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Tararua Tramping Club

Celebrating 100 years of tramping

Social Committee Guide-Presenters

TTC Club night programme

  • on Tuesday
  • Supper, socialising from 7:10 pm - 7:30 pm
  • General business 7:30 pm - 7:35 pm
  • Speaker 7:35 pm - 8:30 pm
  • Trip organisation 8:30 pm.

There is a $2 door charge.

Presenter's guide

Thank you for offering to talk at the Tararua Tramping Club. Our Tuesday club nights are enjoyed by our members and friends. We promote your talk on the TTC website. A picture or two to use in our publicity is requested, and we are happy to link to any websites you request.

Our meetings are held at our clubrooms at 4 Moncrieff Street, off lower Elizabeth Street, in Mt Victoria. We provide you with a car park immediately outside the clubrooms, marked with an orange cone.

Please arrive by 7:10pm so we can make you at home. We can assist in setting up and using the audio-visual equipment. We have a sound system so all attendees can hear the presentation, and offer you the choice of a head microphone, lapel microphone, cordless hand microphone, or stand mounted microphone.

You have about 40 minutes, from 7:40 to 8:20, for your presentation, followed by 5 minutes for questions from the audience. This will probably give you time for about 60 to 80 slides, depending on the duration you speak to each slide.

HDMI male.jpg: 700x700, 50k (2019 Apr 14 06:47)
USB A male.jpg: 700x700, 27k (2019 Apr 14 06:47)
USB Type A
Presentair.jpg: 93x427, 6k (2019 Apr 28 09:39)
Bluetooth Presenter Laser
PresentersLight.jpg: 1474x3494, 2112k (2019 May 05 01:08)
Presenter's light

Audiovisual equipment and software

The club provides a ceiling mounted data projector for displaying your presentation. A Windows 10 laptop is available for use with the following:

To assist with presentations a bluetooth presentation remote including laser pointer (pdf instructions) is available; see the instructions below.
A presenter's light is available for your notes.

There are separate media viewer, equipment and troubleshooting guides.

Using your own device

You are welcome to bring your own device. It will need to be able to connect with a HDMI (type A, see image) cable for display, and have a headphone jack if you have audio. If you have a HDMI mini or micro socket you will need to provide an adapter.

Please contact our club night organisers Liz Martin -> mailto:ttc-clubnight [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query%20from%20TTC%20website on (04) 938 6311 or Julia Fraser -> mailto:ttc-clubnight [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query%20from%20TTC%20website on (04) 586 8466 or Elizabeth Bridge -> mailto:ttc-clubnight [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query%20from%20TTC%20website on (04) 972 5848 if you have any questions.

Media in your PowerPoint presentation

The club's data projector has a maximum resolution of 1024 horizontal x 768 vertical (or 720p). TTC recommends that you compress the media in your PowerPoint presentation to provide a better experience. Microsoft provides the following recommendations:

To ensure your presentation includes media files you can export it

See also

Images presentation

If presenting photos from a folder instead of a PowerPoint presentation, the photos will display in alphabetical order of the image name

  • image names will need to have been named with dates e.g. yyyy-mm-dd, or numbers e.g. 001, 002, 003 etc, (not 1, 2, 3 otherwise the slides will be shown in the order 1, 10-19, 100, 2, 20-29, 200 etc)
  • see the viewer's guide for detailed instructions

Presentation remote and laser

Blue LED and Power button
Blue LED (top) and
power button
Mode switching
Press and hold the Down Button
to switch between Presentation
and Media modes
ButtonPresenter Mode (LED=Orange)Media Mode (LED=Blue)
Up buttonTurns laser on as long as button is pressed.Play/Pause
Down buttonBlack screen toggleStop
Left buttonPage up, last slidePrevious song/video
Right buttonPage down, next slideNext song/ video

Power button:

  • press and hold for ~1 second to power on and off
  • press and hold for 3 to 6 seconds to pair


Use the microphone like an icecream not quite licking it, but the closer you get to it the better the sound will be and the least chance of feedback.

Useful Powerpoint keyboard shortcuts to deliver presentations[1]

You may find it useful to be familiar with some PowerPoint keyboard controls:

F5start presentationShift+F5start presentation from current slide
spacenext (or N, enter, page down, right arrow, down arrow)backspaceprevious (or P, page up, left arrow, up arrow)
Bdisplay black screen (or full stop)Wdisplay white screen (or comma)
number entergo to slide numberEscend presentation (or hyphen)
tabgo to first or next hyperlink on a slideshift+tabgo to previous or last hyperlink on a slide
Media playback
Alt Qstop playbackCtrl+spaceplay or pause media
Alt Ptoggle pause and playAlt Umute sound
Alt upincrease soundAlt downdecrease sound

See the viewer's guide for instructions on showing images, and playing audio and movies

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