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Add fixture card - six monthly

The fixture card is supplied by the Adventure Coordinator, as a word document. If has not been received by the end of November or May then request it from Amie Claridge -> mailto:ttc [period] adventure [period] coordinator [snail] ttc [period] org [period] nz?Subject=Query from TTC website on 021 252 7457.

  • open the fixture card document (keep a copy of the original)
  • these instructions assume that the fixture card has a tabular format (ie a spreadsheet or a table in a document).
    • the table should have only one line per row, with no newlines


  1. trips on the monthly fixture card are as as supplied to the webteam in two parts:
    • on the fixture card and
    • wednesday trips
  2. trips on the winter activities page are as supplied by the Ski and Lodge committee
  3. currently climbing and cycling trips pages are maintained by the activity organisers
  4. the midweek page is an 'include' of all the monthly pages wednesday trips

These instructions were developed using LibreOffice, but will work for both spreadsheet or documents supplied by the Adventure Coordinator, for most office software suites.

Edit the fixture card document

The fixture card as a document or spreadsheet, the format varies year by year.
Generally it is supplied as a series of tables separated by blank lines, one row per trip, one or two tables per week (weekend, midweek). Carrying some modifications to the source document prior to loading onto the website can save a lot of time.

  • join all weekly tables up for a month (e.g. remove empty rows and lines)
  • if multiple entries are placed in a table cell copying to a speadsheet may help
  • replace all soft (^m) and hard(^p) newlines with the wiki markup [[<]]
  • replace abbreviations with full words, e.g. Tk to Track, Ck to Creek, Stm to Stream, etc, as there is plenty of room on the website
  • it can make it easier to copy a document table to a spreadsheet for the next steps
  • select all the rows for the first month's trips
  • if a weekend or holiday extends into the next month include it on both month's pages
  • copy your selection for the month to the clipboard

Create the new fixture card page

  • create a new wiki website page
    • use the form name field and button above right, or
    • in the browser's address bar change the page name (eg FixtureCard/HomePage) to a new name (eg FixtureCard/2021January))
    • then click on the "edit" or "create" link
  • paste from the clipboard the selection over, and including, the %comment% lines "replace from" to "replace to"
  • no other changes are required to the page template

Create the fixture card page content

  • click on the icon in the text edit area toolbar to have the pasted tabular data formatted (ignore the "Confirm Navigation" warning and alter by clicking "Leave this Page")
  • add a single exclamation mark as the first character in the weekly heading (location) line (the line will look like this ||!Weekly heading ||||||||||)
  • see the existing pages for examples of what the formatting looks like
  • remove all lines of the form ||class='tabtable'
  • remove any other exclamation marks (!) that exists as the first character in cells
  • remove the month (eg Jan) from each row
  • add links to Tararua Lodge., Bushcraft., FixtureCard.MorisonBush, TTC.Alpine Instruction, and the appropriate references from Tararua Footprints..

Repeat for all six months in the calendar

Create a new page for each month in the fixture card.

  • note that the trips on a page include trips from the next month where the next month commences in the middle of the week

The page headings, indexes with automatically pick up the added fixture card month pages

Check the page content

  • do a print preview of each page to ensure the layout works well for printing
  • check the automatically generated FixtureCard.Midweek page to ensure it is working properly

Create the fixture card half year pages

The half year pages allow website visitors to print out all six months of the fixture card, in a similar way to the distributed printed fixture card sent to members

Update the fixture card archive page

The archive page lists all fixture cards that are available on the website.

  • add the pages you have created to the FixtureCard.Archive
  • copy the lines from the anchor [[#fc2020first]] to June or [[#fc2020second]] to December and change the year from 2020 to 2021
  • at the beginning of the year add a reference to the year's club nights page by copying and changing the previous years entry.

Publicise the updates

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