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meeting with Piers Harris and Alan Wright
There had no progress with items from the previous meeting.

The following additional points were raised:

  • need to increase engagement with publicity officer
  • timeliness of input and response with publicity officer
  • need to increase engagement with ttc.communications group
  • understand what the IT assistant role is, and how it relates to the IT webteam

Piers undertook to discuss these with GC.


meeting with Piers Harris

Discussion points:

Action items: follow up on

  • putting Peter Jagger's publications on the website (2013-07-16)
  • merge official and original private facebook pages
  • more use, promotion of, and updates to Tararua Footprints
  • getting promised recipes for website from the Master Chef evening

Links provided:

Please see Webteam pages

and website pages

and especially

these pages demonstrate some of our significant content

2013-11-11 Request for club history pages on website

Request passed to club archivist

with the club centennial comping up do we have a short club history we could put on the website.

Eg it could be one page, or a group of pages.

Currently we have nothing about when it was founded, or a decade by decade summary

2013-07-14 Request to host Peter Jagger books

suggest that [the club website] could host the digital versions of Peter's publications.

This would allow people to read without having to print, or print at their own convenience and cost

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