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Photos 2011-Photo Competition Results

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Many thanks go to this year's entrants, and to our judge this year, Carol Molineux. The winners received stretched canvas prints of their work from The Big Picture, and each winner and 2nd place-getter have the right to be entered in the Federated Mountain Clubs Photo competition in 2012.

From the winning entries it's easy to see that in a great photo there is content, composition and good photographic technique, but a sense of story-telling as well, and that extra something that conveys the excitement the photographer felt in discovering the image.

Above the Bush Line

  • Winner "Above Bledisloe Gorge" - Jannette Roberts
  • 2nd "Ready to ski the Whangahu Glacier" - Peter Smith
  • 3rd "Climbing to the crater" - Peter Smith

Below the Bush Line

  • Winner "Young Forks" - Jannette Roberts
  • 2nd "Tunnel in the trees" - Peter Barber
  • 3rd "Anyone for tea?" - Peter Barber

Hut and Camp Life

  • Winner "Out of sight out of mind" - David Grainger
  • 2nd "Yankee River Hut" - Jane Boydon
  • 3rd "Shady figures" - David Grainger


  • Winner "Tauherenikau Hut" - David Ogilvie

Native Flora and Fauna

  • Winner: "Fern lichen...." - Syd Moore
  • 2nd: "Tree ferns" - Trish Gardiner-Smith
  • 3rd: "Close up kelp" - Syd Moore

Outdoor Landscapes

  • Winner "Bonar Fire" - David Grainger
  • 2nd "Fantastic" - David Grainger
  • 3rd "1" (lighthouse sunrise) - Peter Whiteford

Above the bushline

ABL-Janette Roberts-Above Bledisloe Gorge.jpg: 1108x831, 1021k (2011 Oct 19 20:58)
"Above Bledisloe Gorge"
Jannette Roberts
ABL - Peter Smith-Climbing to the crater.jpg: 1075x1601, 1023k (2011 Oct 19 20:58)
Climbing to the crater"
Peter Smith
ABL - Peter Smith - Ready to ski the Whangehu glacier.jpg: 1544x1037, 1024k (2011 Oct 19 20:33)
Ready to ski the Whangehu glacier"
Peter Smith

Below the bushline

BBL-Janette Roberts-Young Forks.jpg: 1237x929, 1010k (2011 Oct 19 22:00)
"Young Forks"
Janette Roberts
BBL-Peter Barber-Anyone for tea.jpg: 922x691, 1022k (2011 Oct 19 22:55)
"Anyone for tea?"
Peter Barber
BBL-Peter Barber-Tunnel in the Trees.jpg: 800x1076, 1023k (2011 Oct 19 22:53)
"Tunnel in the Trees"
Peter Barber

Hut or camp life

HCL-Boydon-Yankee River Hut Stewart Island.jpg: 1259x821, 1033k (2011 Oct 19 22:00)
"Yankee River Hut Stewart Island"
Jane Boydon
HCL-Grainger-Out of sight out of mind.jpg: 1279x795, 1031k (2011 Oct 19 22:01)
"Out of sight out of mind"
David Grainger
HCL-Grainger-Shady Figures.jpg: 1382x781, 1025k (2011 Oct 19 22:01)
"Shady Figures"
David Grainger


HIS-Ogilvie-Tauherenikau Hut 1956.jpg: 1070x1524, 1023k (2011 Oct 19 22:01)
"Tauherenikau Hut 1956"
David Ogilvie

Native flora and fauna

NFF-Syd Moore-Close-up of kelp.jpg: 690x1035, 1019k (2011 Oct 19 22:02)
"Close-up of kelp"
Syd Moore
NFF-Syd Moore- Fern lichen and... .jpg: 976x651, 1018k (2011 Oct 19 22:01)
"Fern lichen and..."
Syd Moore
NFF - Trish Gardiner-Smith - Tree ferns.jpg: 735x980, 1026k (2011 Oct 19 22:01)
"Tree ferns"
Trish Gardiner-Smith

Outdoor landscapes

OLS-Grainger-Bonar Fire.jpg: 1575x736, 1026k (2011 Oct 19 22:02)
"Bonar Fire"
David Grainger
OLS-Grainger-Fantastic.jpg: 1268x986, 1027k (2011 Oct 19 22:02)
David Grainger
OLS-PCWhiteford-1.jpg: 1482x906, 1021k (2011 Oct 19 22:02)
Peter Whiteford

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