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Photos 2008-Photo Competition Results

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We had a high standard of entries this year. Many thanks to all those who entered photographs, and congratulations to those whose work was selected for special mention. Above all thanks to Barry Durrant for judging!

Below is a complete list of all entries. Below that are the place getter images, no particular order. To see the title and author of a photo, please hold your mouse pointer over the image.

- Peter Barber, TTC Social Committee

TTC Photo Competition 2008

Digital images and slides


  1. Peter Penhall Early morning
  2. Peter Penhall Only way down
  3. Peter Penhall Road to nowhere
  4. Bruce Popplewell Bibbulmun Track
  5. Bruce Popplewell Mad Dog Hill, Kaweka
  6. Bruce Popplewell Mt. Lockett from Mt. Benson
  7. Mark and Karen Goellner Alpine flowers at Angelus Hut 1
  8. Mark and Karen Goellner Alpine flowers at Angelus Hut 2
  9. Mark and Karen Goellner Top of Tibea: Lake Taupō
  10. Mark and Karen Goellner Top of Taranaki to Ruapehu
  11. Dave Grainger Jumbo
  12. Dave Grainger Pouakai Circuit
  13. Dave Grainger Returning to Jumbo Hut
  14. Warwick Hill Crampon Country
  15. Warwick Hill Crater Lake crevasse - Highly commended
  16. Warwick Hill Crater rim
  17. Julia Morrison Shelley Beach Walk
  18. Julia Morrison Coromandel Walk
  19. Julia Morrison Lake Tarawera
  20. Ken Fraser Maungahuka
  21. Ken Fraser Sea and Sky Patterns
  22. Ken Fraser Sunset at Tararua Lodge
  23. Michael Taylor Fall - pool - rock - stream
  24. Michael Taylor Waterfall and Pool
  25. Michael Taylor Cascade
  26. Chris Munn The forecast is for icy conditions on Ruapehu
  27. Chris Munn Abandoned whale oil casks, Enterprise Island, Antarctica
  28. Peggy Munn Looking Down into the Young
  29. Peggy Munn Waihohonu River in Winter
  30. Sheena Hudson Sunset on Great Barrier Island
  31. Sheena Hudson Giant sand dune pattern - Prize winner
  32. Sheena Hudson Sand dunes
  33. Trish Gardiner-Smith Estuary Cook’s Beach
  34. Trish Gardiner-Smith A fisherman in the Ngaruroro River - Kawekas
  35. Anders Warell Ruapehu: Ride to Tehuehue - Highly commended
  36. Anders Warell Ladybug TeHueHue
  37. Anders Warell Dome Shelter 2008
  38. a Peter Barber The way I remember it

Natural History

  1. Peter Penhall Kowhai 1
  2. Peter Penhall Kowhai 2
  3. Peter Penhall Mother Nature
  4. Bruce Popplewell Bandicoot checking out visitors
  5. Bruce Popplewell Red sundew in flower
  6. Bruce Popplewell Spitfires on the Bibbulmun Track
  7. Diana Barnes Donkey Orchid
  8. Diana Barnes Beetles caught in the act
  9. Diana Barnes Red toadstools - Prize winner
  10. Ken Fraser Alpine carpet in the Tararuas
  11. Ken Fraser Rata
  12. Ken Fraser Tararua Delight
  13. Chris Munn Cleared for take-off, a Mollymawk begins its take-off run, Preservation Inlet, May 2008
  14. Sheena Hudson Fine frilly fungus
  15. Sheena Hudson Spiders - Highly commended
  16. Sheena Hudson New life in lava
  17. a Peter Barber Fuchsia? - Highly commended

Essence of the Tararuas

  1. Peter Penhall Atiwhakatu
  2. Peter Penhall Kime
  3. Bruce Popplewell Maungahuka Hut
  4. Bruce Popplewell Essence of the TTC
  5. Bruce Popplewell Summer at Maungahuka Hut
  6. Dave Grainger View from Judd Ridge
  7. Dave Grainger Descending from Baldy Spur - Highly commended
  8. Dave Grainger Jumbo Hut
  9. Ken Fraser Descent in the Hector - Highly commended
  10. Ken Fraser Kime
  11. Ken Fraser Tarn ridge - Prize winner
  12. Peggy Munn Staying on the Ridge to Waingawa
  13. Peggy Munn The Wee Scramble after Pukeroa


  1. Peter Penhall Contemplating
  2. Peter Penhall In the deep
  3. Peter Penhall In training - Highly commended
  4. Bruce Popplewell Reading the morning paper
  5. Bruce Popplewell Syd's fire at Kiwi Mouth
  6. Bruce Popplewell This was marked as a track!
  7. Julia Morrison Dave in Tree
  8. Ken Fraser A rough lot In a rough place - Prize winner
  9. Ken Fraser Concentration
  10. Ken Fraser Hard on the feet
  11. Chris Munn Trip leader Marilyn Bramley tries to regain entry to Tararua Lodge after being banished for misbehaviour
  12. Chris Munn Out for a bit of a paddle in Antarctica, December 2007
  13. Chris Munn When I grow up I will be able to see over the top easily
  14. ''Sheena Hudson Mid summer meditation
  15. Trish Gardiner-Smith Just checking the route in the Kawekas
  16. Trish Gardiner-Smith Descending Hikurangi
  17. Trish Gardiner-Smith Peter collecting wood at West Harper Hut - Highly commended
  18. a Peter Barber Mary and Jenny
  19. b Peter Barber Mary and Felix at Wharariki



  1. Sam Stuart-Weeks Rangitikei
  2. Sam Stuart-Weeks Kaimanawa Highcountry
  3. Ken Mosley Winter's Grip/Caress
  4. Ken Mosley Alpine Idyll (or Poverty)
  5. Ken Mosley Reflections
  6. Patrick Cuming No point in getting wet feet!
  7. Colin Silva de Simas Lucky Beach and Mississippi Point, Cape Le Grand National Park, Western Australia 2007
  8. Colin Silva de Simas Morning, Wangapeka Track, 2001
  9. Syd Moore Happy Mickey Mouse and the Sad Witch
  10. Syd Moore N.W. Chatham Island (Fore-ground Karaka killed by frequent salt-laden N.W. winds.) - Prize winner
  11. Syd Moore Hollyford Valley - Fantasy II

Natural History

  1. Sam Stuart Weeks Blue History - Prize winner
  2. Syd Moore What is your title for this image?
  3. Syd Moore Maunga nei nei (Dracophyllum recurvum), (foreground), with Yellow Tussock (Chionochloa flavescens) at rear.
  4. Syd Moore Well does it?? (This collage was photographed from a work-shop wall.)

Essence of the Tararuas

  1. Ken Mosley Above the Gorge (Waingawa) - Prize winner


  1. Ken Mosley Milking time: Here she comes, and her hands will be bloody freezing!
  2. Patrick Cuming Self portrait
  3. Syd Moore Me: vegetating as usual! - Prize winner
  4. Syd Moore I think I lilke achieving an aqua-arboreal transcendence sometimes(?)
  5. Syd Moore Me, in two geo-transmogrified states.

Warwick Hill Crater Lake crevasse
Sheena Hudson Giant sand dune patterns - Alpine Landscape
Anders Warell Ruapehu Ride to Tehuehue
Diana Barnes Red toadstools
Sheena Hudson Spiders - Natural History
Peter Barber Fuchsia
David Grainger Descending from Baldy Spur
Ken Fraser Descent into the Hector Essence of the Tararuas
Ken Fraser Tarn Ridge Essence of Tararuas
Peter Penhall In training
Ken Fraser A rough lot in a rough place People
Trish Gardiner-Smith Peter collecting wood at West Harper Hut

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