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Tararua Tramping Club

TTC Club Night

TTC Club night programme

  • on Tuesday
  • Supper, socialising from 7:10 pm - 7:30 pm
  • General business 7:30 pm - 7:35 pm
  • Speaker 7:35 pm - 8:20 pm
  • Trip organisation 8:20 pm - 8:30 pm.

There is a $2 door charge.

Tuesday is our regular club night. Club night meetings are held an our centrally located clubrooms in Moncrieff Street, off Elizabeth Street, off Kent Terrace.
We welcome new faces at our meetings, and there are always club members available to provide newcomers with information and answer any questions.

Forthcoming meetings

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22 August A very long walk beside the seaside

A very long walk beside the seaside

Running 1000km along the scenic coastlines of Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, and Dorset, the South West Coast Path is perhaps the UK’s ultimate challenge for the long-distance hiker. Lyn Taylor likes a long walk and is always up for a challenge, so decided to give it a go!

29 August Toaroha Circuit

Toaroha Circuit

In February/March this year, Peggy Munn’s party of five Club members did the rugged Toaroha circuit on the West Coast, crossing two alpine saddles and the Lower Whitcombe, Hokitika and Toaroha rivers. Along the way they met some interesting people.

05 September Traversing the Himalayas


With three other New Zealand climbers, Nina Sawicki completed the South (Oktang) and North Kanchenjunga base camp treks, along with traverses of the Mirgin La and remote Nango La Passes. They followed the tracks of the endangered snow leopard, visited schools, medical facilities and health outposts, and got lost in a rhododendron forest.

12 September Te Araroa: South Island

Te Araroa: South Island

On Boxing Day 2016, Celia Wade-Brown and her husband and tent-carrier Alistair began walking the South island section of Te Araroa. Highlights for Celia were the ‘trail angel’ support of her mother-in-law in her campervan, the locals and fellow trampers they met, swimming in rivers, the food at Ohau Lodge, and photographing orchids and fungi.

19 September Day trips in the Tararua Ranges

Day trips in the Tararua Ranges

As the time to compile yet another Fixture Card approaches, Colin Cook surveys day trips in the Tararua Ranges that he has done or might be fun to do. Most are MF grade, have a significant off-track component, and start from a wide range of entry points, from the Mangahao to Kaitoke Regional Park and Putara road end.

26 September Project Kaka: The battle for our birds

Project Kaka: The battle for our birds

Project Kāka is an intensive 10 year pest control and monitoring programme targeting species that threaten native bird life in the Tararua Forest Park. James Griffiths, lead DOC scientist on the project, provides an update on the progress of efforts to carry out predator control and restore native bird, insect and plant communities.

03 October A geological trek in Papua New Guinea

A geological trek in Papua New Guinea

In 2014 Kevin Norton and a fellow geoscientist from Victoria University went to Papua New Guinea to carry out groundwork for a geological investigation of Mount Dayman, a 3000 metre peak that is being uplifted along the Mai’iu Fault. Their trek from the small town of Agaun in the mountains to Kewansesap on the coast hit on some of the geological, natural, and cultural highlights of this little-seen part of the world.

10 October Conservation of kakerori: to the brink ... and back

The kakerori, a forest bird of the Cook Islands, was on the brink of extinction in 1989, due to predation by introduced rats and cats. Hugh Robertson and Lynn Adams tell the story of the conservation efforts in the rugged interior of Rarotonga to save the species and ensure its long-term survival.

24 October Patagonia: A dream destination for trampers

Earlier this year WTMC member Andrei Zubkhov spent six weeks exploring Patagonia. Come and hear his tips on how to get around, save money, and see the best sights!

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Previous clubnights

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