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This article was first published in the Tararua Tramper Volume 84, no 11, December 2012

Hunters and Gatherers Gourmet Tramp Warenga Hut

15th September, 2012

We straggled over during Saturday, our packs full of pre-prepared ingredients and luxuries like candlesticks, real wine glasses, and a pepper grinder. There were ten people, ten chefs and ten courses.

The menu had been pre-circulated, with Alan's suggestions for wine matches, so we knew what to expect.

Menu Chef de cuisine: Vicki Wogan Venison and Pork, bread dipping sticks, and a selection of delicious dipping sauces. Shingle Peak 2011 Pinot Noir - Julia Landymore French crÍpes with Taupo truite fume in cream sauce. Oyster Bay blanc de blanc sparkling - Alan Knowles Vine ripened tomato soup, garnished with sour cream and kitchen garden parsley - Brian Landymore Salad of haloumi, roasted beetroot and wild rocket with citrus dressing - Karen Turner Creamy country pottage, with chicken, ham and freshly gathered field mushrooms. Borthwick 2010 Chardonnay - Vivienne Healey Bold vegetarian ruby rouge energy boosting medley surprise. Main Divide Pinot Noir 2009 - Pip Newton Fish finesse mignon with chunky herb potato, grilled to crispy perfection - Gloria McQueen Rich lemon cake with creamy Kapiti lemon yoghurt - Mark Turner Selection of home-made organic walnut crackers with blue cheese, fig & olive tapenade, fresh pear and grapes. Allan Scott 2011 Gewurztraminer - Vicki Wogan Petit Fours and coffee - Patrick Cuming

We dressed in the Hunters and Gatherers theme, of which there were some bizarre interpretations. Pip was a gardener, Alan wore a bow tie and an ammo belt as a cummerbund, Mark was a Viking, Karen a milk maid, Brian and Julia wore animal prints but also brought a real live hunter (their son with a rifle - no deer were harmed however), Vivienne and Gloria were quite glamorous and Patrick was, well Patrick! My effort was a necklace of trophy game which adorned my polypro.

We laid the table with a white tablecloth and matching white dinner ware. At 6pm the dinner bell rang and we assembled for hors d'oeuvres, then ate our way through the entree, soup and various main dishes. Once we had eaten a course (and the dishes had been done) the next chef got up to prepare their course. In hindsight we had started dining too late in the day as by about 11pm we ran out of steam but had only eaten course no. 7. We fell into bed - some people were so tired they forgot to take their glasses off!! We picked up again on Sunday morning and had dessert for breakfast, petit fours and coffee for morning tea, and cheese board and fruit for lunch while sitting in the hot sun on the deck. And so it turned out to be not a gourmet dinner but a gourmet weekend.

Party members
Patrick Cuming, Alan Knowles, Brian Landymore, Julia Landymore, Gloria McQueen, Pip Newton, Karen Turner, Mark Turner, Vicki Wogan (Executive Chef & Scribe)

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