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Photos 2012-05-12-Youth Climbing Titahi Bay

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Photos from youth rock climbing at Titahi Bay

Megan at the top of her climb.jpg: 1024x622, 291k (2012 May 14 21:42)
Megan at the top of the climb with Walter belaying
Ruben_and_Megan_relaxing_at_the_top_of_a_climb.jpg: 534x800, 218k (2012 May 15 09:11)
Ruben and Megan relaxing at the top of a climb
Ruben abseils.jpg: 775x1024, 388k (2012 May 14 21:42)
Ruben Abseils
Ruben at Titahi Bay.jpg: 1024x663, 265k (2012 May 14 21:43)
Ruben at Titahi Bay
Ruben climbs The Slab.jpg: 729x1024, 406k (2012 May 14 21:43)
Ruben climbs The Slab
Ruben ties in.jpg: 659x1024, 351k (2012 May 14 21:43)
Ruben ties in
Sienna_and_Fiona_getting_ready_to_climb.jpg: 534x800, 217k (2012 May 15 09:08)
Sienna and Ruben getting ready to climb
Sienna_watches_Drew_abeil.jpg: 534x800, 196k (2012 May 15 09:13)
Sienna watches Drew abeil
Sienna climbing at Titahi Bay.jpg: 683x1024, 434k (2012 May 14 21:43)
Sienna climbing at Titahi Bay
Sienna climbs.jpg: 1024x607, 283k (2012 May 14 21:43)
Sienna climbs and Megan belays
Stu watches his proteges during their first day on real rock.jpg: 1024x870, 509k (2012 May 14 21:44)
Stu watches his proteges during their first day on real rock
Walter at Titahi Bay.jpg: 1024x680, 286k (2012 May 14 21:44)
Walter at Titahi Bay
Walter climbs Ruben belays Alison checks.jpg: 1024x852, 349k (2012 May 14 21:44)
Walter climbs Ruben belays Alison checks
Walter looks for another hold.jpg: 1024x550, 268k (2012 May 14 21:44)
Walter looks for another hold

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