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TTC Join

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Becoming a TTC member

TTC welcomes new people in all its activities. We have over 700 members with broad ranges of age, ability and experience.

If you're interested in joining TTC the easiest way is to join us on one of our trips. As you'll see from the Fixture Card there are several trips to choose from every week, just contact the Leader to get more details and let them know you are interested in joining the club.

You can also meet us on a Tuesday club night which starts with social time to catch-up over tea/coffee and biscuits and hire gear followed by an interesting talk. There are always people present who can answer your questions and put you in touch with organisers of upcoming trips. For any membership or general enquiries please contact Jane Boydon -> mailto:ttc-membership [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query%20from%20TTC%20website on 021 2053 962.

Around February each year we hold a new members' evening with presentations about club activities and sign-up for the club's popular bushcraft course, followed in May each year by a Winter Activities Night where you can find out about and sign-up for the club's various winter instruction courses.

What you'll need

To start tramping you'll need certain basic gear, such as tramping boots, warm clothes, a waterproof layer and a pack. If you're going away for the weekend you'll also need a sleeping bag. Some of this gear can be hired at the club's gear room, however some you'll need to buy or borrow from a friend. A more detailed gear list can be found in the fixture card. See also our trip information.

Never tramped before?

If you've never done any tramping before then we recommend you attend our bushcraft Instruction course. This will give you most of the skills you need to go tramping - you'll meet some interesting people too! Have a look at the activities page for more information about instruction courses.

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All you need to do is to get your form signed by two existing club members of a year or more.

Applying for membership

You can pick up an application form at a Tuesday night meeting or download it.


  • Completed Membership Application Forms can either be emailed to ttc-membership@ttc.org.nz, handed in at any club night or posted to Tararua Tramping Club, PO Box 1008, Wellington 6140.
  • Please make payment at the time of your application (see page 1 of the TTC Membership Application form for methods of payment).
  • Joining membership fees can be paid directly to the club's bank account 02-0500-0022732-00,
    Please include your name and phone number as payment reference.
  • Applications for membership are considered at the monthly meetings of the General Committee.
  • Refer to the publications page for the rules governing our club.
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Renewing your Annual Membership Subscription

The annual subscription for an individual member is $63.
For youth members under 25 years the fee is $35.
Add $17 more for a couple.
Associate membership is $40 for out of town members (does not include the annual).
Senior membership (20 years membership) is $55.

  • All members get an FMC card..
  • Membership subscriptions can be paid directly to the club's subscription bank account 02-0500-0022732-02,
    Please include your name and membership number (supplied on the subscription invoice) as payment reference.

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