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Updating the 2022 Club Nights page - regularly

The 2022 Club Nights page is kept with the Fixture card pages. The page provides the source of club night information used on the home page, club night page, clubrooms page, and Social Committee Roster page. It is kept up to date by the clubnight speaker organisers.

Club night night entries looks like these

5 January

Clubrooms closed

Clubrooms closed

12 January Summer barbecue

Club barbecue

7.30pm start at the clubrooms.
Catch up with other members and talk about your Christmas and New Year adventures. Bring your own food and drink. Barbecue to cook on is supplied.

How this works

Each clubnight entry is accompanied by an 'anchor' in a specific format which represents the specific Tuesday, as shown below. The anchor allows the clubnight entry to be included in other website pages.
Each photo for a specific Tuesday must be prefixed by the Tuesday date in a specific format which ensure it is displayed in the correct location.

To make this work

  • add new clubnight entries chronologically at the bottom of the fixture card page
  • the 'anchor' [[#cnyyyy-mm-dd]] must be a Tuesday in exactly the format shown where yyyy is the year, mm the month, and dd the day
  • the image 'name' name="yyyy-mm-dd*" parameter must be be a Tuesday in exactly the format shown
  • the name of any photos uploaded for a club night must start with yyyy-mm-dd for the same date as in the name parameter
  • the [[<]] markup ensures that the photos do not overlap the next clubnight
  • multiple photos can be uploaded for a club night, and a different one will be displayed randomly when the page loads
  • the {$FullName} name="yyyy-mm-dd*" count=1 order=random titlefmt="Mouse over tool tip" {$:thump}:) markup displays one image randomly from any number of uploaded images for the date defined
  • the {$:thump} markup (defined as (:thump:align=left px=148:) sets the size and alignment of the image
  • images must have the file extension .jpeg or .jpg
  • if the uploaded images are not rotated correctly please see webteam photo advice.

Multiple club night topics

It is possible to have multiple topics and accompanying topic specific photos for a single club night date. To achieve this ensure the photos for each topic can be distinguised by adding an additional prefix (after the date) to their name. For example:

29 March

Tararua Lodge

Tararua Lodge

Speaker name description.



Speaker name description.

Creating a new Club Nights page - annually

Copy the 2022 Club Nights page to create the next year's club night topics list.

Before following these instructions please ensure that you have added your name to the author field by editing a page, or by

  • clicking edit on a page
  • entering your name in the author field, and
  • clicking preview.

You can then follow these instructions.

  • use the Copy/Move command on the top right menu
  • change the year
  • click Copy
  • delete all the club night entries from the previous year
CopyClubNight.png: 666x122, 12k (2020 Nov 25 04:38)

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