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Climbing and Alpine Trips

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Leaders of mountaineering trips will normally require participants to have received alpine instruction or gained equivalent experience. Some trips are intended for those who have recently completed TTC's alpine instruction course.

We often have non-members participating on trips ... many people have joined the club this way. TTC also supports those wanting to contribute to the club by leading trips or helping others get into the Wellington climbing scene.

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Rock and alpine climbing

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Some trips are notified to the ttc-climbing email list, but do not wait for that if you see a trip you want to participate in...contact the trip leader!

Please bear in mind that a climbing trip sometimes often switches its objective or dates due to weather or mountain conditions!

Contact Stuart Hutson -> mailto:ttc-youth-programme [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query%20from%20TTC%20website on 027 686 5636 or Dave Grainger -> mailto:ttc-alpine-instruction [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query%20from%20TTC%20website on 021 444 702 with any enquiries about this trip list.

This list of NZ mountains may help you select a climb.

Here is a log of past trips.

Climbing / Alpine Trip List

DateTripVenueLeaderContact     Grade
Feb 15-16Paynes FordGolden BayPiers Harris021 204 7069grade 14+
Mar 1-2Mangetepopo rockclimbingcentral NIStu Hutson027 686 5636grade 15+
Apr 5-6Ruapehu Crater Rim TraverseTongariroJeff Macphail027 291 6535climb - grade 1+
Apr 5-6Wharepapa South rockcentral NILorraine Johns027 313 0073grade 14+
Apr 18-27Huxley North BranchRuataniwha / TwizelDave Grainger021 444 702climb - grade 2+
Apr 25-27 (Anzac)Mt AlexanderArthurs PassNina Sawicki027 230 5808climb - grade 1+
27 MayWinter Activities Night/AIC sign upclubroomsDave Grainger021 444 702instruction
30 May - June 2 postponed to Oct 24-27Mt HopelessNelson LakesDave Grainger021 444 702alpine grade 2+
6 -7 AugustSouth/WestTaranakiStuart Hutson027 686 5636Grade 2

TTC instruction courses

6-7 JulyAIC Rock 1/2WellingtonDave Grainger021 444 702instruction
25-27 JulyAIC Snow 1RuapehuDave Grainger021 444 702instruction
21-24 August (includes Friday)AIC Snow 2/avalanche awareness courseRuapehuDave Grainger021 444 702instruction
12-14 SeptemberAIC Snow 3 (snow caving)RuapehuDavid Grainger021 444 702instruction

Spring climbs etc

6-7 SeptemberRuapehu summit baggingRuapehuHelen Chapman021 189 2788grade 1+
22-28 SeptemberBackcountry ski touring weekWanaka / Mt Cook regionRob Hawes/Dave Grainger0274 470 461/021 444 702AIC, BC ski experience
October tbdGirdlestoneRuapehuJenna Thoms027 327 1528grade 1+
Oct 17-20Mt GreenlawArthurs Pass NPDave Grainger021 444 702Grade 2+
Oct 24-27 (Labour weekend) TBCMt BrewsterAspiring NPHayden Richards0276 555 677Grade 2+
Oct 24-27 (Labour Weekend)3 PassesArthurs Pass-West CoastAlison Davis022 426 3690grade 1
Oct 24-27 (Labour weekend)Mt HopelessNelson LakesDave Grainger021 444 702alpine grade 2+
Early NovSki Descent AspiringAspiring NPHayden Richards0276 555 677Ski mountaineering, Grade 2+
XmasSomewhere up the GodleyAoraki/Mt Cook NPHayden Richards0276 555 677Grade 2+
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Leading Trips

  • We aspire to help club members grow their leadership skills and contribute to the Wellington climbing scene.
  • All trip suggestions are welcome. If you want to add an objective or discuss leading a trip feel free to contact either Stuart or David.
  • The list of mountains linked below may help you select a climb.

For enquiries about TTC's climbing trips, call Stuart Hutson on 027 686 5636 or David Grainger on 021 444 702

See Trip grading

Climbing and Mountaineering Instruction

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