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Social Committee Guide-Life And Fifty Year Members Night


Life and 50 years + Member's Night


We arrange this gathering for long time members of the club to meet and socialise.

Typically, the evening comprises an invitation-only gathering starting at around 6.30pm (drinks and nibbles are served) followed by a normal club night with a talk or presentation selected to suit the occasion.

See and update Life and 50 Year Member's Night. Our Who's Who has a list of life members.

Date and time

The date is the first Tuesday in November, unless notified otherwise.

18:30-19.30 - this is a pre-club night event.


The Social Committee does not need to provide any advertising material for this event as it is a private celebration for our 50 year and Life Members

  • invitations are sent by the Club President to all Life Members and Members with 50 years or more membership.
    • an RSVP is requested
    • the list of attendees is provided by the club roll person – currently Christine Whiteford -> mailto:ttc-clubroll [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query from TTC website on (04) 475 3880
  • ensure General Committee are invited
  • Tuesday Night programme Organisers will organise a suitable speaker to follow
  • the Club President should advise the social committee of numbers for catering purposes and also provide name badges for the invited guests to wear
    • depending on the incumbent President, the Social Committee may need to chase details of who is coming
  • arrange for name badges

Computer/Projector requirements

There are no computer/project requirements for this event other than the normal TTC programme which starts at 8pm.

Social Committee tasks

The Social Committee is responsible for preparing, serving and passing round drinks and nibbles

  • drinks -- typically soda, juice, and wine -- served in disposable plastic cups/ glasses
  • nibbles such as sandwiches, cheese, pâté. These can either be arranged individually or platters of sandwiches ordered from New World.
  • in 2010-11 the approved budget for food and drinks was $250. For the 2012/13, 2013/14 and 2014/15 years a formal budget hasn't been set for SC events.
  • these drinks and nibbles are cleared away by the Social committee and hot drinks are served as per a normal club night


  • at least four social committee members should be on hand from soon after 5pm to help prepare the food and drinks.
  • “sandwiches should not be far out (aim for mild flavours)” (thanks Jane P) Although the Wasabi peas were popular one year...

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