these packs would be perfect for you with their clean yet rugged design. These 28L packs are simplicity at a realistic price.

Although we're a small company, we are willing to offer you a special price, even better than the one on our website.

-$65 each for 1-5 units

-$60 each for 6-10 units

-$55 each for orders over 10 units

For more information and photos of the packs, have a look at our website: http://www.greentreeroad.co.nz/home/

We look forward to hearing back from you regarding your interest. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Email: amy-adele@hotmail.com
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Wanted: Old Topo maps

Hi there. I make cards illustrating the 'wilderness/tramping' theme. I've finished using up my old maps of the Tararuas (shock, horror, probe) and need more old maps to use. Its the green bit I like.

Would you have any old maps you want to get rid of? I would be very glad to get them either email me Ellen -> mailto:ellenbysea [snail] hotmail [period] com?subject=Maps%20from%20TTC%20website or ring me (04) 9722-148 (022 194 5430) or drop them into me at Lyall Bay. I can come to club night to pick them up too. (I don't own a car, so I don't want to traipse all over the city to pick them up!)

2 free cards for you for your trouble! Thanks, Ellen

Tararua maps/posters?

Hello hello,

My partner and I are avid Tararua trampers, and we always admire the large maps at some of the trailheads and info sites which show peaks, tracks and huts (not the standard topo maps but the huge poster ones!). Any ideas on how I might get one of these to decorate our walls? I'm planning to stop into the DOC office today, but thought some TTCers might have some impressive Tararua maps/posters we could put on the wall! Willing to pay for them, of course :)

Thanks! Kellie

9 Jan 2013

Your could get hold of a map and print it yourself, eg download a topo50 map, or contact a map maker New Topo

Tramper - how to get electronic copy only

Does anybody in the club know how to opt out of getting a paper copy of the tramper. I've tried the group ttc tramper and unsubscribe but it doesn't seem to work with a gmail account. In fact none of the email links seem to work with a gmail account. And joining a group seems to require a yahoo account.

Help please

Marilyn Bramley

To subscribe to the Tararua Tramper distribution list please simply send an empty email to ttc-TararuaTramper-subscribe [snail] yahoogroups [period] com This does not require a Yahoo ID.

simon 2010 Dec 17 20:14

Anyone wanting to be taken off the mailing list for The Tararua Tramper should email a request to the roll secretary: Christine Whiteford -> mailto:ttc-clubroll [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query%20from%20TTC%20website on (04) 475 3880.

Brilliant Biscuits

Hi! a few years ago I met some of your intrepid members while working on the Mt Somers track and they generously shared some famous tararua biscuits with me. I have tried to replicate them since - not completely successful. Pleased to find site and recipe -why didn't I look sooner?

Question: the ones I tried had oats, do I just exchange wholemeal flour for oats?

Thank you Gabrielle lange_gm [snail] yahoo [period] co [period] uk

Answer: Oats will make the biscuits crumbly. Using flour instead will make them harder. Also, golden syrup will make them hard. Go easy on the sugar and syrup.

David (2/2/11)

Sending "trip reports" by email

Does anyone know how to email the trip organisers with the statistical trip report i.e how many people went on the trip etc. There is reference to trip reports and tramping reports - I'm not sure of the difference - but the link to create a tramping report doesn't seem to work.

Help please

Marilyn Bramley

Please see the Trip Reports and Tramping Reports pages to gain an idea of what these are.

simon 2011 Mar 23 16:20

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