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Trip Reports 2008-10-06-Waerenga Hut

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This article was first published in the Tararua Tramper Volume 80 no 10, November 2008

Gourmet trip to Waerenga,

6 October 2008

The weekend was a huge amount of fun and laughter, with 14 people attending. Lyn organised the 'easy' gourmet trip with an Indian theme dinner combining with Robin's Mt Matthew medium trip. Saturday afternoon's weather began as light drizzle and eased off as the evening got into full swing. Six people attempted the ascent of Mt Matthews, but got blown back by the strong wind. The rest of us spent time inside talking or chopping and splitting wood. Brian carried his chainsaw in and cut a nice swathe through the piled-up firewood. Phil-the-Plumber not only fixed the two dripping connections, but wheel-barrowed all of Brian's cut-up firewood to the woodshed. Brian had to re-fill a two-foot long rabbit hole, very rudely excavated amongst the fernery garden.

We had plenty to eat on Saturday night: chickpea and spinach curry, Brian's wild pork casserole, coleslaw, pilau rice, dhal and breads. We began with deep fried samosas with chutney and sweet sauce for dipping, and ended with chocolate covered macadamias. We of course dressed for dinner, with a liberal interpretation of Indian dress (some authentic, and quite amazing what you can do with a silk liner!). The table was decorated with lace cloths, flowers, lots of candles and burning incense.

Robin split a huge pile of wood on Sunday morning despite the light drizzle. This was after his dedication at the stove cooking our pancakes (flipped and fried). Pancakes came with a selection of accompaniments: maple syrup, bananas, lemon juice, sugar, bacon. It was good to eat breakfast together with no rush to get back on the track and with just a short tramp ahead.

Nine people slept inside the hut, three on the deck and two underneath the hut, sharing the 'dog house' with Nugget and Matai - two Search and Rescue dogs (Sue and Robin's).

We had one or two heavy showers before dawn on Sunday, but then it eased off. By 10.30am, as we were leaving, it had cleared completely.

Party members
Lyn Taylor and Julia Landymore (scribes).
Weekend Orongorongo

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