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2021 TTC Photo competition

Tuesday 12th October 2021

This year’s competition will be held on Tuesday 12th October.

Entries close on 7th September.

The early closing date allows winning photos to be entered in the 2021 FMC Photo Competition by the deadline of 15 September. Two winning entries in each category except Documentary and Humour will be forwarded to the FMC (the FMC competition does not include documentary or humour sections).

Have a look at previous winning photos on the 2020 photo competition results page.


  • ABOVE BUSHLINE (no human element) ABN
  • ABOVE BUSHLINE (with human element) ABW
  • BELOW BUSHLINE (no human element) BBN
  • BELOW BUSHLINE (with human element) BBW

The winners of the six categories will each receive a copy of their winning entry on canvas stretched onto a frame. A single prize is awarded in each of the Above Bushline and Below Bushline sections.


  • Each entrant may enter TWO photos in each category
  • Adjustments for exposure, white balance, contrast and levels are allowed
  • Cropping is allowed
  • Stitching for panoramic images is allowed
  • Removal or insertion of features not in the original images is not allowed.
  • All photos except those entered in the Historic category must have been taken in New Zealand after 1st January 2019

How to enter

All entries must be submitted electronically as .jpeg files, with a file size of a maximum of 3MB.

Please code the file name correctly: e.g. ABNTararuaTCMereSmithOverlookingHoldsworth.jpeg

Digital entries, clearly labelled, can be emailed to Muriel Christianson -> mailto:ttc [period] photo [period] competition [period] entries [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query from TTC website. Photo DVDs and USB drives with correct file names and packaged can be given to the organiser, Muriel Christianson, at a club night meeting.

We suggest sharing images using WeTransfer. Emailed photos should be sent individually if they are large.

On the night of the photo competition, we show as many entries as we can, within the constraints of a club night meeting.

Any queries? Please contact Muriel Christianson -> mailto:ttc [period] photo [period] competition [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query from TTC website on (04) 470 5269.

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