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@tararuatramping has a twitter account for keeping in touch with members.

To tweet go to https://twitter.com/tararuatramping.

LaterBro is used for TTC scheduled messages, especially for Tuesday nights, to Twitter and Facebook


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See also

2 September The occasional climber

The occasional climber

After having his right hip replaced, Peter Laurenson climbed Aoraki Mount Cook in November 2012 to mark reaching fifty. Peter is a photographer who has won NZAC awards and author of the book Occasional Climber: A journey to Mount Clarity which explores parallels between climbing in the mountains and the reflections of a fifty year old grappling with life’s issues.

9 September TTC MasterChef

The occasional climber

Do you get lots of compliments from appreciative members of your cooking group when you've cooked a delicious evening meal? Then maybe you have what it takes to become the 2014 TTC MasterChef. You can enter this culinary contest either on your own or with one or two others.

16 September Light therapy

Light therapy

Dave Grainger reports on climbs earlier this year of four classic South Island peaks, D'Archiac, Kehu, Travers, and Mackenzie. He contrasts the approaches taken for each climb and the climbing styles used, samples the stunning views on offer, and suggests some therapeutic benefits of trips such as these.

23 September Predator-free New Zealand

Predator-free New Zealand

Predator Free New Zealand (PFNZ) aims to get people involved in a campaign to protect New Zealand’s threatened native species through improved pest management and control. Kevin Hackwell is a member of PFNZ’s Strategy Group.

30 September Coast to coast

Coast to coast

In June 2012, John Hill and an old school friend walked across the north of England from the Irish Sea to the North Sea, passing through the Lake District, the Pennines and the North York Moors. They enjoyed the trip so much they did it again this year.

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