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Trip Reports 2019-04-06-Waiopehu Hut

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This article was first published in the Tararua Tramper Volume 91, no 4, May 2019

Waiopehu Hut

6 Ė 7 April 2019

As you might expect I am very biased in my opinions on tramping as I have been doing it for well over half of my life (14 years). I do understand that tramping isnít for everyone but I would still label the Wellington High School tramping club as a great opportunity providing very inexpensive trips out into the bush alongside the Tararua Tramping Club. However I didn't write this to preach about the club itself, I want to talk about the tramp.

Most of us arrived overdressed for the occasion as we were expecting temperatures from anywhere between 0 to 5 degrees but when we arrived at Poads Road we were greeted by sun and blue skies. Itís safe to say that we were surprised by this but we weren't in the clear yet, we still had five hours of uphill walking ahead of us.

If Iím being completely honest the walking part of this trip, while straining, was the easy bit. We stopped about an hour and a half up the hill at a small clearing/fork in the road called Six Discs for lunch and everything went smoothly from there...well except for the bit where Joe and I (who had one of the radios and needed to be at the front to make sure everyone was present and safe) managed to take the wrong path and take a longer route than everyone else meaning we were well behind. This resulted in a twenty minute run through the forest with heavy packs trying to find and account for everybody.

Other than that small hiccup the rest of the first day went swimmingly until the last 45 minutes when it started pouring with rain. Now I was lucky enough to be relatively close to the hut when it started but when I got there I made the morally good, questionably bad, decision to put on my warmest clothes and go back into the now freezing weather to help Stu with his pack. I would describe the extra 800 or so metres I had to walk as difficult - his pack was heavy and not my size. The strain on my body was later confirmed to me when I got back to the hut I took off my rain coat, boots and socks and discovered that I was steaming.

Anyway that night was fun, we played some cards, gambled sweets and had a right laugh before trying to get to sleep. I don't think anyone actually slept that night, it was either too hot, too cold or just plain uncomfortable.

We were awakened by a wonderful sunrise and got moving rather quickly and by quickly I mean we were out and gone in around three or so hours, some of us cutting the return time in half.

Shortly arriving at the carpark Joe and I got a call on the radio and once more had to get 1Stuís pack. However inconvenient that was it showed us how much faster we were than everyone else and gave us more exercise which was good.

After getting in the van we drove to Levin and Mr. Pancha shouted us chips for lunch which was pretty cool.

In conclusion we all had a fun time on this tramp even if there were some minor hiccups along the way. I would like to thank all the adults on the trip for taking care of us and especially Stu Hutson and Ann Matthews for arranging the trip.

Ļ Stu Hutson made a full recovery

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