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TTC Michael Taylor Bequest

Michael Taylor left a very generous bequest to the Club. The General Committee has canvassed ideas from club members about the administration of this bequest and decided that it would establish a subcommittee of senior and experienced club members to advise the General Committee on expenditure from the Bequest.
The members of this advisory committee are:

Brian Hasell (Convenor), Peggy Munn (Recorder), Jenny Lewis, Peter Smith, Carol Kelly, and club Vice-President.

Terms of reference

The General Committee approved terms of reference for this subcommittee as follows:

The Michael Taylor Bequest Advisory Committee (MTBAC) will:

  • make recommendations to the General Committee (through the Vice President) on expenditure from the Michael Taylor Bequest.
  • establish priorities and criteria for funding proposals, which will guide decisions about expenditure.
  • establish a process of periodically inviting proposals from club members for funding through the bequest.
  • provide the General Committee with reports on the progress of projects.
  • keep club members informed about the progress of projects approved by the General Committee.

The General Committee has accepted recommendations from the MBTAC on initial priorities and criteria for funding proposals. These are:

Criteria for application

  • Supporting the objects of the club
  • Enhancing the leadership capacity of the club
  • Enhancing the maintenance and growth of club membership
  • Supporting club participation in community tramping and related activities. (An example of such an activity was the Club’s support of a weekend at Holdsworth for a group of special needs children)
  • Supporting activities that fall outside the club’s ”business as usual”
  • Supporting priority areas identified by the MTBAC


  1. The maintenance and enhancement of the club’s physical assets, which include its huts, Tararua Lodge and the Clubrooms.
Comment: General maintenance of these assets should be met from normal club expenses but these sources may not cover unusual events (e.g. storm damage) or significant deferred maintenance.
  1. The archival and administrative records of the club.
Comment: There is a need for the club to “digitise” its photographic and written archives as well as all its administrative records.
  1. Enhancing the Leadership Capacity of the Club.
Comment: The establishment of these priorities does not exclude consideration of other proposals meeting the criteria above but it does indicate some key areas where MTBAC and the General Committee, expect proposals for funding through the bequest.


The MTBAC will consider applications for funding throughout the year.

To assist members making applications for funding from the Michael Taylor Bequest, the MTBAC has prepared a separate guide to making an application and an application form.

Any queries about the application process should be directed to Brian Hasell -> mailto:ttc [period] mtbac [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query from TTC website on 027 490 7960.

Application guide and form

See the Michael Taylor bequest guide for application information and form.


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