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Trip Reports 2019-05-11-Pinnacle Ridge

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This article was first published in the Tararua Tramper Volume 91, no 5, June 2019

My First Tramp

11-12 May 2019

The walk to Atiwhakatu was gradual and consistent. The boys were close behind us and we were eager to be the first to the hut. After a refreshing break at Atiwhakatu hut we continued on to Jumbo. It was easy at first but quickly became a challenge. The hill was very steep and our muscles ached. The trees got shorter and finally we were just able to see Jumbo. The cabin was freezing and Emma's feet almost got frostbite. We all hung up our matching bags on the hooks and Niamh made some hot tea and we unpacked our gear while we waited for the others to arrive. When they got to the hut a game of cards passed the time. Before we knew it, it was time for dinner. Afterwards we feasted on marshmallows. Before we knew it, it was time for bed.

Several hours later we woke up with the wind bashing the hut. The red sunrise was amazing, and the view was breathtaking. We got up, got dressed, packed our packs, and waited for the others to have breakfast. They made bacon and the smell made our tummies rumble. We left the hut and got blown around by the harsh wind. We started running down the hill following the orange triangles. Niamh accidentally bumped the walkie talkie and everyone was concerned when we didnít respond. However the older guys waiting for us below fixed our radio. We ran the rest of the way, finally getting down to the river, We decided to return along the off-road track. Little prickly things got stuck on to our legs and hurt to pull out. We pounded up the hill to the ridge, then went along a windy path. Eventually we took a break and found out that some of the group had been stung by wasps. Further along the track you could see Jumbo Hut, a tiny white dot sitting on top of a hill of trees. It started to rain lightly and then it became a massive downpour. It got harder and harder to see as the light disappeared and we were left in darkness. The ground was like ice, and I fell a few times. Eventually I could hear the river and soon we were walking alongside it. When we got to it, the van had never looked so good. I had never felt so exhausted in my life but I had had the taste of tramping and I wanted more. The van bounced along the gravel roads into the darkening sky. And that was how my first tramp went.

NOTE: TTC ran a youth trip to Jumbo Hut, taking fourteen students from Wellington High School and Wellington East Girls College. On the Sunday, we returned via Pinnacle ridge, using the excellent route shown to me (David Granger) by Neil Challands on a long ago bushcraft weekend.
Party members
Greg Stewart, Felix Vidal, Fynn Hutson, Lucia Hutson, Francis Phan, Jasper Rynhart, Ryan Mohibi, Amy Jackson, Emma Bulmer, Hayley Bulmer (scribe), Niamh Fyfe, Ella McLauchlan, Isabel Kurta, Erin Clark, Stu Hutson, Tina Stewart, David Grainger (leader).

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