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TTC Master Chef

TTC MasterChef - 9th September

The TTC MasterChef contest aims to increase the variety of dishes and improve the quality of cooking on TTC trips. We want to encourage club members to be as adventurous in their cooking as they are on their trips!


  • may enter as an individual or as a group (of no more than three)
  • will have half an hour to prepare a dish using authentic outdoor cooking appliances and equipment (billies, stoves, etc)
  • may reheat a dehydrated meal or use fresh ingredients


Dishes will be judged on:

  • taste
  • weight
  • nutritional value
  • cost
  • preparation time, and
  • presentation

The best recipes will be published on the TTC’s website.

Please register by contacting Daniel Rogerson -> mailto:ddrogerson [snail] gmail [period] com on 022 674 9017.

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