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TTC Club Night Duty Roster


If you can't do a duty, agree to swap with someone else and update the roster. The SC contact list is available in the grey box.


DateDoorSupperHostingEventsEvent Point of ContactEvent Guide
23 SeptemberPatrick ArnoldAlison DavisTish Glasson___
30 SeptemberJenna ThomsMuriel ChristiansonAmie Claridge___
7 OctoberAmie ClaridgePatrick ArnoldAlison Davis___
14 OctoberMuriel ChristiansonJan NyeTish GlassonPhoto CompetitionJan Nye/Peter Barberto be created
21 OctoberJan NyeAmie ClaridgeJenna Thoms___
28 OctoberAlison DavisTish GlassonMuriel Christianson___
4 NovemberJan NyeMuriel ChristiansonAlison DavisLife and 50 Year Members NightLynda DeanGuide - Life and Fifty Year Members night
11 NovemberJenna ThomsTish GlassonAmie Claridge___
18 NovemberLynda DeanJenna ThomsKristy Johnstone___
25 NovemberKristy JohnstonePatrick ArnoldTish Glasson___
2 DecemberAmie ClaridgeLynda DeanJenna Thoms___
9 DecemberMuriel ChristiansonAlison DavisJan NyeChristmas Finale 2014Kristy JohnstoneGuide - Christmas Finale Night

***Tuesdays 16th December - 6th January TTC closed for the summer holidays***


DateDoorSupperHostingEventsEvent Point of ContactEvent Guide
13 JanuaryPatrick ArnoldKristy JohnstoneAmie ClaridgeSummer BarbequeAmie Claridgeto be created
20 JanuaryJan NyeAlison DavisMuriel Christianson___
27 JanuaryKristy JohnstoneJenna ThomsPatrick ArnoldNew Members eveningPatrick Arnoldto be created
3 FebruaryJenna ThomsAmie ClaridgeJan Nye___
10 FebruaryAlison DavisPatrick ArnoldMuriel Christianson___
17 FebruaryTish GlassonJan NyeJenna Thoms___
24 FebruaryJan NyeAmie ClaridgeAlison Davis___
3 MarchMuriel ChristiansonAlison DavisTish Glasson___
10 MarchPatrick ArnoldTish GlassonAmie Claridge___
17 MarchJenna ThomsAmie ClaridgeJan Nye___
24 MarchKristy JohnstoneTish GlassonMuriel Christianson___
31 MarchTish GlassonKristy JohnstoneAlison Davis___
7 AprilJenna ThomsAlison DavisPatrick Arnold___
14 AprilAmie ClaridgeTish GlassonJan Nye___
21 AprilKristy JohnstoneMuriel ChristiansonTish Glasson___
28 AprilJan NyeAlison DavisKristy Johnstone___
5 MayAmie ClaridgeMuriel ChristiansonPatrick Arnold___
12 MayLynda DeanJenna ThomsAlison Davis___
19 MayJenna ThomsJan NyePatrick Arnold___
26 MayKristy JohnstonePatrick ArnoldMuriel ChristiansonWinter ActivitiesTish Glassonto be created
2 JuneAlison DavisJan NyeAmie Claridge___
9 JuneTish GlassonAlison DavisJenna Thoms___
16 JuneAmie ClaridgeTish GlassonJan NyeQuiz NightAlison DavisGuide - Quiz Night
23 JunePatrick ArnoldKristy JohnstoneAlison Davis___
30 JuneKristy JohntoneJenna ThomsMuriel Christianson___
7 JulyMuriel ChristiansonAlison DavAmie Claridge___
14 JulyJenna ThomsJan NyePatrick Arnold___
21 JulyAmie ClaridgePatrick ArnoldJan Nye___
28 JulyKristy JohnstoneAmie ClaridgeMuriel Christianson___
4 AugustAlison DavisTish GlassonPatrick Arnold___
11 AugustTish GlassonAmie ClaridgeJenna Thoms___
18 AugustKristy JohnstoneJenna ThomsTish Glasson___
25 AugustPatrick ArnoldMuriel ChristiansonKristy Johnstone___
1 SeptemberJan NyePatrick ArnoldAlison Davis___
8 SeptemberTish GlassonKristy JohnstoneAmie ClaridgeShort films eveningJenna Thomsto be created
15 September     
22 September     
29 September     
6 October     
13 October   Photo CompetitionJan Nye/Peter Barberto be created
20 October     
27 October     
3 November   Life and 50 Year Members NightLynda DeanGuide - Life and Fifty Year Members night
10 November     
17 November     
24 November     
1 December     
8 December   Christmas Finale 2015Kristy JohnstoneGuide - Christmas Finale Night

3 February The Manaslu Trek

The Manaslu Trek

Opened in 1992 and now becoming increasingly popular with trekkers, the 14-day Manaslu Trek around the world’s eighth highest peak (8,156m) is a great alternative to the Annapurna Circuit, with its teahouse accommodation, Buddhist monasteries, precarious bridges across raging rivers, and majestic mountain scenery. In 2012, Wayne and Mary Perkins walked the Manaslu Circuit, with a side trip up the Tsum Valley.

10 February London to Wellington on a bike

London to Wellington on a bike

In April 2011, Adam Glover set off from London with a bicycle and a tent to return to New Zealand, a journey that would take two years to complete. In Central Asia and China he pedalled his way over snow-covered mountains, across deserts, and on roads where it was sometimes easier to push the bike than to cycle.

17 February Phil Dickson's Wellington

Phil Dickson's Wellington

Phil Dickson, a pillar of Wellington’s art community, is a keen walker, tramper and cyclist with a strong interest in local geography and history. In Phil Dickson’s Wellington he writes about some of his favourite places around the Wellington region, from the city to the Hutt and the Tararua and Rimutaka ranges. The book is illustrated with his watercolours, oil paintings and drawings. Copies will be available for sale at the clubrooms for $45.

24 February Wills and Hunter: A bit of a mission

Wills/Hunter Trip

Peggy Munn describes a trip she led in the Wills and Hunter valleys in March 2014 as "a combination of flat bits, steep bits, very steep bits and oh my gosh steep bits, wet bits, gale-force windy bits, are we nearly there bits (no), and some rather long days".

3 March The birds of New Zealand: our wildlife heritage

An insight into ornithology

Ian Armitage is a keen ornithologist who won the environment category of the 2014 Wellingtonian of the Year awards for his leadership of the Rimutaka Forest Park Trust in re-establishing a brown kiwi population in the forest park. He is a Council member of Birds New Zealand (brand name of The Ornithological Society of New Zealand), which promotes the study of birds and their habitats, and fosters knowledge and enjoyment of birds as a precious part of our wildlife heritage.

10 March The Grand Tetons in summer and winter

The Grand Tetons in summer and winter

When Sheena Hudson returned to Wellington in 2012 from some summer hiking in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, Mary Inglis said to her, "Ah but you haven't seen it in winter!" With such a challenge from her old friend, Sheena went back in the winter of 2013 and spent a week snowshoeing and dog sledding in this amazing Park.

14 April Narrative of the landscape: the things you miss while racing to the next stop

Narrative of the landscape: the things you miss while racing to the next stop

Club member Professor Mike Crozier of Victoria University explains and illustrates what landform features (shapes, patterns, composition and texture) can tell us about the evolution and history of the landscape.

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