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Email address names

Club email names that have the form ttc.<> are the ones provided from contacts links on the website, and maintained om the TTC.ContactList page. What appears in the text can vary for example "Sends news .... to the editor: Editor Name on (04) 999-9999" has a link under "Editor Name" which generates an email header with Subject:"Query from TTC website" and a

We try to use consistent, and therefore predicable club email addresses by using the following guidelines:

  • club email addresses are prefixed by "ttc.". (Note that there are a few legacy exceptions)
  • words in club email addresses are separated by full stops, e.g. "ttc.vice.president"

The user doesn't have to type in any of that and may well not even bother to look at what is generated, by simply selecting the link his or her mail client opens up a new email with that data already filled in.

Mail coming in to a ttc.<> email address is redirected to the office holder's(s') actual email address(es) by an "invisible" table in the system. The redirection makes it easier when an office holder changes. The prefix "ttc." is intended to reduce the amount of spam that may get through. Some spammers simply get lots of website addresses and email to each of helpdesk, editor, president, secretary, treasurer, webmaster, and similar (a so called dictionary attack) at each website.

By avoiding those "standard" names such emails to don't go through. We also avoid having the actual ttc.<> addresses appearing as literal text on the pages by constructing those using symbols, so that spammers who pick email links from page content source are also defeated.

Nevertheless, ultimately the ttc.<> names can be exposed to some spamming robots, or harvested from address books on insecure computers, and for example via ttc [period] clubroll [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz there are a few each week (if the TTC had accounts with all the banks that want to confirm our details we might be very rich!).

As the table allows any given to be redirected to an office holder the standard need not be followed if there is good reason. An example is that editor [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz is currently in our list that is redirected. It is assumed that this makes it easier for anyone to type in the address from the printed Tramper. As long as that isn't resulting in lots of spam that is reasonable. The choice is the office holder's.

The maintenance process for emails is described briefly at Maintenance#email. The obfustication of email addresses is done through the DeObMail recipe.

You can check that email addresses are hidden on the website, visit and test it on


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