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Social Committee Guide-Meeting Setup


This is the Social Committee Guide for Setting up the audio-visual equipment for hall users and for joint Online and Clubroom meetings. There are two major steps to setting up a for a meeting

  • laptop and connections setup
  • online meeting setup

Clubrooms meetings

The club provides the following equipment for use at club nights and for in some cases for hire:

  • ceiling mounted data projector
  • Windows laptop, Microsoft office, file viewing software, and wireless mouse
  • presenter's light
  • sound (public announcement) system for the hall with wired and wireless microphones
  • USB microphone for online meeting sound

These instructions will also assist hall users who use their own laptop.


Meeting hosts should have a key to the presentation cabinet.

  • unlock the presentation cabinet

Large and small plastic tubs in the cabinet contain the equipment required for presentations using the laptop, data projector, and the wired microphone.

  • please ensure everything is returned to these tubs.
PresentersLight.jpg: 1474x3494, 2112k (2019 May 05 01:08)
Presenter's light

Laptop and connection setup

Please follow these instructions to connect and start a laptop.

  • plug the laptop power adaptor into wall socket below the stage and into the laptop
  • open the laptop and switch on
  • plug the HDMI cable into the stage panel and the laptop; this connects the laptop with the data projector
  • plug the USB mic directly into the laptop
  • plug the USB hub direcly into then laptop, plug all other USB devices into the hub
  • if audio is required plug the audio cable into the stage panel and the laptop. This connects the laptop with the hall sound system; if using the data projector for sound this step is not required
  • if a reading light is required set up the presenter's light, plug into a USB hub port

Visual display equipment

  • turn on projector and stereo switches on wall to the right of the stage
  • press the power button on remote control, aiming it at projector mounted on ceiling.
  • the light under projector should change from red to green and flash several times and then stay on.

Sound system console

The sound equipment console is a located on the back wall of hall.

  • Turn on sound box at wall (right switch) in front of and below the console
  • open sound box with key in kitchen cupboard (pink colour tag labelled PA #4)
  • check blue power light is on (far right)
  • check power button is on under Crown sign

Microphones for the hall sound system

Obtain the lapel and wireless microphones from the audio equipment top drawer in the sound console box at the rear of the hall (yellow colour tag labelled Data #1)

  • on the black transmitter unit, press and hold the power button at top until green light shows
  • press again for red light (on hold)
  • hold green button down to Go
  • check the wireless microphones' battery levels using the indicator at the sound console. Replace batteries if necessary
    • #2 is the handheld microphone
    • #4 is the headset or lapel microphone

Any problems – see the troubleshooting guide

Give the speaker the rectangular black transmitter unit with clothing clip. Speakers can clip the transmitter to their belt or pocket and the lapel microphone somewhere near their throat or collar. Make sure the microphone is facing up toward their face and not rubbing against their clothing.

  • the wired microphone's cord is plugged in at wall under the stage (to allow multiple speakers to pass mic easily from one to another)
  • all microphones can be operated simultaneously

Assist the speaker

Show the speakers how to use the equipment

Ensure that the slide show and if needed the sound and video is working prior to the club-night starting

  • ensure the slides can be seen on the screen as well as the laptop
  • press Fn+F8 or Windows+P to select displays (laptop LCD/projector/both)

Assist the speaker with any technical issues which arise

  • if issues do arise, document what happened, how to avoid it in future, update these instructions, and share with the social and general committees.

Online meeting setup

Open the online meeting from the Google Meet icon on the laptop's desktop, this will open the Chrome browser

  • the browser should already display the user "ttc.presentation", otherwise log in as the user ttc.presentation
  • "Join" the meeting (do not select "present now")

Mic and video on

Mic and video off
  • after joining the meeting choose Present Now
  • select Full screen and choose the screen displaying through the data projector
  • turn the audio and video controls on and off as required

See also the online meeting presenters guide

Hosting the online meeting

It is helpful to have additional people hosting the meeting online to:

  • admit participants
  • assist participants with using the Meet application
  • pass on questions to the speaker, or issues to the Social Committee

This can be done on the browser on a home PC, or on an app on a phone. Install the Meet app on your mobile device. To admit participants requires that you are invited to the meeting through the calendar invite, and that you have a TTC email address.

  • join the meeting
  • accept requests to join the meeting. Note that we request that participants use their real name
  • use the Chat function to
    • welcome attendees,
    • answer any Chat messages
    • relay questions to the speaker after the talk (this requires someone at the clubnight to join the meeting)

Monitoring the online meeting

It is useful to have someone in the hall join the meeting using the app their phone and headphones to ensure the presentation can be seen and heard by our online attendees.

  • open the app and join the meeting
  • turn off the microphone and camera in the app
  • use headphones to monitor the audio from the meeting, or if no headphones mute the app

If the presentation is lost

  • reshare the screen, or
  • get the presenter to rejoin the meeting

If the sound is lost

  • turn the laptop microphone on

Shutting down the equipment

  • power down the projector using the remote control
  • shut down the laptop
  • turn off and sound console
  • return plastic tubs back to the presentation cabinet
  • lock the presentation cabinet and sound box and return any keys as needed
  • shut off the power to the Projector and Stereo at the wall switches to the right of the stage

Laptop shutdown

  • remove any USB drives from the laptop using the icon at the bottom right of the screen that shows a USB plug and green dot to “safely remove hardware and eject media” to ensure nothing is damaged in the process, or remove after shutdown
  • move any files or folders the speaker may have placed on the desktop to the presentation folder in the documents folder
  • shut down the computer by pressing the power key briefly. This will close any open files and exit from any running programmes before powering down; let it run its course
  • unplug all cables and return to plastic tubs
  • switch off the mouse

Audio shutdown

  • check power is turned off on wireless microphones
  • return the wireless microphones to drawer in sound box

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