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Tararua Lodge Tararua Lodge Rules

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1 Timeframes

  1. A “weekend” runs from 5pm Friday to 5pm Sunday.
  2. A “week” runs from 5pm Sunday to 5pm Friday, except school holiday fortnights.
  3. “Saturday” (or any other day) runs from 5pm that day to 5pm the following day.
  4. “Winter” runs from the beginning of July to the end of Labour Weekend.
  5. “Summer” is the non-winter period.

2 Administration of the rules

  1. Commendations, comment, or dissatisfaction regarding the rules should be referred to the Ski and Lodge Committee (SLC) not to the leader.

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3 Bookings

  1. Bookings open when the list is put on the website.
  2. Bookings are made when a person’s name and details appear on the list and payment is made.
  3. Pre-paid bookings have priority over non-pre-paid bookings, whether members or non-members, in the order in which the payment is received.
  4. Pre-payment must be to the TTC bank account, except for non-member groups who pre-pay via the Booking Officer.
  5. Where pre-payment means non-pre-paid bookings are cancelled, bookings are cancelled progressively starting with the last one made.
  6. Saturday-only or part-week bookings, even if pre-paid, have the lowest priority, i.e. they are welcome if there are spare bunks.
  7. All names must be put on the list through the website.
  8. Non-members must prepay at the time of booking, and have a member responsible for them.
  9. Bookings close at 9.30pm on the Tuesday before the trip, however the leader may accept late bookings at their discretion.
  10. Cancellations may be made any time before 9.30pm on the Tuesday before the trip without liability for costs. Contact the leader to cancel the booking. (see 4 Liability for Costs).
  11. Refunds will only be given if the Bruce Rd is closed and the lodge cannot be accessed.
  12. Where the trip is 'self cater' please contact the booking officer -> mailto:ttc [period] tararua [period] lodge [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz
  13. If wanting to use the lodge when a trip is not noted on the website, please always contact the booking officer -> mailto:ttc [period] tararua [period] lodge [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz

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4 Liability for Costs

  1. Every person whose name is on the list after 9.30pm on the Tuesday before the trip is liable for food, transport costs, and lodge fees unless they arrange for another person to take their place. Collection of costs is the responsibility of the leader first, then Ski & Lodge Committee (SLC), followed by General Committee (GC).
  2. People who believe they should not pay costs may write to SLC requesting exemption. If they disagree with SLC’s decision, they may appeal to GC.
  3. Leaders may apply to SLC for reimbursement of their out-of-pocket costs that they cannot recover.

5 Spouses/partners of members, other family members and children

  1. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult unless the leader agrees otherwise.
  2. Spouses, partners, and other family members of members (who are not members’ children under 18) if not members, must pay non-members rates.
  3. A member’s child 18 or over, if not a member, must pay non-members rates.

6 Day Use

  1. There is no charge for day use of the lodge by members or non-members not staying at the lodge, unless they wish to use lodge food supplies or cooking facilities. In this case they are requested to pay the leader or custodian an estimated amount for the value used.

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7 Minimum number, minimum charge

  1. Except under special circumstances, the minimum number of people required before the lodge can be opened is two. The minimum charge for opening the lodge is two member adult rates.

8 Responsible Member

  1. The leader must ensure at least one club member on the trip is able and willing to take responsibility for the lodge.

9 Waiving of Lodge Fees

  1. People on working parties or on club or RMCA business are exempt from lodge fees with prior approval from SLC.

10 Clubs with Reciprocal Agreements

  1. Members of clubs with which TTC has a reciprocal agreement pay fees and receive priority in accordance with that agreement.

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