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TTC Club Night Duty Roster


If you can't do a duty, agree to swap with someone else and update the roster. The SC contact list is available in the grey box.


DateDoorSupperHostingEventsEvent Point of ContactEvent Guide
15 SeptemberChris LeatherMuriel ChristiansonJan Nye___
22 SeptemberKristy JohnstoneLynne WhiteMuriel Christianson___
29 SeptemberJan NyeKristy JohnstoneChris Leather___
6 OctoberLynne WhiteMuriel ChristiansonJan Nye
13 OctoberKristy Johnstone Jan NyePhoto CompetitionJan Nye __
20 October   ___
27 October   Life and 50 Year Members Night Guide - Life and Fifty Year Members night

| ||Kristy Johnstone ||Guide - Christmas Finale Night

***Tuesdays 16th December - 6th January TTC closed for the summer holidays***

| ||_ ||_

6 October Journey of Jory

Journey of Jory

While some people may see a jobless, barefoot hobo in a flax coat, I see a chance for survivalist craziness. Jory Akuhata, a diabetic, walked the 3,000km Te Araroa trail, mostly barefooted, wearing rain capes he made from flax, hunting, fishing and gathering along the way, and rediscovering old skills from his Maori heritage. He once caught a rabbit by standing on it.

13 October Photo competition

20 October Home in no hurry: UK to New Zealand by bike

Home in no hurry: UK to New Zealand by bike

A fondness for two-wheeled travel took Reuben Ferguson from England to New Zealand over 13 months in 2011-2012. He will give a cyclist's perspective of the diverse landscapes and cultures of the Eurasian continent, conveying some sense of the unique ways in which a bike allows the traveller to explore the environment and interact with local people.

27 October Cycling in Samoa

Cycling in Samoa

Julia and Ken Fraser with Dianne and Warwick Hill recently did a cycling trip around Samoa, staying in beach fale, seeing village life, touring a plantation, experiencing and helping with umu preparation and snorkelling above the coral reefs. Come and hear who managed to cycle the whole way around Savai'i and see an underwater video of giant clams!

3 November Life/50 year members’ night Trekking in Mongolia

Trekking in Mongolia

Lured by tales of hiking with camels through the Bayan Gobi and across the steppes, Alison and Bill Stephenson joined a trekking tour in Mongolia in September. It wasn’t quite what they expected, but was fascinating nevertheless.

17 November An adventure in remote China

Remote China Adventure

In June this year, Carol Lough from the Kaumatua Tramping Club went on a 21-day tour in the mountains and valleys where Sichuan and Yunnan meet the Tibetan Plateau. The trip included four 2-3 day treks up to 3800m and mini-bus travel through dramatic mountain landscapes.

24 November

Great Barrier Island

Great Barrier Island

Ten TTC members including Barbara Crump and Tricia Walbridge enjoyed wonderful weather, swimming and tramping on Great Barrier Island over Easter this year.

Magnificent Moss Pass

Magnificent Moss Pass

On their second visit to the Blue Lake in Nelson Lakes National Park, Alan Graham and Liz Martin plucked up courage to attempt a crossing of Moss Pass into the D'Urville Valley.

1 December Bougainville – mountains, mangoes, magic and making do

Bougainville – mountains, mangoes, magic and making do

Chris and Gerald Leather were VSA volunteers for 18 months in Bougainville. Daily living was basic in this remote part of the world, the mountains were spectacular, food was a challenge and electricity happened only occasionally. It was like ... a very long tramping trip!

8 December Christmas finale

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