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Trip Reports 2016-09-10-Mt Reeves-Taits Stream

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This article was first published in the Tararua Tramper Volume 88, no 9, October 2016

Mt Reeves via Taits Stream M

10th September 2016

(Actually, a major variation on this, due to inclement weather)

On the 10th of September, eight of us met at Brown Owl to consolidate transport before departing to the Waiohine Valley road end for a planned trip to Reeves via Bump 468 and Taits Stream. We were setting off in the trail of a nasty southerly that had brought rain and snow to low levels. The Norwegians were predicting a wet and cold morning with a slightly less wet and cold afternoon. Perfect weather for a bush bash.

The weather lived up to expectations and the climb up the ridge towards Rocky Knob was executed in steady drizzle and a cold wind (in the exposed areas of the track).

At the turn off to Bump 468 a discussion ensued and a new plan was hatched; because of the rain and wind the climb on to Reeves from Taits Stream was discounted and options tabled. How about a detour all the way to Bump 468 as a recognisance exercise?

This was agreed to and after some casting around for signs of footpads and unofficial markers at the head of Taits Stream, we set off for Bump 468. This route was reasonably easy to follow and we duly arrived at Bump 468 just before noon in time for a damp lunch experience.

The leader was sensing some pressure to extend the trip and thus a round trip option was discussed that would see us returning to the head of Taits Stream then heading due south towards another bump, 568. This was close to a marked track that returned down what looked like a good spur to the carpark. It was unknown territory but everyone was up for it.

Travel along this spur was straightforward until the junction of the spur, close to Bump 568. This track would have been excellent 30 years ago but was now badly overgrown and congested with tight regrowth and gorse. Some good alternate route finding, GPS and compass work saw us heading in a promising direction until, just before our next navigational way-point, we stumbled across a private hut, grandiosely named the Woodside Tavern. The amount of rubbish around this place was disappointing. The walls were decorated with empty beer cans, but the good news was that the route from here was easy to follow.

About 30 minutes later we were in sight of farmland, which we crossed to arrive directly at the carpark, some seven and a half hours after departing. It was still raining. A good day out, regardless.

Note: The last part of the trip crossed private land, which we traversed without permission, as the track as indicated on the map gave no hint of access restrictions. Mea culpa. If this trip was to be done again, permission should be requested.
Party members
Russell Cooke, Gerald Leather, Charlene Lim, David McNabb, Chris Munn, (an easily manipulated leader, scribe), Mrs Munn, Sieny Pollard, Janette Roberts

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