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The Tararua Tramper

The Tararua Tramper

Our monthly newsletter of happenings and upcoming events is The Tararua Tramper.

Send your tramping, climbing, cycling and outdoor news to the editor: Colin Cook -> mailto:ttc-tramper [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query%20from%20TTC%20website on (04) 384-7414.

The deadline for the next issue of the Tramper is published on the back page of the current Tramper.

Copies of The Tararua Tramper dating back to the issue of Volume 1, Number 1 in 1928 are held in the club archives.

The Index of Tramper articles was created by Neville Lockett.

Tararua Annual
Tararua Annual
Tararua Annual
Tararua Annual


Accounts of longer trips (such as Christmas tramping or climbing trips and overseas expeditions) are published in our annual Tararua.

Copies of The Tararua Tramper and Tararua are distributed free to all financial members and may be purchased by non-members.

From time to time the club produces some special publications. Examples are Tararua Story (published in 1946) and Generally Tramping (published to coincide with the TTC 75th Jubilee in 1994). Copies of the latter may be purchased from the club. Tararua Song books and Recipe books are also available.

FMC Bulletin
Safety in the Mountains

FMC Bulletin

Members receive copies of the FMC Bulletin which is published by Federated Mountain Clubs approximately quarterly. The Bulletin always contains interesting articles related to mountain recreation and keeps members in touch with what the national body is up to.

Every member also receives upon joining a copy of the FMC's Safety in the Mountains - a small but invaluable guide that should always be close at hand to anyone contemplating tramping or climbing trips.

Participants in the Club's instructional courses are issued with manuals relevant to the course.


Tararua Tramping Club receives newsletter from many Tramping Clubs and other Outdoors organisations. They can be viewed by members at the club library.

Tararua Tramping Club Rules

  • 2009 A4 35KB pdf
  • 2009 Booklet form, print double sided flip on short edge 59KB pdf

Accident & Emergency Checklist

Keep one of these in your pack: Casualty Assessment Form

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