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Add trip reports from Tararua Tramper - monthly

The Tararua Tramper is received as a PDF, by email, from the editor, generally in the last week of the previous month. If you have not received it by the end of the first week of the month then feel free to request it from the editor.

  1. open the page Trip Reports.HomePage
  2. open the tramper PDF (with Acrobat reader) or Word etc
  3. select each trip write up in turn and copy to the clipboard.

For each trip report

  1. on your browser use the box to enter a trip report page name in the format yyyy-mm-dd-Place-Place
    • keep the trip name short by being selective about which places you use so the page name is not too long (see other trip report page names for examples).
    • use hyphens to separate the date and to separate the places
  2. click on the create new trip report button (don't worry if you change your mind about the page name, it can be changed later)
  3. a new page will open with a template already entered
    • keep and use the template markup
  4. position cursor after the !! and paste your text in,
  5. add the tramper issue details to the top line
  6. add an extra blank line between all paragraphs
  7. add a : before the word participants
  8. add categories
  9. click on Save button at the bottom of the page
  10. click on ⚙ Edit if you want to change the page
  11. look at how other pages are laid out for hints (open the page then click edit)

Renaming a trip report page

To rename a page use the ⚙ "Copy/Move" link at the top right of the page.

  • select "rename"
  • enter the new page name
  • click "rename"
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Note that if images have been attached for the page they meed to be moved separately

Moving images

Images can only be moved by renaming the folder on the service that contains them. This requires the use of a FTP client.

Back issues update

The following trampers (yyyy-mm) have been allocated for updating the website.

Allan2005-06, 2005-07, 2005-08
 2005-03, 2005-04, 2005-05
Peter2007-01, 2007-03, 2007-05, 2005-01
?2006-11, 2006-12

Please update the trip reports page and remove them from this list as you complete them

Trampers in the website are

  • Includes trips published in the Tararua Tramper from 2005 March up to and including 2021 November
  • the Archive contains a list of all electronic copies of the tramper that we have

Trip reports template

This is the template used each time a new page is created. Update when necessary.

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This article was first published in the Tararua Tramper in month 2020

Article Title

Trip Date

Map Reference

trip report text here

Party members
(leader and scribe).

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