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Photographs from club activities

Photos are submitted by club members.

2015-11-18-Lewis Pass Tops   Photos from Lewis Pass Tops trip to Mount Technical and Brass Monkey Biv, November 2015

2015-10-24-Cupola-Travers-post-AIC   Photos from Nelson Lakes post-AIC climbing trip
2015-09-27-Girdlestone-Jade Cincotta
2015-09-27-Girdlestone-Jade Cincotta   Photos from Girdlestone September 27 2015 by Jade Cincotta
2015-09-27-Girdlestone   Girdlestone Peak by Jason Stephens and Rory Stephenson
2015-04-25 Pinnacle-Marlborough
2015-04-25 Pinnacle-Marlborough
2015-04-25 Pinnacle-Marlborough
2015-04-25 Pinnacle-Marlborough   Photos from Pinnacle 2120m (Marlborough)

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