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Trip Reports 2016-05-21-Camp Wainui

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This article was first published in the Tararua Tramper Volume 88, no 6, July 2016

Outdoor First Aid Course

21st/22nd May 2016

Last weekend 13 TTC members participated in a Residential Outdoor First Aid Course at Camp Wainui, organised by Stu Hutson and financed by the TTC. For three members, it was a one day refresher course and for the others it was a two day course. It was well run, we learnt a lot and it was fun. Attached are a couple of photos. In one Dave Grainger is being made up by Steffan to look seriously injured and in the other a desperately-injured Dave is waiting to be rescued and given first aid.

Before the course began, we completed an assignment to get us thinking about what kinds of emergency situations we might encounter in the outdoors and how we might plan to avoid them.

Then we had a couple of full-on days learning what to do when encountering badly injured people. We learnt how to do primary and secondary assessments and how to judge when outside help was needed. We took it in turns to be casualties, First Aid medics or part of the Management Team. Some of us were reluctant to move injured people, having done office based First Aid courses in the past, but we learnt that often in the outdoors, casualties have to be moved before other significant dangers, such as hypothermia, come into play. We were very fortunate to have trained medical professionals in Peter, Nikki and Hayden on the course.

Thanks very much to the TTC for financing the course and to tutor Steffan of Triple One Care. We should like to encourage other TTC members to consider going on a similar course.

Party members
Patrick Arnold, Sean Buchanan, Alan Graham, Dave Grainger, Peter Hicks, Nikki Joseph, Sienna Kelly, Liz Martin (scribe), Craig Morrison, Hayden Richards. And on a one-day refresher: Jane Boydon, Ann Matthews, Bharat Pancha

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