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Tararua Tramping Club

TTC Wednesday Walks

Wednesday walks in NovemberGradeLeaderContact
01East Baring HeadESyd Edwards970 5882
 Orongorongo Tk, Turere Spur (trip swap)EMLynne Pomare934 1187
 East Holdsworth via off-track spurMDave Reynolds934 6120
 Mitre Flats, BaldyFWarwick Wright562 0194
08Ngaio GorgeRDenise Udy473 7037
 Mt WainuiEMKen Fraser04 905 3714
 Twin Bridges, Remutaka PassMJustin Kerr472 6661
 Mangatarere, 726, Totara Creek, 768MFJohn Thomson479 2527
14Bike Titahi Bay Whitireia Park Geraldine Keith 478 3377
 Miramar walkaboutEJean Morgan384 5165
 Bull Hill, SW from MartinboroughMRobin Chesterfield233 8314
 Otaki Forks, WaitatapiaMFBob Stephens475 8655
 Taits StreamFFranz Hubmann567 2162
22Te Whiti riserEPaul Jones478 1876
 City Eastern suburbs (trip swap)EMRosemany Wilson387 8959
 Wellington south coastMBill Wheeler479 5666
 Panatewaewae Stream, 635MFJohn Thomson479 2527
 South Saddle, North SaddleFColin Cook384 7414
29Whitireia PeninsulaEHadley Bond233 2241
 Mangaone, Kapakapanui circuitMDave Reynolds934 6120
 Gable End Ridge, WaiopehuSFDavid McNabb566 8600

Wednesday walks

If you are free mid-week please join us on our Wednesday walks. These range from shorter rambles over gentle terrain through to medium graded trips in the Wellington region. For further enquiries, come along to our Tuesday night club meetings or contact David Ogilvie -> mailto:ttc-wednesday [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query%20from%20TTC%20website on (04) 479 3035.

The R, BBB, E, and EM Wednesday trips are run by Margaret Foden and Michele Dickson.

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