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TTC Club Night Duty Roster


If you can't do a duty, agree to swap with someone else
Date 2014DoorSupperHostingEvents
16 SeptemberHelen ChapmanKristy JonstoneAmie Claridge
9 SeptemberJan NyePatrick ArnoldTish GlassonMaster Chef
2 SeptemberPatrick ArnoldHelen ChapmanAlison Davis
26 AugustAmie ClaridgeJenna ThomsKristy Jonstone
19 AugustTish GlassonKristy JonstoneJenna ThomsAGM
12 AugustAlison DavisTish GlassonHelen Chapman
5 AugustKristy JonstoneAmie ClaridgeMuriel Christianson
29 JulyJenna ThomsPatrick ArnoldJan Nye
22 JulyHelen ChapmanJan NyePatrick Arnold
15 JulyMuriel ChristiansonHelen ChapmanAmie ClaridgeTTC Mastermind
8 JulyJan NyeJenna ThomsTish Glasson
1 JulyPatrick ArnoldKristy JonstoneAlison Davis
24 JuneAmie ClaridgeTish GlassonKristy JonstoneSocial Committee meeting
17 JuneTish GlassonAmie ClaridgeJenna Thoms
10 JuneAlison DavisPatrick ArnoldHelen Chapman
3 JuneKristy JonstoneJan NyeMuriel Christianson
27 MayJenna ThomsHelen ChapmanPatrick Arnold
20 MayHelen ChapmanAmie ClaridgeJan Nye
13 MayMuriel ChristiansonKristy JonstoneAmie Claridge
6 MayJan NyeAlison DavisTish Glasson
29 AprilHelen ChapmanMuriel ChristiansonAlison Davis
22 AprilPatrick ArnoldJenna ThomsKristy Johnstone
15 AprilTish GlassonPatrick ArnoldJenna Thoms
8 AprilAlison DavisAmie ClaridgeHelen Chapman
1 AprilKristy JohnstoneTish GlassonMuriel Christianson
25 MarchJenna ThomsKristy JohnstoneJan Nye
18 MarchPatrick ArnoldJenna ThomsAmie Claridge
11 MarchMuriel ChristiansonAlison DavisTish Glasson
4 MarchJan NyeAmie ClaridgeAlison Davis
25 FebruaryTish GlassonJan NyeHelen Chapman
18 FebruaryAlison DavisPatrick ArnoldMuriel Christianson
11 FebruaryKristy JohnstoneAmie ClaridgeJenna Thoms
4 FebruaryJenna ThomsTish GlassonPatrick Arnold
28 JanuaryHelen ChapmanMuriel ChristiansonAlison DavisNew Members (Patrick)
21 JanuaryPatrick ArnoldKristy JohnstoneAmie Claridge
14 JanuaryMuriel ChristiansonAlison DavisJenna ThomsNew Year BBQ (Daniel)
7 January 2014----closed-

9 September TTC MasterChef

The occasional climber

Do you get lots of compliments from appreciative members of your cooking group when you've cooked a delicious evening meal? Then maybe you have what it takes to become the 2014 TTC MasterChef. You can enter this culinary contest either on your own or with one or two others.

16 September Light therapy

Light therapy

Dave Grainger reports on climbs earlier this year of four classic South Island peaks, D'Archiac, Kehu, Travers, and Mackenzie. He contrasts the approaches taken for each climb and the climbing styles used, samples the stunning views on offer, and suggests some therapeutic benefits of trips such as these.

23 September Predator-free New Zealand

Predator-free New Zealand

Predator Free New Zealand (PFNZ) aims to get people involved in a campaign to protect New Zealand’s threatened native species through improved pest management and control. Kevin Hackwell is a member of PFNZ’s Strategy Group.

30 September Coast to coast

Coast to coast

In June 2012, John Hill and an old school friend walked across the north of England from the Irish Sea to the North Sea, passing through the Lake District, the Pennines and the North York Moors. They enjoyed the trip so much they did it again this year.

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