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How do I add a new page?

The home pages of a few groups, e.g. Trip reports, Photos, Weekly activities, In the hills include a form to create a new page in that group.

The normal process is to create a link in an existing page that will refer to the new content, and save the page with the new link. You can use the Site map for this purpose.

How to or new page example?

Then click on the new link to create the new page.

Alternative you can enter the new page in the address bar by changing the URL, e.g. by changing to

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How do I add an image?

Place the following markup in a page, and save the page. Then click on the link to upload the image

Example image markup
Example image markup
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DropFilesToUpload.png: 461x236, 12k (2020 Oct 01 00:00)

How do I upload multiple images?

From the Edit or Attach pages select and drag multiple files from a folder onto the box labelled "Drop files to upload",

How do I attach a document or file to a page?

Use the following markup in a page, then click on the link to upload the document or file

Attach:example.odt Δ

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How do I update my details?

  • go to the Profiles page
  • click on your name to go to your page
  • click edit to make changes

How do I update or replace a file or image?

On the page you file or image is located click on the top right Attach link. A list of files will be shown. Click on the delta (Δ) and load the new version of the file.

See also Uploads

How do I delete a page?

  • to delete a page edit it, and replace all its contents with the word delete

How do I rename a page?

To rename a page:

  • send a message to the webteam saying what page you want renamed and what the new name is


  • open the page
  • using the menu on the top right click on the Copy/Move link
  • correct the spelling of the page name in the first box
  • then click rename or move if you which to leave a redirection from the old to the new page name in place
  • note the photos may not show, if so please ask the webteam to move them separately

Are we meant to somehow logout of the wiki when we are done with it? I can't find a log out link?

You don't have to log out, the session will close next time you close your browser.

  • a logout link has been added

What is this wiki thing anyway?

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