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Trip Reports 2021-04-28-Orongorongo River Valley

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Waerenga1.png: 1150x605, 1348k (2021 May 31 13:17)
Dinner by candlelight Photo: Warren White
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Beating the retreat Photo: Warren White

This article was first published in the Tararua Tramper Volume 93, No. 5, June 2021

Waerenga Hut Grandparents’ Trip

28/29 April 2021

Some lovely TTC grandparents organised an April school holiday trip for their grandchildren to the Waerenga Hut in the Remutaka Forest Park. There were seven children aged from five to 11 years old and four adults. The tramping squad consisted of Flossie Bisley, Cato Fraser, Phoebe Bisley, Harry Foo, Zach Blundell, Mila Fraser (myself), Molly Bisley and four grandparents: Peggy and Chris Munn and Lynne and Warren White.

The hike was a lot of ups and downs, finished off by a freezing river crossing. We were tired, but also excited to see the track leading away right to the hut. After taking off our boots and pouring out the water, the group stepped inside the hut and were surprised to see a fireplace and firewood, just waiting to be set alight. A few minutes later we were back outside, pretending to be frogs, leaping across and around rocks in the dry riverbed of Browns Stream. “Ribbit!”

After a long day of exploring as frogs in a pond, we headed back inside, where a delicious meal of chicken and rice was on the table. “Marshmallows!”

In not too long, all the children were huddled around the fire, switching out sticks for forks. I thought the fire was much too crowded, so I was roasting my marshmallow in the candle flame. Afterwards, everybody snuggled into their sleeping bags, and in no time the building was echoing with snoring.

The morning was full of numb fingers and toes, even though everyone was tucked up in their sleeping bags. Soon after scoffing brekkie, the kids decided to set up camp outside and began building huts out of nearby pampas grass. Time passed and we were getting a little bit bored, so we headed down to the river for entertainment. Surprisingly, Molly found a dead fish, which we all agreed to name Gary. The bigger kids went in search of another dead fish to be his friend, but unfortunately never found one. Fortunately, Gary was given a proper burial and was mourned for, but only for roughly 10 minutes.

One more night and it was time to go home. It didn’t feel as if we had even been there for that long!

Party members
Mila Fraser (scribe).

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