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Tararua Tramping Club

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Why have a website, anyway ...

  • "brochureware"
to provide lots of public information about the club and its activities for members and for potential members
the website is the primary point of contact for the public and new members
  • club information
to provide up to date information about the club's location and the various people who contribute to the club's activities and wellbeing
  • services to members
to provide multiple communication channels for our members
  • reflecting what we have done
to provide a record of, and information about past trips and activities, to inform future trips and activities
  • accessibility - via the web - most places most times (no, not in the hills, but you can get it from Tararua Lodge)
  • timely - very quick to update
    • any and all members can contribute
    • general, social, and ski and lodge committee have a special role in providing updates

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