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Trip Reports 1999-01-18 Climie-Redington Spur-Mid Climie Creek

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This article was first published in the Tararua Tramper in April 1999

Mt Climie - Head of Redington Spur - Mid Climie Creek

Monday 18 January 1999

The prime objective of this recce (for a future Saturday trip) was to traverse an untracked northerly spur from Redington Head down to Climie Creek. Michael and I walked in early from Maymorn Station rather than wait for the Tunnel Gully gate to open later. We joined the road leading upwards, and were in a wet mist long before Climie No.1. A brisk, wet southerly was felt past Climie No. 2 to the Head of Redington at 820m. Down to Climie Creek would be a height loss of about 380m/1250ft or an overall gradient of 1 in 3.9!

In this mist we needed compasses to find the beginning of the untracked spur north. We pushed through a short belt of dracophyllum followed by open but dripping upper forest. Then a fairly level area of colourful mosses before sidling the first windfalls. Underfoot conditions were greasy after heavy overnight rain in the vicinity.

General direction was still magnetic north, although twice side-spurs offered routes which we felt were wrong. The low mist didn't help, and checking was needed especially round more windfalls.

Eventually we heard rushing water to our left as we neared Climie Creek. It was brown and running fast. We were on a steep shelf about 10m above. Downstream offered an easier descent to it.

Still wearing parkas in the tight rain we had lunch among rocks, and were impressed by the steep faces above both banks of the creek. The creek had too much water for any traversing, so we crossed once.

The post-lunch climb of another untracked route - this time even steeper at an overall gradient of 1 in 3 began up a very steep bush face. The going underfoot was rough until we joined a spur on our right, which had an old animal track giving easier progress.

Near the head of this spur we were puzzled by the contours leading more north than west, until we recalled the broken country when we had come the opposite way in the past. We reached the marked track near the saddle, which leads to either SW for 828m or N for 857m.

We went SW to the road because that would be more direct for us to return to Maymorn Station. We came out of the mist at about 500m and below was sunshine! We were back at Maymorn by 4.30pm.

Members were: Michael Bartlett and Peter Jagger

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