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Photos 2018-11-12-Peter Hicks Memories

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2018-10-11 Wairere Stream Tour < Photos > 2018-11-14-Butterfly Ck Photos and words in remembrance of Peter Hicks

Tributes to Peter Hicks

Comments made in response to news of Peter’s death on Tasman Glacier, Aoraki Mt Cook National Park, November 12th, 2018 - please add your comments

David Grainger (former alpine instruction convenor). Peter joined TTC to do the club's alpine instruction in 2014 and 2015. We enjoyed a memorable weekend snow-caving high on Mt Ruapehu. Peter, with Nikki at his side, got the bug for adventure in the hills. Peter volunteered to help with the instruction in following years and I appreciated his enthusiasm for TTC and the spirit of giving back to the club. He participated fully and gave his time unconditionally. Peter was often to be seen in the Tararua Lodge kitchen, quietly organising food for a group of 15 or more hungry students. He became somewhat famous for delicious Beef Bourguignon dinners! Peter was modest about his work. It was only after marrying a nurse that I learned what a key influential figure Peter was in Wellington Hospital's Intensive Care Unit.

Thank you Peter for all your support.

Nina Sawicki Peter with son Ben, Nikki, Fiona, and Nina on Mt Matthews two weeks before his death. Peter in his element striding out ahead and Nikki providing fabulous Tararua biscuits.

Stuart Hutson My best memory on top of Peter's constant help with the AIC and this year the cooking on the Youth Programme Snowcraft is the Mt Taranaki climb we did. Where we headed to Symes hut, and spent a night there. We climbed the south route into the crater and had to contend with frisky rime ice which made the summiting a little tricky. On the way down we had to negotiate the slab ice very carefully but we all made it safely. We packed and went home. It was a memorable climb.

I will miss doing this with Peter.

Ann Matthews I will always remember you for your gentle, quiet manner. Small smile broadening into a wide grin and twinkling eyes as you relate with enthusiasm the gear room additions. I acknowledge the recent path that you and Nikki have been walking – embracing a new relationship, new skills and living life to the full. You will be sorely missed Peter. Arohanui

Rockclimbing at Pukerua Bay,
18 Mar 2017 (CraigM)
Rockclimbing at Pukerua Bay,
18 Mar 2017 (CraigM)
Learning how to make snow anchors,
24 August 2014 (DaveG)
Peter (left) on the summit of Mt Cupola, Nelson Lakes NP,
24 October 2015 (DaveG)
Cuppa at Symes Hut
November 2016
After a midwinter overnight camp on Ruapehu's summit plateau,
June 2017 (DaveG)
Peter with Nikki outside Tararua Lodge,
5 September 2015 (DaveG)
Midwinter overnight camp on Ruapehu's summit plateau,
June 2017 (AlisonD)
Midwinter overnight camp on Ruapehu's summit plateau,
June 2017 (AlisonD)
Peter Hicks heading to Mt Mathews
On Mt Matthews, Rimutaka Forest Park,
October 2018 (FionaG)
Peter sitting on the summit of Mt Taranaki,
Peter on Ruapehu summit plateau,
June 2017 (AlisonD)
On Mt Matthews, Rimutaka Forest Park,
October 2018 (NinaS)
Nanna nap outside Hodder Huts, Tapuae-O-Uenuku trip
October 2016 (Nikki)
A breaky on Cone mound with Peter
At Syme Hut on climb of Mt Taranaki south ridge
Peter in a group at Lake Rotoiti preparing to go up the Travers Valley,
October 2015 (JadriaC?)
Peter heading to Symes hut to climb Mt Taranaki
Peter on Mt Ruapehu in the middle of winter
2016 (AlisonD)
After climbing Mt Cupola
October 2015 (JasonS)
Peter in snow cave at 2,300m, Mt Ruapehu,
6 September 2015 (DaveG)
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