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This article was first published in the Tararua Tramper Volume 92, no 9, October 2020

First Aid in the Outdoors

12-13 September 2020

Do I stop the severe bleeding first or begin CPR because the casualty is not breathing? Am I going to roll the casualty with a spinal injury onto a mat to get him off the wet ground?

Ten members of the TTC were confronted with scenarios. To pass the course, those administering the first aid had to show a working ability to perform a diagnosis and take suitable follow up steps - hopefully to keep the casualty alive! Impressive face paint for blue lips and bruising, and tied on props of foreign objects projecting out of body parts were all part of making the performance seem real. Cathy Wylie wins the prize for best-painted blue lips. (However, I would advise that she does use a mirror for future lip beautification). Casualties had to moan, be vacant in their response (normal for some of us, especially pre-coffee), and lie inert in the bush until suitably fixed up or moved.

The most relaxing part for me was being carried on a foam mat as a makeshift stretcher, through bush and around trees. Many hands made for superbly smooth travel.

Those doing the refresher course only had to attend for only one day and those doing the full course had to attend for two days. Those doing the full course had to do some reading, sent to them in advance.

Thanks to TTC for funding this course. There was room on the course for more people to attend and I would highly recommend it to any TTC members, especially those leading trips. I found it really important for refreshing my memory on all aspects of first aid, and for keeping my confidence high when it came to CPR and choking procedures. But above all, practising real scenarios that trampers can face in the outdoors was for me the most valuable part of the course.

The next course will be run in June 2022.

Congratulations to: Ben Bannister-Sutton, Chris Dutil and Cathy Wylie for completing the full course, and to Sean Buchanan, Stu Hutson, Kristy Johnstone, Ann Matthews (scribe), Paul Maxim, Craig Morrison and Bharat Pancha for completing the refresher course.

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