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Welcome to the Tararua Tramping Club and to our web site. If you are interested in outdoor activities, conservation issues, or simply need some healthy exercise and want to meet some friendly people, we may have what you're looking for.

Established in 1919, TTC is the longest established tramping club in Wellington. Our membership is over 700. We are one of some 300 outdoor recreational clubs and societies affiliated to the national body, Federated Mountain Clubs of New Zealand.

Although tramping is our most popular activity, there are many other ways you can enjoy yourself with the club, including family trips, snow sports, day walks, conservation. biking, youth programme and climbing and mountaineering. Have a look at our activities page for more details. ...

With TTC there is always somewhere to go, someone to go with. Whether you have never been into the hills before or you are a seasoned adventurer, the club has much to offer.

Our event schedule is packed with all kinds of trips and activities, all year round.

Our club meetings are held every Tuesday night at our centrally located clubrooms in Moncrieff Street, you are welcome to join us. ...

TTC Leadership Workshop

At the TTC Clubrooms, 3 Moncrieff Street, Mt. Victoria on Saturday May 9th, from 09.30 to 16.30, with shared lunch, for TTC members, established and aspiring trip leaders particularly welcome

  • Guest speakers:
    Darryl Carpenter - Head of Strategic Impact, former CEO of the Mountain Safety Council
    Robin McNeill - President of the FMC, Enterprise Project Manager for Venture Southland
  • no fee, please register by email -> mailto:ttc-conservation [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz or txt 027 750 5443 for planning purposes
  • please bring a plate for the shared lunch


  • to raise awareness of TTC trip leadership principles and issues and encourage discussion.
  • to elicit written feedback about leadership, in order to clarify and improve our club policies
  • to introduce aspiring leaders to the skills and tasks of trip leadership
  • to provide a forum for established trip leaders to raise matters of concern.

At our next meeting:

28 April Of kings and trolls and many other things …

Of kings and trolls and other things…

In August/September 2014, Lesley Haines and Rick Wells joined a bunch of Skippy-eating Aussies for four weeks north of the Arctic Circle. Join them as they revisit the glaciers, saunas, berry fields, and spectacular auroras of Sweden's Kungsleden (King's Highway), and the craggy, wet and wild wonders of Norway's Lofoten archipelago.

Coming up

5 May Stargazing with Haritina

Stargazing with Haritina

Haritina Mogosanu is a starryteller who loves to share her fascination with stars and passion for astronomy, astrobiology and space. As a leading planetarium presenter and educator in astronomy, her quest is to inspire people to rediscover and connect with the stars.


Morison Bush

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