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The TTC website has 3052 pages

324 fixture card pages
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About the Tararua Tramping Club Website

Copyright ©

All text and pictures are copyright of their respective owners.
The Tararua Tramping Club logo is the copyright of the Tararua Tramping Club.
Permission to copy part or all of these pages must be obtained prior to copying them.


These pages are produced for and on behalf of the Tararua Tramping Club. Opinions expressed on them are not necessarily those of the TTC, Webmaster, or the Webteam.

Wiki content management system

The TTC website uses a collaborative content management wiki engine to allow all club members to both benefit from, and contribute to, our enjoyment of the club and its activities.


Where possible open source, open standards, and free software is used to support the TTC website.


The Tararua Tramping Club Web Site is hosted by the Hoopla Hosting. The club appreciates the support of Hoopla Hosting in the operation of its website.


TTC recognises the privacy implications of the web, particularly those related to searching and archiving of content. Please see TTC's Privacy Policy. Also the nuisance of spam.

  • all email addresses on this website are obfusticated to prevent automatic harvesting.
  • The personal email addresses of club members are redirected through club email addresses, to protect privacy and to allow the cancellation of the email address in event of spam.

Links from other Pages

The TTC pages are linked to from a number of other pages.
Please link your home page to the TTC Home Page and advise the webmaster of your link.

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TTC website December 1998
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TTC website December 2004
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TTC website using PmWiki August 2008
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TTC refreshed website February 2013
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TTC website 2024 February 2024

Website history

  • originally set up in 1997, John Rippon provided the design and technology, using FrontPage and HTML3, hosting was on the Wellington World Wide Web which became the on Wellington Community net
  • 2000-09 Beverley Bacon, Mike Horvat, Ramesh Singaram maintain the website
  • 2001-12 Beverley Bacon, Mike Horvat maintain the website
  • 2002-03 Maintained by Kerrie Phipps and Mike Horvat
  • 2003-07 Maintained by Mike Horvat and Simon Davis
  • 2004 Simon Davis converted the website to use of Server Side Includes and CSS
  • 2005 Maintained by Simon Davis
  • 2005 Simon Davis upgraded to the use of the PmWiki content management system
  • 2013-02 Website reskinned
  • 2016 made mobile accessible
  • 2018 made HTTPS
  • 2021 reached 15GB of content
  • 2022-12 website converted to UTF-8

For more information please see the Webteam pages.

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