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Adventure Coordinator

2021 Arthurs Pass (FixtureCard) Multiple trips in the Arthur's Pass area 06-21 March 2021
2022 Hanmer (FixtureCard) Club expedition to Hanmer in March 2022
2022 Hanmer Huts (FixtureCard) Hanmer Springs Expedition March 2022 DoC Huts
2022 Hanmer Info (FixtureCard) Club expedition to Hanmer in March 2022
2022 Hanmer Trips (FixtureCard) Club expedition to Hanmer in March 2021

Adventure Coordinator)


Outdoor First Aid Instruction (TTC) Outdoor First Aid instruction

Ceneral Committee

Role Clubrooms Convenor (Governance) Clubrooms convenor role description

Centenary committee

Centenary Details (Centenary) Centenary week events detail

Club historian

Home Page (TararuaHistory) Tararua Tamping Club and Ranges stories and history
Who was E J Kime? (TararuaHistory) Just who was E J Kime? by Paul Maxim

Club members

100 Achievements (Centenary) Achieved 100 peaks and places in 100 weeks
2018-11-12-Peter Hicks Memories (Photos) Photos and words in remembrance of Peter Hicks
Activities (TTC) What we do
Appendices (TararuaFootprints) Peaks over 1,500 metres, pain scale, further reading, history, general, natural science, guides, maps
Bannister Crossing (TararuaFootprints) 20.7 Bannister Crossing
Escape Routes (TararuaFootprints) Escaping the Tararua Ranges in bad weather
Frances Stream (TararuaFootprints) Up the Akatarawa Road: Frances Stream, Maymore Ridge, Renata
Glossary (TararuaFootprints) Lexicon of tramping terms and acronyms used in Tararua Footprints
Gorge Trips (TararuaFootprints) Tararua gorges and gorge travel
Holdsworth Mitre Crossing (TararuaFootprints) 20.9 The Holdsworth to Mitre major Tararua Range crossing
Holdsworth Road-end (TararuaFootprints) Atiwhakatu, Powell, Holdsworth, Jumbo, Pinnacle Ridge
Tararua Tramper's Guide (TararuaFootprints) A Tramper's Guide to the Tararua Ranges, by Merv Rodgers; maintained by John Thomson
Tararua Hut Index (TararuaFootprints) Index of huts in the Tararuas
Hutt River System (TararuaFootprints) Hutt River trips and tramps
Introduction (TararuaFootprints) They guide's grading system, fitness and time ratings, organisation, and about maps,
Introduction (TTC) Welcome to the Tararua Tramping Club
Kaipaitangata Valley (TararuaFootprints) Please enter a brief summary of the page contents here
Kiriwhakapapa Valley (TararuaFootprints) Blue Range, old tram track,
Main Range Crossing (TararuaFootprints) 20.8 The Tararua Main Range north to south major Tararua Range crossing
Major Crossings (TararuaFootprints) Major crossings of the Tararua Ranges
Makaretu Valley (TararuaFootprints) Makaretu Stream, Oriwa Lake Hollow, Spion Kop
Mangahao Valley (TararuaFootprints) PMangahao Valley, Dams, and headwaters
Mangatainoka Valley (TararuaFootprints) Mangatainoka – Herepai – Ruapae, Roaring Stag Lodge
Mangatarere Valley (TararuaFootprints) Please enter a brief summary of the page contents here
Michael Taylor Memories (Photos) Photos and words in remembrance of Michael Taylor
Middle Crossing (TararuaFootprints) 20.5 The Middle Crossing major crossing of the Tararua Ranges
Mikimiki Valley (TararuaFootprints) Blue Range, old mill site, walks
Morison Bush (FixtureCard) Morison Bush Club and Family camping weekends
Northern Crossing (TararuaFootprints) 20.6 Northern Crossing major crossing of the Tararua Ranges
Notices (TTC) Notices and news for the home page
Ōhau Valley (TararuaFootprints) Route guide to the Ōhau Valley including Blackwater stream
Renata Alpha Crossing (TararuaFootprints) 20.1 Renata Alpoha major crossing of the Tararua Ranges
Ruamahanga Valley (TararuaFootprints) Cleft creek, Cow saddle, Roaring Stage Lodge, Mangatainoka, Cattle Ridge Hut, Dundas Hut
Southern Crossing (TararuaFootprints) 20.2. 20.3, 20.4 Southern Crossing major crossing of the Tararua Ranges
Tararua Overview (TararuaFootprints) Description, travel in, rainfall, tips, and huts
Tauherenikau Valley (TararuaFootprints) Tramping in the Tauherenikau Valley, Mt Hector to Featherston, Alpha Hut, Cone Hut, Tutuwai Hut
Tūroa Gallery (Photos) Photos from Tūroa on Mt Ruapehu
Waikawa Valley (TararuaFootprints) Walks and tracks in the Waikawa valley
Waingawa Valley (TararuaFootprints) Mitre Flats, Mitre and Girdlestone, Mid King Biv, Cow Creek Hut, Arete Forks Hut, Tarn Ridge Hut
Waiohine Valley (TararuaFootprints) Woodside, Mt Reeves, Walls Whare, Cone, Totara Flats, Sayers Hut, Hector Forks, Neill Forks, Park Forks, Dorset Ridge, Carkeek Ridge, Mid-Waiohine
Waitohu Valley (TararuaFootprints) Waitohu STream, Thompson, Mick, Tangata Maunga
Whakapapa Summer-Gallery (Photos) Photos from Whakapapa in summer on Mt Ruapehu

Club role of page maintainer here

Archive (TTC) TTC Archives information
Auction (Centenary) Please enter a brief summary of the page contents here
Communication Channels (Governance) A discussion a TTC communication channel usage
Jeremy Foster (Profiles) Please enter a brief summary of the page contents here
Rangitira Lift Rules And Conditions (TararuaLodge) Rangitira lift gear and foot passenger uploading
Role President (Governance) Please enter a brief summary of the page contents here
Tararua Tramper's Guide Feedback (TararuaFootprints) Please enter a brief summary of the page contents here
Test Directive PTV (Webteam) Please enter a brief summary of the page contents here
Test Embed Calendar (Webteam) Example showing the Hall, Library, and Committeee room booking calendars
Trip Report (Webteam) Online trip report form
Website Safety Security Privacy (Webteam) How the TTC website manages privacy and security


Outdoors (Links) Outdoors links
Scones (Recipes) Baking for a closed day at Tararua Lodge
Tramping Clubs Auckland (Links) Auckland region tramping and outdoors clubs
Tramping Clubs North Island (Links) Tramping and outdoors clubs in the North Island south of Auckland
Tramping Clubs South Island (Links) South Island tramping and outdoors clubs


2013-06-26-Wellington Skyline (Photos) Photos from Wednesday walk along the Skyline
2013-09-29-Ruahines Youth Group Tramp (Photos) Photos from (add your description here)
2013-10-05-Mt Matthews (Photos) Photos from Mt Matthews
2013-10-05-South Coast Bike Ride (Photos) Photos from Wellington's south coast
2013-10-16-Pukerua Bay (Photos) Photos from day trip at Pukerua Bay
2013-11-10-MCNP Climbing (Photos) Photos from MCNP climbing trip
2013-12-14-Nazomi (Photos) Photos from climb of Nazomi
2013-12-22-Ball Pass Turner Peak (Photos) Photos from Ball pass trip with climb of Turner peak
2014-01-18-Rabbitors Peak (Photos) Photos from climb of Rabbitors peak
2014-01-25-Mt Franklin (Photos) Photos from Mt Franklin
2014-02-02-Copland Pass And Lean Peak (Photos) Photos from Copland pass and Lean peak trip
2014-02-07-Mt Travers S Ridge (Photos) Photos from a climb of Mt Travers S ridge, summer 2014
2014-02-07-The Warrior (Photos) Photos from climb of The Warrior
2014-03-01-Bushcraft 2 (Photos) Photos from second bushcraft trip to Tauherenikau
2014-03-01-Morison Bush (Photos) Photos from Morison Bush club and family camping weekend
2014-03-11-Mt Magellan W Face (Photos) Photos from Mt Magellan ('Anyone can play guitar')
2014-03-29-Bushcraft Atiwhakatu Waingawa (Photos) Photos from Bushcraft in the Atiwhakatu and Waingawa
2014-08-16 Mt Aspiring South Face (Photos) Photos from ascent of south face of Mt Aspiring
2014-08-19 Stargazer (Photos) Photos from climb of Mt Stargazer
2014-08-20 Mt Aspiring SW Ridge (Photos) Photos from SW ridge of Mt Aspiring
2014-08-23 Somnus (Photos) Photos from Climb of Somnus Couloir
2014-08-24 AIC 14 Snow 2 (Photos) Photos from the second mountain weekend of AIC 2014
2014-08-31 Mt Arrowsmith (Photos) Photos from Mt Arrowsmith
2014-10-22 Mt Clarke (Photos) Photos from Mt Clarke
2014-10-25-Mt Hopeless (Photos) Photos from Traverse of Mt Hopeless, Labour Day weekend 2014
2014-10-25 Jagged Peak (Photos) Photos from Jagged Peak
2014-11-07 Climax Peak (Photos) Photos from an ascent of Climax Peak (Olivine Ice Plateau)
2014-11-17 Pibrac (Photos) Photos from ascent of Pibrac
2014-11-24 North Peak (Photos) Photos from ascent of North Peak in the Arrowsmith Ranges
2014-12-02 La Perouse (Photos) Photos from ascent of La Perouse from Gardiner hut
2014-12-08 Eyre Peak (Photos) Photos from ascent of Eyre Peak
2014-12-14 Torres Peak (Photos) Photos from ascent of West Ridge of Torres Peak from Katies Col
2015-09-27-Girdlestone (Photos) Girdlestone Peak by Jason Stephens and Rory Stephenson
2015-09-27-Girdlestone-Jade Cincotta (Photos) Photos from Girdlestone September 27 2015 by Jade Cincotta
2016-06-02-Dragons-Teeth-Low-Route-Winter (Photos) Photos from a winter traverse of the Douglass Range via Dragon's Teeth Low Route
2016-06-06-Dragons-Teeth-Low-Route-Winter (Photos) Photos from winter traverse of the Douglass Range via Dragons Teeth Low Route
2016-12-14 Kaitoke Regional Park (Photos) Photos from Wednesday Walkers Christmas Lunch at Kaitoke Regional Park
2017-09-11-Walls Whare To Tutuwai (Photos) Photos from (add your description here)
2019-06-18-Quiz Night (Photos) Photos from the 2019 Quiz night
2019-06-30-Centenary Tramp Mt Kaukau (Photos) Photos from the TTC Centenary Tramp Johnston Hill to Mt Kaukau
2019-07-01-Centenary Slide Show-Earlier (Photos) Photos from the Centenary Slideshow - Early TTC
2019-07-01-Centenary Slide Show-Later (Photos) Photos from the Centenary Slideshow - Later TTC
2019-07-01-Centenary Slide Show-Other (Photos) Photos from the Centenary Slideshow Other TTC
2019-07-02-Centenary Club Night (Photos) Photos from the Centenary Club Night
2019-07-03-Centenary Book Launch (Photos) Photos from the Centenary Book Launch
2019-07-03-Centenary Book Launch-Digital Ninja (Photos) Photos from the Centenary Book Launch by Digital Ninja
2019-07-03-Centenary Public History Talk (Photos) Photos from the Centenary Public History Talk at the National Library
2019-07-04-Centenary Afternoon Tea (Photos) Photos from the Centenary Afternoon Tea
2019-07-06-Centenary Dinner (Photos) Photos from the TTC Centenary Dinner
2019-07-06-Centenary Dinner-Digital Ninja (Photos) Photos from the Centenary Dinner by Digital Ninja
2020-06-24-Wednesday Walkers (Photos) Photos from (Wednesday walkers - Above Eastbourne on to Lowry and into Gollans Stream)
2021-03-06-Arthurs Pass Expedition Week One (Photos) Photos from the Arthurs pass expedition week one
2021-03-13-Arthurs Pass Expedition Week Two (Photos) Photos from 2021 Arthur's TTC Expedition
2021-08-02-Whakapapa (Photos) Photos from ski week at Whakapapa
Alan Wright (Profiles) About me
Ambrosia (Recipes) Dessert
Bread Making (Recipes) Practical bread for on the track
Brownie (Recipes) Baking
Basic Cheese Scones (Recipes) Baking cheese scones
Crackers (Recipes) Crackers for tramping
Curried Sausages And Rice (Recipes) Curried Sausages and Rice
Dave G (Profiles) Please enter a brief summary of the page contents here
Dried Fruit Scones (Recipes) dried fruit scones baking
Flap Jacks (Recipes) A great recipe and foodbar for long tramps
Fruit Crumble (Recipes) A Tararua Lodge dessert, apple, peach, apricot, pear etc crumble
Fudge Pudding (Recipes) A Tararua Lodge standard and favourite dessert
Gone Clubbing (TTC) Hugh Barr writes in praise of the local tramping club
Hotcakes (Recipes) Breakfast
Icecream Cake (Recipes) Dessert doesn't come richer or yummier than this
Long haul Laksa (Recipes) A Laksa dinner
Lasagna (Recipes) A Tararua Lodge main course
Meat Loaf (Recipes) main course
Miscellaneous (Links) Links to miscellaneous tramping and outdoors related subjects
Old Bruce Road (TararuaLodge) Song to the tune of 'Take me home country roads'
PCW (Profiles) About me
Perfect Porridge (Recipes) The best porridge you can make
Quotations (TararuaFootprints) Quotations for Tararua Footprints
Daleys Flat Shepherd’s Pie (Recipes) a delicious lightweight tramping main
Simon (Profiles) meet Simon
Soldiers Cake Canister (Recipes) Fruit cake sent to WW2 soldiers
Sue Boyde (Profiles) About me
Tararua Biscuits (Recipes) The classic indestructible tramping biscuit
Vocabulary (TTC) Tramping terms and idioms from Aotearoa literature
Waerenga-Gallery (Photos) Photos of Waerenga Hut in the Orongorongo Valley, Remutaka Forest Park
Wellingtons Rugged Southwest (TTC) Wellington city’s southern and western rural hinterland beyond the Outer Green Belt
Wellingtons Rugged Southwest-Gallery (TTC) Photographs by Barbara Mitcalfe to accompany the article Wellington's rugged southwest coast
Whakapapa-Gallery (Photos) Photos from Whakapapa ski area

Contributor: Jenny Lewis)

{$:Kiekie flower.jpg} (:thumbgallery tlmode=1 px=280 titlefmt="Kiekie flower" captionfmt=" "

2018-11-14-Butterfly Ck (Photos) Photos from BBB Wed trip to East Harbour Regional

Dave Grainger

2015-04-25 Pinnacle-Marlborough (Photos) Photos from Pinnacle 2120m (Marlborough)
2015-10-24-Cupola-Travers-post-AIC (Photos) Photos from Nelson Lakes post-AIC climbing trip
2015-11-18-Lewis Pass Tops (Photos) Photos from Lewis Pass Tops trip to Mount Technical and Brass Monkey Biv, November 2015
2016-01-01-Arawhata Exploration (Photos) Photos from Arawhata trip Dec 27 2015 to Jan 5 2016
2016-06-03-Arrowsmith-winter-2016 (Photos) Photos from winter 2016 attempt on Arrowsmith via the Lawrence
2017-11-04-Mt Alarm (Photos) Photos from Mt Alarm climb led by Dave Grainger, with Jadria Cincotta and Michael Allan
2017-12-17-Scotts Knob Wairau (Photos) Photos from Scotts Knob climb via Branch River, Marlborough

David Grainger

2017-09-27 Ōhau Backcountry (Photos) Photos from Ōhau backcountry ski tour, September 2017
2018-10-11 Wairere Stream Tour (Photos) Photos from a late season Ruapehu overnighter trip to the backside of the Pinnacles

David Grainger, Stu Hutson, Rob Hawes, Lorraine Johns

Simon Bell Memories (Photos) Memories and Photos of Simon Bell

FITT Tramping Coordinator

FITT (TTC) FITT trip schedule

Fixture Card conveners

Multi-day trips - Forward planning (FixtureCard) Fixture Card expressions of interest for future multi-day trips and expeditions

General Committee

TTC Alert Level 2 (Governance) TTC guidance for trip leaders and club members under Covid-19 Alert level 2
Annual General Meeting (Governance) AGM minutes, Annual Reports

General committee

Archives Policy (Governance) Archives policy. Approved 2021-02-18 by General Committee

General Committee

Club Policies (Governance) General comittee and other club roles
Club Roles (Governance) General comittee and other club roles
Governance (Governance) General Committee information
Interpersonal Conduct Policy (Governance) Interpersonal Conduct policy

General committee

Privacy Policy (Governance) Privacy policy. Approved for March 2021
Role Adventure Coordinator (Governance) A job description of the Outdoor Adventure Coordinator tasks and responsibilities
Role Almoner (Governance) Membership liaison with incapacitated or ill members, bereavements, preserves social history

General Committee

Role Hall Booking Officer (Governance) Please enter a brief summary of the page contents here
Role Librarian (Governance) Club librarian
Role Portfolio Liaison (Governance) General Committee liaison for portfolio
Trip Transport Policy (Governance) Trip Transport (member vehicle) policy
Van Policy (Governance) Please enter a brief summary of the page contents here
Who's who 2003-2004 (TTC) Club office holders, committee convenors and team members, and volunteers
Who's who 2004-2005 (TTC) Club office holders, committee convenors and team members, and volunteers
Who's who 2005-2006 (TTC) Club office holders, committee convenors and team members, and volunteers
Who's who 2006-2007 (TTC) Club office holders, committee convenors and team members, and volunteers
Who's who 2007-2008 (TTC) Club office holders, committee convenors and team members, and volunteers
Who's who 2008-2009 (TTC) Club office holders, committee convenors and team members, and volunteers
Who's who 2009-2010 (TTC) Club office holders, committee convenors and team members, and volunteers
Who's who 2010-2011 (TTC) Club office holders, committee convenors and team members, and volunteers
Who's who 2011-2012 (TTC) Club office holders, committee convenors and team members, and volunteers
Who's Who 2012-2013 (TTC) Club office holders, committee convenors and team members, and volunteers
Who's Who 2013-2014 (TTC) Club office holders, committee convenors and team members, and volunteers
Who's Who 2014-2015 (TTC) Club office holders, committee convenors and team members, and volunteers
Who's Who 2015-2016 (TTC) Club office holders, committee convenors and team members, and volunteers
Who's who 2016-2017 (TTC) Club office holders, committee convenors and team members, and volunteers
Who's who 2017-2018 (TTC) Club office holders, committee convenors and team members, and volunteers
Who's who 2018-2019 (TTC) Club office holders, committee convenors and team members, and volunteers
Who's who 2019-2020 (TTC) Club office holders, committee convenors and team members, and volunteers
Who's who 2020-2021 (TTC) Club office holders, committee convenors and team members, and volunteers
Who's who 2020-2021 (TTC) Club office holders, committee convenors and team members, and volunteers

Generarl Committee

General Committee Operational Policy (Governance) General Committee Operational Policy

Huts and Tracks Committee

Cone Hut (TTC) TTC's Kime Hut on the main range
Field Hut (TTC) TTC's Field Hut at Otaki
Kime Hut (TTC) TTC's Kime Hut at Otaki

Jeremy Foster

Eastern Hutt Place Name Origins (TararuaHistory) The origin of the names of various topographical features of the Eastern Te Awa Kairangi Valley
Ōrongorongo Place Name Origins (TararuaHistory) The origin of the names of various topographical features of the Ōrongorongo Ranges
Remutaka Place Name Origins (TararuaHistory) The origin of the names of various topographical features of the Remutaka Ranges
Wainuiomata Place Name Origins (TararuaHistory) The origin of the names of various topographical features of Wainuiomata

Kevin Mason

Summer Booking (TararuaLodge) Experimental page to display ski trip availability

Lynne White

inReach (TTC) Booking and using the inReach

Marris Weight

Auckland (Category) Trips in the Auckland area.
Manawatu (Category) Trips in the Manawatu area
Nelson (Category) Trips in the Nelson and Marlborough area.
Northland (Category) Trips in Northland region
Otago Southland (Category) Trips in the Otago Southland area
Waikato (Category) Trips in the Waikato area.


Join (TTC) How to become a club member

Michael Taylor Bequest Advisory Committee

Michael Taylor Bequest (TTC) Request advisory committee and processes
Michael Taylor Bequest Guide (TTC) A guide to applying for a grant from the Michael Taylor Bequest

Nina Sawicki

2021-03-18-Mt Richmond Range (Photos) Photos from Mount Richmond Range

Peter Barber

2014-01-04-Tongariro Circuits (Photos) Round Ruapehu and Tongariro Clockwise
2016-03-20-Bushcraft (Photos) Photos from TTC Bushcraft Weekend At Waerenga Hut, March 2016. A good time was had by all!

Peter Barber Club President

Peter Barber (Profiles) Peter Barber in the TTC

Peter Reimann

Granola (Recipes) Peter Reimann’s half century Grnola recipe


Accommodation (Links) Tramping and Lodge accommodation links
Commercial (Links) Wellington and Aotearoa commercial links
Environment (Links) Links to conservation and environmental sites
Forum (TTC) Tararua Tramping Club news and notices
Home Page (GPSTracks) A repository of GPS tracks
Tips And Hints (Recipes) Cooking information
Wellington (Links) Wellington region links
Wiki Sandbox (TTC) A play pend to trail and test out PmWiki markup and page editing

Publicity Officer

Role Publicity Officer (Governance) A job description of the Publicity Officer's tasks and responsibilities

Roll Secretary

Role Roll Secretary (Governance) A job description of the Roll Secretary's tasks and responsibilities

Ski and lodge committee

Tararua Lodge (TararuaLodge) Tararua Tramping Club's alpine lodge on Mt Ruapehu. Information and Usage.
Information (TararuaLodge) Documents for trip leaders and members
Leaders Letter (TararuaLodge) Leader's letter from ski and lodge committee
Lodge Duties (TararuaLodge) Duty descriptions
Lodge Menu (TararuaLodge) Menu for a week at the lodge
Lodge Rules (TararuaLodge) Tararua Lodge Rules
Lodge Trips (TTC) Accommodation based trips
Mulled Wine (Recipes) A Tararua Lodge beverage: Red wine with spices served hot
Notes For New Comers (TararuaLodge) Lodge notes for newcomers
Ski Cups (TararuaLodge) A record of the Ski Cups
Tararua Lodge 50th (TararuaLodge) 50th anniversary celebration of the club's first hut on Mt Ruapehu
Tararua Lodge Things (TararuaLodge) 14 useful things to know about going to and using Tararua Lodge
Trip Leader (TararuaLodge) What a lodge trip leader does
Visiting The Lodge (TararuaLodge) Information for Tararua Lodge visitors

Social Committee

2005-Photo Competition Results (Photos) Photographic competition and results
2010-Photo Competition Results (Photos) - the results of the TTC 2010 Photo Competition, held 12 October 2010, judge Barry Durrant
2010-Photo Competition Rules (Photos) 2010 Photographic competition entry and rules
2011-Photo Competition Results (Photos) - the results of the 2011 TTC Photo Competition, held 11th October, judge Carol Molineux
2011-Photo Competition Rules (Photos) 2011 Photographic competition entry and rules
2012-Photo Competition Results (Photos) - the results of the 2012 TTC Photo Competition, held 2nd October, judge Alan Knowles
2012-Photo Competition Rules (Photos) 2012 Photographic competition entry and rules
2013-Photo Competition Results (Photos) - the results of the 2013 TTC Photo Competition, held 1st October, judge David Grainger
2013-Photo Competition Rules (Photos) 2013 Photographic competition entry and rules
2014-Photo Competition Results (Photos) - the results of the 2014 TTC Photo Competition, held 14th October, judge Rob Joiner
2014-Photo Competition Rules (Photos) 2014 Photographic competition entry and rules
2015-Photo Competition Results (Photos) results of the 2015 TTC Photo Competition, held 13th October, judge Paul McCredie
2015-Photo Competition Rules (Photos) 2015 Photographic competition entry and rules
2016-Photo Competition Results (Photos) results of the 2016 TTC Photo Competition, held 18th October, judge Robert Joiner
2016-Photo Competition Rules (Photos) 2016 Photographic competition entry and rules
2017-Photo Competition Rules (Photos) 2017 Photographic competition entry and rules
2019-Photo Competition Rules (Photos) 2019 Photographic competition entry and rules
2020-Photo Competition Results (Photos) results of the 2020 TTC Photo Competition, held 4th August, judge Geoff Marshall
2020-Photo Competition Rules (Photos) 2020 Photographic competition entry and rules
2021-Photo Competition Results (Photos) results of the 2021 TTC Photo Competition, held 12th October, judged by James Gilberd and Geoff Marshall
2021-Photo Competition Rules (Photos) 2021 Photographic competition entry and rules
Guide-Christmas Finale Night (SocialCommittee) Christmas finale night guide
Guide-Door Duty (SocialCommittee) Club night door duty guide
Guide-Fire Drill (SocialCommittee) Fire drill, fire exits
Guide-Hosting Duty (SocialCommittee) Hosting duty guide
Guide-Life And Fifty Year Members Night (SocialCommittee) Please enter a brief summary of the page contents here
Guide-Meeting Setup (SocialCommittee) Social Committee Guide for Setting up joint Online and Clubroom meetings
Guide-Meeting Troubleshooting (SocialCommittee) Clubnight equipment troubleshooting guide
Guide-Presenters (SocialCommittee) Guide for TTC club night presenters at the clubrooms

Social committee

Guide-Presenters-PowerPoint (SocialCommittee) Guide for TTC club night presenters using PowerPoint

Social Committee

Guide-Presenters-Viewers (SocialCommittee) Guide to using file viewers for presentations

Social committee

Guide-Presenters-Online Meeting (SocialCommittee) Guide for TTC club night presenters for online meetings

Social Committee

Guide-Quiz Night (SocialCommittee) Please enter a brief summary of the page contents here
Guide-Supper Duty (SocialCommittee) Supper duty set up, tidy up, and clean up
Guides (SocialCommittee) Duty guides and other reference info for social committee use
Home Page (SocialCommittee) Social events and member info
Life And 50 Year Members Night (TTC) An outline of our club night for 50 year and life members
Master Chef (TTC) TTC's MasterChef clubnight
New Members Evening (TTC) Information on TTC's new member's nights
Quiz Night (TTC) Quiz night information
Roster (SocialCommittee) Club night social committee duties
Winter Activities (TTC) Snow, ice, and winter activities

Tararua Annual Editor

Tararua Annual Index (TararuaTramper) Index to the Tararua Annual

Tararua Tramper Editor

Contributor Guidelines (TararuaTramper) Guide for contributors of trip reports and articles published in the Tramper

Tramper editor

Tararua Tramper (TararuaTramper) Monthly club newsletter

Tramping organisers

2013-10-02 (TrampingReports) Fine all week, and some swimming
2013-10-15 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2013-10-30 (TrampingReports) Local spring trips
2013-11-06 (TrampingReports) All day trips
2013-11-13 (TrampingReports) Local walks, cloudy WX
2013-11-20 (TrampingReports) Kawekas, Ruahines and local walks
2013-12-02 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2013-12-10 (TrampingReports) Wellington & Tararuas
2013-12-17-Trip Location (TripReports) theme or area of trips
2014-01-08 (TrampingReports) Xmas trips plus early Jan
2014-01-15 (TrampingReports) Anniversary weekend
2014-01-22 (TrampingReports) End Jan, local walks
2014-02-04 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2014-02-11 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2014-02-18 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2014-02-25 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2014-02-26 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2014-03-05 (TrampingReports) Kime celebration
2014-03-12 (TrampingReports) Cyclone Lusi has dampening effect
2014-03-19 (TrampingReports) Local trips and Bush 3
2014-03-26 (TrampingReports) City, Tarauas, Hawkes Bay, Ruapehu
2014-04-08 (TrampingReports) Wellington regional Parks, Tararuas
2014-04-09 (TrampingReports) Belmont regional Park, Tararuas
2014-04-16 (TrampingReports) Easter trips
2014-04-30 (TrampingReports) Mainly round Holdsworth
2014-05-07 (TrampingReports) Quiet and wet week
2014-05-14 (TrampingReports) Ruahines and local trips
2014-05-21 (TrampingReports) Big Wednesday, weekend wash-out
2014-05-28 (TrampingReports) Eastern Wellington Hills and beyond
2014-06-04 (TrampingReports) Winter in Wellington
2014-06-11 (TrampingReports) Tararuas and Wellington hills
2014-06-18 (TrampingReports) Belmont and East Harbour
2014-06-25 (TrampingReports) Solstice lunch and tramping pause
2014-07-02 (TrampingReports) Local walks east and west
2014-07-16 (TrampingReports) Bad weather, good spirits
2014-07-23 (TrampingReports) Kaukau x 3 and other local walks
2014-08-06 (TrampingReports) Winter day walks and Ski Trip to the Lodge on Ruapehu
2014-08-13 (TrampingReports) Wellington suburbs, Tararuas and Ruapehu
2014-08-20 (TrampingReports) Kapiti coast and points north
2014-08-27 (TrampingReports) Feels like Spring
2014-09-03 (TrampingReports) Another week of Spring
2014-09-10 (TrampingReports) Rangiwahia, track-clearing and some snow
2014-09-17 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2014-09-24 (TrampingReports) Spring, fine week stormy Sunday
2014-10-01 (TrampingReports) Spring walking in Wellington
2014-10-08 (TrampingReports) Mid to southern Tararuas and Belmont
2014-10-15 (TrampingReports) Kaitoke and Catchpool
2014-10-22 (TrampingReports) Labour Weekend
2014-10-29 (TrampingReports) Mostly in the East
2014-11-05 (TrampingReports) Rain and hail, plus first swim of the year
2014-11-12 (TrampingReports) Day trips and Putangirua Pinnacles
2014-11-19 (TrampingReports) Local walks, Aorangis, and cycling
2014-11-26 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2014-12-02 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2014-12-09 (TrampingReports) Kaitoke, Rimutukas Marlborogh Sounds
2014-12-10 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2015-01-06 (TrampingReports) Trips 17 Dec - 11 Jan 2015
2015-01-14 (TrampingReports) Anniversary Weekend
2015-02-04 (TrampingReports) Waitangin Weekend
2015-03-04 (TrampingReports) Bush 2, a big storm in some parts
2015-03-11 (TrampingReports) Not the Routeburn, and local trips
2015-03-18 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2015-03-25 (TrampingReports) Bush 3 and local trips
2015-04-15 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2015-04-22 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2015-05-06 (TrampingReports) Local day trips
2015-05-13 (TrampingReports) Before and after the big rain (Thurs 14/05)
2015-05-20 (TrampingReports) Busy Wednesday, quiet weekend
2015-05-27 (TrampingReports) Queens Birthday Weekend trips
2015-06-09 (TrampingReports) City periphery
2015-06-16 (TrampingReports) Wellington Hills
2015-06-23 (TrampingReports) Around a wintery city and Ruapehu
2015-06-30 (TrampingReports) Mid Winter in Wellington
2015-07-01 (TrampingReports) Tutuwai, Rimutaka and other trips
2015-07-08 (TrampingReports) Winter day trips and Round Taranaki
2015-07-15 (TrampingReports) Day walks and two lunches
2015-07-22 (TrampingReports) Work on Cone, and day trips
2015-07-29 (TrampingReports) South coast, Rimutukas and Ruapehu
2015-08-05 (TrampingReports) Day trips around welington and skiing
2015-08-12 (TrampingReports) AIC ruahines and Titahi Bay clean up
2015-08-19 (TrampingReports) Tararuas, East Harbour Regional Park
2015-08-26 (TrampingReports) Day walks and climbing
2015-09-02 (TrampingReports) Day walks, on and off track
2015-09-09 (TrampingReports) Spring day trips, including one cycle trip
2015-09-16 (TrampingReports) Unfavourable wx, day trips and 1 climb
2015-09-23 (TrampingReports) End of a long southerly rain spell
2015-10-06 (TrampingReports) farms, botony and remote Tararuas
2015-10-07 (TrampingReports) Day trips in fine spring weather
2015-10-14 (TrampingReports) Boots and bikes beyond town
2015-10-21 (TrampingReports) Orongorongos, Titahi Bay, Nelson Lakes and Ruahines
2015-10-28 (TrampingReports) Local walks and 1 Labour Weekend report
2015-11-04 (TrampingReports) Wed wet, weekend fine
2015-11-11 (TrampingReports) 5 days in Kawekas, and local trips
2015-11-18 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2015-12-02 (TrampingReports) Akatarawas, Rimutukas
2015-12-25 (TrampingReports) A busy wednesday
2016-01-13 (TrampingReports) Early-mid Jan trips
2016-01-20 (TrampingReports) Wellington Anniversary Weekend
2016-01-27 (TrampingReports) Lewis Pass, Northern Tararuas
2016-02-03 (TrampingReports) summer walks Wellington and Tararuas
2016-02-10 (TrampingReports) Orongorongos and western coast walks
2016-02-17 (TrampingReports) town belt, Tararuas and a work party
2016-03-02 (TrampingReports) Waitaha Valley and local trips
2016-03-09 (TrampingReports) Lodge work party, local trips and The Wasps
2016-03-16 (TrampingReports) Autumn Equinox and not windy!
2016-03-23 (TrampingReports) Wednesday trips pre Easter.
2016-03-30 (TrampingReports) City walks and Tararua fringes
2016-04-05 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2016-04-06 (TrampingReports) fromthe city to Tararua Ranges
2016-04-13 (TrampingReports) Mainly Eastern walks
2016-04-20 (TrampingReports) Booming Wednesday
2016-04-27 (TrampingReports) Autumn day walks
2016-05-01 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2016-05-04 (TrampingReports) Autumn weather, weekend at Roaring Stag
2016-05-11 (TrampingReports) Some good walks despite wet Wed
2016-05-18 (TrampingReports) Wet week but trips still happened
2016-05-25 (TrampingReports) Walking through bad weather
2016-06-01 (TrampingReports) Winter trips,outliers to Tararua Ranges and beyond, Ngaio Gorge
2016-06-08 (TrampingReports) Wellington winter weekly wandering
2016-06-15 (TrampingReports) Waeranga, to the West and the souths
2016-06-22 (TrampingReports) A Solstice Celebration
2016-06-29 (TrampingReports) Local walks, nice weather
2016-07-06 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2016-07-13 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2016-07-20 (TrampingReports) Fine Wed, stormy w/end, local walks
2016-07-27 (TrampingReports) wellington Perphery
2016-08-09 (TrampingReports) Cod Wet Week in Wellington and Snow at Tongoriro
2016-08-16 (TrampingReports) Winter Tararuas to the south coast
2016-08-17 (TrampingReports) Beautiful Winter Weather
2016-08-24 (TrampingReports) A fine winter Wednesday in Wellington and the Tararuas
2016-08-29 (TrampingReports) A fine winter Wednesday in wellignon and the Tararuas
2016-08-31 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2016-09-07 (TrampingReports) Battling the WX
2016-09-14 (TrampingReports) Quiet week, Wednesday only
2016-09-21 (TrampingReports) Tararuas and town
2016-09-28 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2016-10-05 (TrampingReports) East and West about Wellinton
2016-10-18 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2016-11-09 (TrampingReports) Kaimanawas,a summer day in the tararuas then s wet weekend in wellington
2016-11-16 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2016-11-23 (TrampingReports) spring weather and day trips
2016-11-30 (TrampingReports) December trips_one
2016-12-28 (TrampingReports) Over Christmas
2017-01-25 (TrampingReports) East Harbour, Waiwhetu Hills
2017-03-01 (TrampingReports) Local walks and a West Coast biggie: Panatewaewae, Bothamley Pathway, Kaitoke Waterworks, McKerrow, Whitcombe-Toaroha
2017-03-08 (TrampingReports) A Very Wet Weekend: Camborne Walkway, Rae Ridge, Mangaone, Bushcraft
2017-03-15 (TrampingReports) East Holdsworth-Jumbo, Grant Track, Tararua Lodge re-stocking, Notable Trees, Stokes Valley hills, Moonshine-Belmont cycle ride.
2017-04-08 (TrampingReports) Whakanui Crossing
2017-04-26 (TrampingReports) The First of May: Te Kopahou, McKerrow-Turere headwaters-Whakanui, Kiritaki Hut, Red Rocks
2017-05-03 (TrampingReports) Wellington, windy or not
2017-05-10 (TrampingReports) East Harbour Regional Park, Kaitoke, Dobson's Loop, Hutt River Trail, Makara Loop,
2017-05-13 (TrampingReports) Colonial Knob
2017-05-17 (TrampingReports) A busy winter week
2017-05-24 (TrampingReports) winter and Weather
2017-05-25 (TrampingReports) Last week - a wet May
2017-05-31 (TrampingReports) Queens birthday Weekend
2017-06-07 (TrampingReports) Around about the city
2017-06-14 (TrampingReports) wider trips, shorter days
2017-06-21 (TrampingReports) solstice celebration
2017-06-28 (TrampingReports) City and Points North
2017-07-05 (TrampingReports) first week of July
2017-07-19 (TrampingReports) winter wandering
2017-07-26 (TrampingReports) araruas, Ruahines and around town
2017-08-02 (TrampingReports) Wellington and Ruahines
2017-08-09 (TrampingReports) Wild Weather Week
2017-08-16 (TrampingReports) mid-August, a break in the weather!
2017-08-23 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2017-09-06 (TrampingReports) spring Weather
2017-09-20 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2017-09-27 (TrampingReports) Wellington perifery
2017-10-04 (TrampingReports) City perifery, a Te Araroa Kapiti snippet
2017-10-18 (TrampingReports) Labour Weekend
2017-10-25 (TrampingReports) Rimutukas and Tararuas late spring
2017-11-01 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2017-11-22 (TrampingReports) Fine Weather in Wellington and the Tararuas
2017-11-23 (TrampingReports) Tongariro to the South Coast
2017-11-29 (TrampingReports) Day trips, western fringes and Tararuas
2017-12-05 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2017-12-06 (TrampingReports) The hills around Wellington
2017-12-12 (TrampingReports) Xmas is almost upon us
2017-12-20 (TrampingReports) Otaki forks and
2018-01-06 (TrampingReports) Waitangi weekend - Pinnacle
2018-01-10 (TrampingReports) Holdsworth and Waiotauru
2018-01-17 (TrampingReports) Wellington Botony
2018-01-24 (TrampingReports) End of the Golden Weather
2018-01-31 (TrampingReports) Baldy, Zelandia, Nelson Lakes, Orongorongo Valley
2018-02-14 (TrampingReports) Waiorongomai, North Ohau,
2018-02-21 (TrampingReports) Cattle Ridge, Khandallah ramble, Wellington waterfront, Tararua Lodge, Makahika, Wainui,
2018-02-28 (TrampingReports) South Coast, Watts Peninsula, Burn Hut, Takapu Road cycling, Waiorongomai, Marchant Stream, Makara gun emplacements
2018-03-07 (TrampingReports) Field Hut tops,
2018-03-14 (TrampingReports) Orongorongo, Tauherenikau, Skyline, Mt. Thompson, Lodge, Cape Palliser etc., Putuna Chasm
2018-03-21 (TrampingReports) Makahika, Ruapae Falls, Kilmister, Mikimiki
2018-03-28 (TrampingReports) Southern Walkway, Atiwhakatu-Pinnacle, Lodge, Middle Crossing
2018-04-04 (TrampingReports) Lower Waiohine, Crofton Downs-Ngaio, Waiopehu, Mt. Matthews via Goat Stream spur
2018-04-11 (TrampingReports) Wahine remembrance and wild Weather: South Coast, Howletts Hut, Blue Range Hut, Kaitoke
2018-04-18 (TrampingReports) An Anzac weekend: Kaukau, Akatarawa Forest, Titi, West Mangaone,
2018-04-25 (TrampingReports) Anzac Day and after: Rimutaka Ridge, Roaring Stag, Broken Axe Pinnacles, Panatewaewae
2018-05-02 (TrampingReports) Tararuas Rimutukas and town: Eastern Hills, Dobsons-Smiths Creek, Square Knob, Rupae Falls, Orange Hut
2018-05-16 (TrampingReports) Winter weather: Gollans Headwaters, Catchpool bush, Percy's Reserve, Tutuwai )(:year:2016
2018-05-23 (TrampingReports) Mangaone, Hawkins Hill, Cattle Ridge Hut, Makara, Holdsworth
2018-05-30 (TrampingReports) Queens Birthday weekend: East Harbour, Dobsons-Smith Creek,
2018-06-03 (TrampingReports) Winter Solstice, Waerenga, Khandallah Park
2018-06-12 (TrampingReports) Wellinton - Wild and wet winter weather: Kaitoke, Wilton Bush, Lowry Bay, Jumbo-Powell, Turere,
2018-06-13 (TrampingReports) Ngaio gorge, Waiwhetu, Days Bay, Smith Creek, Belmont Trig
2018-06-27 (TrampingReports) Wellington-North and East: Paekakariki Escarpment, Whakanui, Belmont, Colonial Knob
2018-07-04 (TrampingReports) Crossing and centenary celebrations; Northern Walkway, Turere crossing
2018-07-11 (TrampingReports) Wednesday lunches, Boulder Hill, and a Winter week-long round-Ruapehu trip
2018-07-18 (TrampingReports) Skyline Walkway, Cattle Ridge, Belmont, Rangiwahia Hut, Eastborne
2018-07-31 (TrampingReports) Tauherenikau, Waiotauru-Pukeatua, Sunny Grove firebreak-Bivy Track-Evans Track-McKerrow Track-Whakanui Track,
2018-08-01 (TrampingReports) Around town, Akatarawas, Kaitawa Reserve-Pukeatua, Waiotauru to Puheatua, Skyline track, Mitre Flats Hut and the Kings, Akatarawa Forest Park
2018-08-08 (TrampingReports) Bothamley Park, Titahi Bay, McKerrow-Cattle Ridge, Field Tops, AIC, Cannons Head
2018-08-13 (TrampingReports) Kaitoke-Benge Creek-Ridge Track, Maungakotukukotuku, Mangatarere-Sayers Hut
2018-08-22 (TrampingReports) Beach cleanup day
2018-09-02 (TrampingReports) Belmont Regional Park, Kaitoke Regional Park, Mt. Reeves, East Harbour Regional Park
2018-09-11 (TrampingReports) Thorndon, Mitre Flats Youth, Mt. Frith, Hawkins Hill
2018-09-17 (TrampingReports) Keith George Memorial Park, Pigeon Bush, Ruapehu, Raumati Escarpment, Rimutaka Ridge
2018-09-25 (TrampingReports) Baring Head, Northland to Brooklyn, East Harbour Regional Park, Pukeatua Track, Taranaki, Tauherenikau Valley
2018-10-02 (TrampingReports) Lodestar crash site, Browns Track and Rimutaka Ridge, Newlands wander, Jumbo Hut, Bells Track, Zealandia
2018-10-08 (TrampingReports) Te Aro, Gollans Stream, Smith Creek, West Mikimiki, Rae Ridge, Makara cliffs
2018-10-16 (TrampingReports) Southern Walkway, Mt. Matthews, Lower Waiohine Track/Cone Saddle, Hemi Matenga, Paekakariki Escarpment
2018-10-23 (TrampingReports) Butterfly Creek, East Holdsworth, Rimutaka Forest Park, Ruahines, Pukerua Bay climb
2018-10-30 (TrampingReports) Project Westwind, Mt. Reeves, Makahika, East Harbour, Mt. Matthews, Belmont Hills
2018-10-31 (TrampingReports) spring tramping around Wellington
2018-11-06 (TrampingReports) Spring tramping around Wellington: Kapakapanui, Te Whiti Riser, Heretaunga Witako, Otaki Forks-Tangata Maunga-Waitohu, Turere Spur
2018-11-07 (TrampingReports) climbs, ski-touring and local trips
2018-11-14 (TrampingReports) Holdsworth , Waiopehu, Pukeatua and East harbour
2018-11-21 (TrampingReports) Holdsworth , Waiopehu, Pukeatua and East harbour
2018-11-28 (TrampingReports) Artwalk, Mikimiki, a week of aweful weather
2018-12-11 (TrampingReports) Kime and off-track explorations
2018-12-19 (TrampingReports) Orongorongas and East harbour
2019-01-09 (TrampingReports) Belmont and beyond
2019-01-16 (TrampingReports) Kaiparoro, Penn Creek, Waiopehu Hut
2019-01-23 (TrampingReports) Butterfly Creek, Arcus Dam, Matthews via Corner Creek, Tunnel Gully,
2019-01-30 (TrampingReports) Rimutaka, Southern Walkway, Ngatiawa, Kapakapanui, Belmont, Mangahao, Southern Crossing, Roaring Stag
2019-02-06 (TrampingReports) Wrights Hill, Pukerua Bay, Waiotauru etc, Quoin and Marchant
2019-02-13 (TrampingReports) Remutaka-Pigeon Bush, Prout Stream, Cannon's Point, Atiwhakatu Circ, Sheridan Creek, Hemi Matenga
2019-02-20 (TrampingReports) Oriental Bay, Newlands, Rae Ridge, Deception Spur, Scholes Creek, Tararua Lodge
2019-02-27 (TrampingReports) Penn ck, Waiorongomai, Miro Hut, Morison Bush, Petone and Maugakotuktuku
2019-03-06 (TrampingReports) Holdsworth , Waiopehu, Pukeatua and East harbour
2019-03-13 (TrampingReports) Atiwhakau, Matiu/Somes, Walls Whare, Westland-Styx Valley
2019-03-20 (TrampingReports) Holdsworth , Waiopehu, Pukeatua and East harbour
2019-03-27 (TrampingReports) Mach rambles and rides on and off track
2019-04-03 (TrampingReports) Colonial Knob, Karori Hills, Mangataarere Valley, Reeves circuit, Waiopehu, Herepai, Sunrise
2019-04-10 (TrampingReports) Mana-Camborne, Red Rocks track, Waitatapia Stream, Paekakariki Escarpment
2019-04-17 (TrampingReports) Gollans headwaters, Barney's whare, Eastern walkway, Tapokopoko, Mitre Flats
2019-04-24 (TrampingReports) Otari, Ngaio, Terawhiti, Quoin, Hector
2019-05-01 (TrampingReports) Jumbo Hut, Western Hutt Hills, and Orongorongos
2019-05-08 (TrampingReports) Belmont, Butcher, Te Whiti - Lowry, Putaputa, Colonial Knob, Holdworth - Jumbo
2019-05-15 (TrampingReports) Renata Ridge loop
2019-05-22 (TrampingReports) Holdsworth and Rimutuka-north
2019-06-05 (TrampingReports) East Harbour, Colonial Knob, Kime
2019-06-12 (TrampingReports) Ngaio, Eastern Harbour hills, Belmont Regional Park, Rimutaka Forest Park, Tutuwai
2019-06-19 (TrampingReports) Solstice Celebrations at Te Ahumairangi and Tararua Lodge
2019-06-26 (TrampingReports) Central Park, Whareroa Farm, Stokes Valley hills, Pinnacle from Donnelly Flat, Thompson, Skyline Centenary Walk
2019-07-03 (TrampingReports) Percy Reserve, Miramar Hills, Lower Eastern Hutt, AIC Rock, Island Bay - Happy Valley - Brookly Hills
2019-07-10 (TrampingReports) Beach Cleanup, Lunch, Rock2 AIC
2019-07-17 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2019-07-24 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2019-07-31 (TrampingReports) A wintery week around Wellington and the Mountain
2019-08-07 (TrampingReports) Easterly, westerly and one party to the North
2019-08-19 (TrampingReports) Whakanui and Colonial Knob and Ruapehu
2019-08-28 (TrampingReports) Ruapehu AIC, south Coast hills, Kaukau and Dobson
2019-09-04 (TrampingReports) Eastern Hutt Hills, East Harbour Hills, Huntleigh - Korimako - Northern Walkway - Kaukau, Turere Spur - Waterfall - McKerrow
2019-09-10 (TrampingReports) Pigeon Bush track work, Powell Circuit, York Bay - Gollans Stream
2019-09-18 (TrampingReports) Colonial Knob, Cape Terawhiti, Maunganui, Southern Crossing, Te Mara, Butcher-Cattle Ridge
2019-09-25 (TrampingReports) Spicer Forest, Karori Hills, Reeves Circuit, Arcus Dam, McKerrow-Clay Ridge, Post AIC
2019-10-02 (TrampingReports) a week in the Kawekas and Wellington walks
2019-10-09 (TrampingReports) a weekend in the Tararuas
2019-10-16 (TrampingReports) Around the city and points north in equinoctial gales
2019-10-30 (TrampingReports) Whareroa, Kaimanawas, East Harbour, Maunganui,
2019-11-06 (TrampingReports) Red Rocks, Marchant, Orongorongo, Ruahine, Kaiwharawhara Stream area
2019-11-13 (TrampingReports) Bushcraft, wellington walks and Holdsworth area
2019-11-20 (TrampingReports) Belmont, South Coast, Ohau, Youth, City to Sea
2019-11-30 (TrampingReports) Far West of Otago and Windy Wellington
2019-12-03 (TrampingReports) Raumati, Makara hill, Dart river - Seal Col, Mitre
2019-12-11 (TrampingReports) Wednesday Christmas Lunch, Mt. Matthews, Waikane River headwaters
2019-12-18 (TrampingReports) Youth - Kime & Hector
2020-01-01 (TrampingReports) Waiotauru forks
2020-01-08 (TrampingReports) Butterfly Creek, Rocky Knob,
2020-01-15 (TrampingReports) Otari etc, Youth - Angle Knob
2020-01-22 (TrampingReports) Neill Forks off-track, Belmont Trig
2020-01-29 (TrampingReports) Walks north of the city
2020-02-06 (TrampingReports) Lovely weather below but high winds on tops
2020-02-12 (TrampingReports) Holdworth, Whitby, Palliser, Climie areas) (:year:2019
2020-02-26 (TrampingReports) Mt. Victoria, Twin Bridges & gorse, Kaitoke, Waiohine valley, McGregor Falls, Orongorongo-Cattle Ridge
2020-03-11 (TrampingReports) Ngaio, Marchant Stream, Blake Hill, East Harbour Regional Park
2020-03-19 (TrampingReports) Beach and beer @ Waikawa, Sayers and Totara Flats
2020-05-13 (TrampingReports) The first trip after Covid-19 lockdown?
2020-05-20 (TrampingReports) Tramping in Level 2 around Wellington
2020-05-27 (TrampingReports) Botanical Gardens and Beyond to Queens Birthday Weekend
2020-06-03 (TrampingReports) From Western Hills to Catchpools
2020-06-10 (TrampingReports) Post lockdown enthusiam
2020-06-17 (TrampingReports) Solstice Celebrations and wet weather
2020-06-24 (TrampingReports) Western Hills, Eastern Hillss
2020-07-01 (TrampingReports) Skyline, Thompson, Rata Ridge
2020-07-14 (TrampingReports) Te Ahumairangi, Otari Reserve to Botanic Gardens
2020-07-22 (TrampingReports) Tararua Lodge, Zelandia, Sayer Hut, Kaitoke, Kilmister
2020-07-28 (TrampingReports) Wellington Peaks, Korokoro, South Saddle, Paekakariki traverse
2020-07-29 (TrampingReports) Whakanui and Western Skyline
2020-08-12 (TrampingReports) Eastern Hills and Ngaio Gorge
2020-08-26 (TrampingReports) Bothamley Park clean-up, Blyth, Hutt hills
2020-08-5 (TrampingReports) a busy week in Wellington hills and byways
2020-09-02 (TrampingReports) Makara, East Harbour RP, Dobson Loop, Wellington South Coast
2020-09-09 (TrampingReports) Eastern walkway, Miramar, Remutaka trig and beyond, Harvard spur, Dobson's loop, Herepai
2020-09-16 (TrampingReports) Otari, Paekakariki Escarpment, Hemi Matenga, Powell Hut, Clay Ridge-Haavard Spur-Cattle Ridge, Abbots Creek to Remutaka summit, Jumbo-Powell, Tongoriro Crossing
2020-09-23 (TrampingReports) Pigeon Bush, Grandparent/grandchild
2020-09-30 (TrampingReports) Belmont, Newlands
2020-10-07 (TrampingReports) Ngaio Gorge, Walls Whare, Waerenga, Makahu
2020-10-28 (TrampingReports) Evans Bay and Oriental Bay, Whitireia Park, Skyline, Mt. Climie, Holdsworth - McGregor Falls
2020-11-04 (TrampingReports) Spicer, East Harbour RP, Blake, Thompson
2020-11-11 (TrampingReports) Paekakariki Escarpment, Thompson, Mitre, Cycling Hutt River and Incline
2020-11-25 (TrampingReports) a wet start to summer
2020-12-02 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2020-12-16 (TrampingReports) Action before Christmas
2021-01-27 (TrampingReports) Day Walks late January
2021-02-03 (TrampingReports) Tunnels, views and Waitangi weekend
2021-02-10 (TrampingReports) Huts, hut-stocking and venturing around Wellington
2021-02-17 (TrampingReports) Holdsworth-Jumbo, Watts Peninsula
2021-02-24 (TrampingReports) Seton Nossiter, Mt. Albert to Fort Dorset, Karapoti & Akatarawa cycling
2021-03-10 (TrampingReports) East Harbour Regional Park, Belmont, Waiopehu, Wellington hills,
2021-03-17 (TrampingReports) Ngaio & Skyline, Turere, Kapakapanui
2021-03-24 (TrampingReports) A splendid Wednesday
2021-03-3 (TrampingReports) Fly-by-wire gully, Maunganui etc, Cone, Skyline
2021-03-31 (TrampingReports) Wellington South
2021-04-07 (TrampingReports) Wellington and Ohau day walks
2021-04-14 (TrampingReports) Colonial Knob, Karori Hills, Remutaka Pass to Bucks Rd.
2021-04-21 (TrampingReports) Belmont, Mt. Matthews, Ruahines - Makaretu Hut
2021-04-28 (TrampingReports) Pukeahu, Baring Head, Ōrongorongo gorse clearing, Barney's Whare
2021-05-26 (TrampingReports) Khandallah, Rata St. loop, Wellington bush, Catchpool, Nikau Valley, Smiths Creek - Dobsons
2021-05-4 (TrampingReports) Titahi Bay, Smith Creek area
2021-06-02 (TrampingReports) Wellington Southern Walkay, Pencarrow, Dick-Waiohine, Mt. Taranaki walks, Arthurs Pass
2021-06-09 (TrampingReports) Bothamley Park, East Harbour Regional Park, Smith Creek, Turakirae Head
2021-06-16 (TrampingReports) Winter Solstice Lunch at Wilton Bowling Club.
2021-0630 (TrampingReports) Western Hills and Orongogongos
2021-07-07 (TrampingReports) Wrights Hilll Butterfly Creek
2021-07-28 (TrampingReports) Sinclair Head Gorse clear up, Kaukau & Bells Track
2021-08-04 (TrampingReports) Ngaio, City to Sea, Deadwood, West Coast, Days Bay
2021-08-11 (TrampingReports) Korokoro dam, Karori hills, Wainui, Eastern Hutt hills MTB, Maunganui, Barney's Whare
2021-09-08 (TrampingReports) After COVID drops to Levle 2
2021-09-15 (TrampingReports) Pigeon Bush workparty and watern Hills
2021-09-22 (TrampingReports) Hutt valley and Western hills
2021-09-29 (TrampingReports) Butterfly Creek, Kaukau, Aorangi, Frith, Whareroa
2021-10-06 (TrampingReports) Old Whakanui, Remutaka Ridge, Eastern Hutt, Ruahines, Hemi Matenga
2021-10-13 (TrampingReports) Lowry, Eastern Hutt, Miramar, Otari-Trelissick - Te Ahumairangi, McKerrow, Polhill
2021-10-20 (TrampingReports) Botanic Garden, Makara Hill, Pencarrow, Tararua Lodge,
2021-10-27 (TrampingReports) from Wellington to Whakapapa and points between
2021-11-03 (TrampingReports) Southern Walkway, Kaitoke, Waitohu, and Ōrongorono
2021-11-10 (TrampingReports) Wainuiomata catchment and western hill from Zealandia to Colonial Knob
2021-11-17 (TrampingReports) Roaring Stag, Waernga, Gollans Stram and Zelandia
2021-11-24 (TrampingReports) Red Rocks,Te Kopahou reserve, Richmond ranges and Belmonnt
2021-12-01 (TrampingReports) Whitireia, Mangatarere, Waitewaewae, Wharekauhau, Wellington
2021-12-07 (TrampingReports) Battle Hill, Kapakapanui from South Mangaone Rd., Hutt Forks-Quoin, Cheviot-Lowry-Korimako
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Alpine Instruction (TTC) TTC alpine instruction - introduction to climbing and mountaineering.
Ski Touring Instruction (TTC) TTC alpine instruction - introduction to climbing and mountaineering

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Bush 1 (Bushcraft) Lecturer, leader, and location information
Bush 2 (Bushcraft) Leader, lecturer, and location information
Bush 2 Student Sheet (Bushcraft) Student information sheet
Bush 3 (Bushcraft) Lecturer, leader, and location information
Bushcraft Organisation (Bushcraft) Structure and resources
Dave Reynolds First Aid Kit (Bushcraft) Tramper's first aid kit for bushcraft
Food List (Bushcraft) Comestibles, beverages, weight, and packing
Gear List (Bushcraft) Clothing, equipment, weight, and packing
Bushcraft instruction (Bushcraft) TTC bushcraft instruction runs each year
Leader Notes (Bushcraft) Bushcraft instructor's notes
Lectures (Bushcraft) Checklists, handouts, and instructions
Map And Compass (Bushcraft) Map and compass for Lecture 1
Moving Through The Land (Bushcraft) Situational awareness, navigation
Ninas First Aid Kit (Bushcraft) Tramper's first aid kit for bushcraft
Pre-course Planning (Bushcraft) Planning required prior to running the Bushcraft course
Risk Analysis And Management System (Bushcraft) Risk, hazard, and control
River Crossing (Bushcraft) The most dangerous activity in the hills
Student Notes (Bushcraft) Single page of resources for Bushcraft participants
Trampers First Aid (Bushcraft) Tramper's first aid information for bushcraft
Trampers First Aid Kit (Bushcraft) Tramper's first aid kit for bushcraft
Weather (Bushcraft) Weather, hypothermia, teamwork

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Trip Grading (TripInformation) Trip grading used for the Fixture Card. One of the trip information pages
Trip Transport (TripInformation) Trip transport and vehicle running costs. One of the trip information pages
Wednesday Trip Information (TripInformation) Trip Leader's information for before, during, and afterwards. One of the trip information pages
Weekend Food (TripInformation) Food recommendations for a weekend tramp. One of the trip information pages
Weekend Gear (TripInformation) Personal weekend gear suggestions. One of the trip information pages

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Friends Of Baring Head (Conservation) Friends of Baring Head
Home Page (Conservation) News and views on conservation issues
Planting Natives In Our Gardens (Conservation) Planting native species in gradens
Predator Free New Zealand (Conservation) Predator free Aotearoa

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Home Page (YouthProgramme) TTC's Youth Programme
Trip Information Sheet (YouthProgramme) Youth Programme Trip Information sheet


100 Peak Places Weeks (Centenary) 100 peaks and places in 100 weeks
1919 Rules (TararuaHistory) Photos of the 1919 Rules
1979 (TararuaTramper) Volume 51 issues 1 to 11
2002 (Category) Trips and activities in 2002
2004 (TararuaTramper) Volume 76 issues 1 to 11
2004 (Category) Trips and activities in 2004
2004-2007 (TrampingReports) Weekly activities from 2004 to 2007
2005 (Category) Trips and activities in 2005
2005 (TararuaTramper) Volume 77 issues 1 to 11
2005-And Earlier (Photos) Photos from the TTC website and family egroup from 2005 and earlier
2006 (TararuaTramper) Volume 78 issues 1 to 11
2006 (Category) Trips and activities in 2006
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2007 (TararuaTramper) Volume 79 issues 1 to 11
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2008-2010 (TrampingReports) Weekly activities from 2008 to 2010
2009 (Category) Trips and activities in 2009
2009 (TararuaTramper) Volume 81 issues 1 to 11
2010 (Category) Trips and activities in 2010
2010 (TararuaTramper) Volume 82 issues 1 to 11
2010-03-11-Lookout Point Near Bruce Hill (TripReports) Investigating the Lookout Point SW of Bruce Hill on the Blue Range
2010-03-17-Pyramid Knob-Northern Tararuas (TripReports) A 7-hour round trip to Pyramid Knob, returning down an untracked spur to Waiti Stream
2010-03-20-Penn Creek Hut (TripReports) A tramp to Penn Creek Hut via Field Hut and Table Top returning up a scrubby ridge
2011 (TararuaTramper) Volume 83 issues 1 to 10
2011 (Category) Trips and activities in 2011
2011-2013 (TrampingReports) Weekly activities from 2011 to 2013
2012 (TararuaTramper) Volume 84 issues 1 to 11
2012 (Category) Trips and activities in 2012
2012 First half of year (FixtureCard) Combined fixture card for the first half of 2012
2012 March Test (Webteam) Test some markup for new page variables
2012 Refresh (Webteam) Description of the refreshed TTC website
2012 Second half of year (FixtureCard) Combined fixture card for the second half of 2012
2013 (TararuaTramper) Volume 85 issues 01 to 11
2013 (Category) Trips and activities in 2013
2013-07-26-Mount Hopeless (TripReports) A 3-day winter traverse of Mount Hopeless
2013-08-21-Mc Kerrow-Cattle Ridge (TripReports) Along Graces Stream, up Clay Ridge to McKerrow & back via Cattle ridge.
2013-08-23-Whakapapa-Ruapehu (TripReports) Two weekends of Ski Touring at Whakapapa
2013-08-24-Clem Creek Spur-Cone Peak (TripReports) A day trip from Walls Whare to a windy Cone Peak via Clem Creek Spur
2013-10-01-Cone Ridge In 1929 (TripReports) First published in The Tararua Tramper Vol.5,No.11,Sept15,1933
2013-10-18 (TrampingReports) Ski Touring Weekend-Desert Alpine Lodge, Tukino
2013-10-19-Belmont Regional Park (TripReports) A day walk in the Belmont Regional Park
2013-10-21 (TrampingReports) Brief trip summary here
2013-10-25-Kaimanawas (TripReports) A 3-day trip in valleys and along the tops of the Kaimanawas
2013-10-26 (TripReports) Brief trip summary here
2013-10-27 (TripReports) Brief trip summary here
2013-10-27-Kaiwharawhara Stream-Te Ahumairangi Hill (TripReports) An afternoon tramp that was slower than expected due to tree-falls
2013-10-30 (TripReports) Brief trip summary here
2013-11-01 (TripReports) Brief trip summary here
2013-11-02 (TripReports) Brief trip summary here
2013-11-03 (TripReports) Brief trip summary here
2013-11-10-Harbour Regional Park Wellington (TripReports) A botanising trip up Muritai Track, Eastbourne.
2013-12-04-Tapokopoko Orongorongo (TripReports) An off-track trip from the Orongorongo river to Tapokopoko, Rimutaka Range
2013-12-08-Herepai Hut-Ruapae Stream (TripReports) A wet trip mostly off-track, including down streams.
2013-12-08-Old Ghost Road (TripReports) A 5-day trip from the Lyell to Mokihinui
2013-12-22-Ohau Bay And Te Ika A Maru Bays (TripReports) A day walk in gullies and up ridges of the Terawhiti Station
2013 Club Nights (FixtureCard) Fixture Card for 2013 Club Nights
2013 First half of year (FixtureCard) Combined fixture card for the first half of 2013
2013 July (FixtureCard) Fixture Card for 2013 July 07
2013 June (FixtureCard) Fixture Card for 2013 June 06
2013 Second half of year (FixtureCard) Combined fixture card for the second half of 2013
2014 (Category) Trips and activities in 2014
2014 (TararuaTramper) Volume 86 issues 01 to 11
2014-02-05-Backwater Stream-Waiopehu (TripReports) A day trip to Waiopehu Hut via Blackwater Stream.
2014-02-12-Paekakariki Escarpment (TripReports) A day walk on sections of Te Araroa, and thru native forest and private farmland.
2014-02-23-Mc Gregor Falls (TripReports) Mostly off-track travel including travel in Holdsworth Creek.
2014-02-26-Mt Reeves (TripReports) A return trip up old and new tracks over Mt Reeves to Reeves Stream and the Tauherenikau.
2014-02-28-Falling Mountain (TripReports) A climb of Falling Mountain in Arthurs Pass National park
2014-03-09-Balfour-Magellan (TripReports) Some extreme climbing from the Balfour Glacier to the top of Magellan
2014-03-11-Neill Forks-Tarahanga Spur (TripReports) Travel via Makaka Creek to Cone Ridge, Neill Forks Hut, then Tarahanga Spur – Concertina Knob.
2014-03-15-Papa And Saddle Creeks (TripReports) Off-track travel to explore an area above the Waitewaewae Track
2014-03-19-Tapokopoko Stream (TripReports) A trip up near Greens Stream and over the Rimutaka Range to Tapokopoko Stream
2014-04-02-Matthews (TripReports) Climb of Matthews via Matthews Stream
2014-04-03-The Community Track (TripReports) Brief trip summary here
2014-04-04-Bannister (TripReports) A circuit from Kiriwhakapapa over Bannister, the Waiohine Pinnacles, and Girdlestone
2014-04-18-Mount Arapiles Australia (TripReports) Climbing single and mutipitch routes on Mount Arapiles, Australia.
2014-05-09-Cone-Hector-Winchcombe (TripReports) A circuit from Cone to Alpha hut, Hector, Winchcombe and Neill.
2014-06-13-Southern Crossing (TripReports) A moonlight Southern Crossing in perfect weather.
2014-06-18-Mangaone-Pukeatua (TripReports) A trip on the Te Araroa walkway with the two parties meeting up on Pukeatua,
2014-06-21-Island Bay-Seatoun (TripReports) A day walk of on and off-track travel near Island Bay and Seatoun.
2014-07-25-Wanaka Backcountry Avalanche Course (TripReports) A course covering snowpack stability, avalanche risk, etc for the alpine environment.
2014-08-09-Mahina Bay-Wainuiomata (TripReports) A walk along historic tracks in the East Harbour Regional Park in sleety southerly weather.
2014-08-09-Southern Crossing (TripReports) A snowy winter trip along the Marchant Ridge to Alpha
2014-08-15-Mount Aspiring (TripReports) Winter climbs of Mount Aspiring, Stargazer, and Somnus
2014-08-17-Rangiwahia Hut-Mangahuia (TripReports) Ski touring from Rangiwahia Hut to Mangahuia after a big snowfall
2014-08-20-Pukerua Bay (TripReports) Cleaning beaches at Pukerua Bay & Plimmerton in a cold showery southerly.
2014-10-01-Mangaterere River-Waiohine (TripReports) An 8-hour round trip mostly along ridges from the Mangaterere River over Waiohine.
2014-10-2-Cycling New Zealand (TripReports) A 49 day cycle trip from 90 Mile Beach to Bluff.
2014-10-22-Mt Wainui (TripReports) A trip from Waikakriki Stream to Wainui Saddle to Mt Wainui and down.
2014-10-28-Papatahi (TripReports) A climb of Papatahi in bad weather starting at North Boulder Creek.
2014-11-01-Southern Alps (TripReports) Climbs in the Southern Alps by TTC members
2014-11-02-Tapuaenuku (TripReports) Mount Tapuaenuku Trip report - Labour Weekend October 2014
2014-11-16-Johnston Hill Reserve (TripReports) A day trip of botanising in Johnston Hill Reserve
2014-11-19-Smith Creek Waterfalls (TripReports) A day trip through difficult terrain to the waterfalls of Smith Creek.
2014-11-28-Kawakawa Bay (TripReports) A rock climbing weekend at to Kawakawa Bay.
2014-12-03-Putaputa Stream (TripReports) A round trip to the A-frame shelter in Putaputa Stream.
2014-12-03-Tauherenikau Gorge-Frith (TripReports) Difficult dense scrub and gorse on a trip to Frith.
2014-12-05-Waerenga-Mt Mathews (TripReports) A weekend at Waeranga with a day trip to South Saddle and Mt Mathews
2014-12-17-Days Bay-Muritai (TripReports) By ferry to Days Bay & a walk to Muritai and a ramble up Muritai track
2014-12-17-Ohau River-Deception Spur (TripReports) From Ohau River up a spur to Deception Spur track and down to North Ohau River
2014-12-17-Turere Ridge-Turere Stream (TripReports) Up the Turere ridge from the Orongorono track then down to the Turere stream and back.
2014-12-29-Tararua Lodge (TripReports) A New Year’s lodge trip with lots of day walks
2014-2016 (TrampingReports) Weekly activities from 2014 to 2016
2014 Club Nights (FixtureCard) Fixture Card for 2014 Club Nights
2014 First half of year (FixtureCard) Combined fixture card for the first half of 2014
2014 Second half of year (FixtureCard) Combined fixture card for the second half of 2014
2015 (TararuaTramper) Volume 87 issues 01 to 11
2015 (Category) Trips and activities in 2015
2015-01-01-Snowy River-Elder Hut-Hector (TripReports) To Waiotauru Forks & the Snowy River to Elder Hut, & onto Aston Hector the next day
2015-01-14-North Ohau Hut (TripReports) From the sidle track up the Ohau to river travel in the North Ohau.
2015-01-28-Eastern Waitauru (TripReports) Wednesday trip to snowy river hut
2015-02-06-Kime Hut (TripReports) A night in Field Hut then Kime, and a climb up Hector.
2015-02-06-Northern Crossing (TripReports) A Northern Crossing in fine weather.
2015-02-15-Trip Location (TripReports) Waitangi Weekend - Fiwld and Kime
2015-02-18-Tapokopoko Stream (TripReports) A walk up the West Branch and spurs of the Tapokopoko Stream
2015-03-13-Wellington Town Belt (TripReports) A day on many tracks in the Wellington Town Belt
2015-03-18-Saddle Creek Spur (TripReports) A round trip up a spur from Saddle Creek & onto Waitewaewae & new SidleTracks.
2015-03-18-Timberlands Trail Pureora (TripReports) A cycle trip on the Timberlands Trail.
2015-03-25-Southern Walkway Wellington (TripReports) A day walk along the southern section of the Southern Walkway
2015-03-25-Te Mara-Blue Range (TripReports) From Kiriwhakapapa along the old tramway then Blue Range and back over Rovers Hill
2015-04-12-Plateau Stream (TripReports) Two trips to explore the course of the Plateau Stream.
2015-04-24-Marlborough Pinnacle (TripReports) A climb of the Marlborough Pinnacle in windy cloudy weather.
2015-04-29-Taits Stream (TripReports) A trip circling the upper Taits stream catchment, passing Rocky Knob & Reeves
2015-05-13-Akatarawa Tops (TripReports) A large loop along off-track ridges & return along Pram track.
2015-05-20-Historic Central Wellington (TripReports) A trip around central Wellington to view historic sites and buildings.
2015-06-07-Norbett Stream-Phillips Creek (TripReports) A fine wintry day walk to Norbett Stream and old Phillips Creek Shelter
2015-07-18-Atiwhakatu Hut (TripReports) A gourmet lunch at Atiwhakatu Hut
2015-08-12-Whitireia Park (TripReports) A cleanup of beaches in Whitirea Park and Te Onepoto Bay
2015-08-19-Akatarawa Stream (TripReports) A wet day trip in the bush to view the biggest NZ rata tree.
2015-08-29-Whakatikei River (TripReports) A day trip on various tracks & off-track & river flats.
2015-09-12-Melrose-Seatoun (TripReports) A walk on tracks and walkways & thru bush in southern Wellington
2015-09-16-Pigeon Bush Rimutaka Hill (TripReports) A day of track cutting and clearing.
2015-09-19-Interclub Ski Races (TripReports) 2015 Interclub ski races
2015-09-30-High Ridge (TripReports) A round trip from Totara Creek to High Ridge to Holdsworth Track
2015-10-14-Maungakotukutuku (TripReports) A day trip over the peaks of Titi and Maunganui
2015-10-14-Sayers Hut-Waiohine River (TripReports) A round trip from the Mangaterere Stream to the Waiohine River
2015-10-23-Lake Angelus (TripReports) Along the Robert Ridge to Lake Angelus, returning via Hukere Stream
2015-10-23-Mt Cupola-Mt Travers (TripReports) Ascents of Mt Cupola from Cupola Hut & Mt Travers from a bush–line camp.
2015-10-28-Waitatapia-Papa Creek (TripReports) A loop from Waitewaewae Track to Waitatapia high point & northwards.
2015-11-04-Gollans Stream-Rata Ridge Track (TripReports) Up trap lines to East Ridge, Gollans Steam & Rata Ridge track.
2015-11-15-Huntleigh Park (TripReports) Botany in the indigenous forest between Crofton Downs and Ngaio
2015-11-18-Lewis Pass Tops (TripReports) From Lewis Pass to open tops, Lucretia Peak, & down One Mile Creek
2015-11-21-Orongorongo River (TripReports) A Duke of Edinburgh tramp to the Orongorongos
2015-12-27-Schormanns To Kaitoke (TripReports) A Tararua Range traverse in 48 hours.
2015-12-29-Tararua Lodge Ruapehu (TripReports) Days trips from the Tararua Lodge & celebration of New Year
2015 Club Nights (FixtureCard) Fixture Card for 2015 Club Nights
2015 First half of year (FixtureCard) Combined fixture card for the first half of 2015
2015 Second half of year (FixtureCard) Combined fixture card for the second half of 2015
2016 (TararuaTramper) Volume 88 issues 01 to 11
2016 (Category) Trips and activities in 2016
2016-01-09-Mick-Tangata Maunga (TripReports) A long trip up the Waitohu & over Mick & Tangata Maunga
2016-01-13-The Peak Rimutaka Range (TripReports) A round trip to The Peak from the Orongorongo River
2016-01-28-Otaki Forks (TripReports) A trip along the new track from Shields Flat to Otaki Forks
2016-02-03-Phillips Stream (TripReports) A journey up Phillips Stream, with a bypass of a 15m waterfall.
2016-02-05-Waiheke Island (TripReports) A weekend of walking based at the Forest & Bird Onetangi Cottage.
2016-02-06-Hector River (TripReports) Up Hector River from Neil Forks Hut & back along the main range & Concertina Knob
2016-02-10-Panatewaewae (TripReports) A tops loop from North Manakau Road over Waitewaewae & Panatewaewae
2016-02-10-Whakanui Creek (TripReports) Along the Whakanui down to the Whakanui Creek & out along the East Whakanui.
2016-02-17-Haurangis (TripReports) Over Mt Tuanganui to Mt Ross , Sutherlands Hut & up the Turanganui Stream.
2016-02-21-Wellington Town Belt (TripReports) Walking in the Town Belt and Southern Walkway
2016-03-02-Conical Knob-Kareti (TripReports) Up from Putara Road & southwards along the tops & back
2016-03-09-Pinnacle Stream (TripReports) A round trip up Pinnacle Stream & back via ridge & track
2016-03-13-Tapokopoko (TripReports) A day trip to the tops of the Orongorongos.
2016-03-17-Waiorongomai (TripReports) Up the Waiorongomai & Oreore then to the tops in rain.
2016-03-25-Bay Of Islands (TripReports) Six days of walks and trips from a base in Paihia
2016-03-25-Spenser Mountains (TripReports) Three Tarn Pass, Camera Gully & climbs of Gloriana & Faerie Queene
2016-03-30-Mc Kerrow Stream (TripReports) A walk up the rough McKerrow stream, sidling around pools & waterfalls
2016-04-07-Norbett Creek (TripReports) A day walk in fine weather through bush with varied terrain
2016-04-17-Trip Location (TripReports) Waiohine Road end, up Makaka Stream & a nameless spur to Cone Mound, down to Cone Saddle and out
2016-04-20-Grand Canyon (TripReports) Hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and camping.
2016-05-21-Camp Wainui (TripReports) A weekend First Aid course.
2016-06-15-Whakanui (TripReports) A trip to the Whakanui Waterfall
2016-06-21-Parkway-Mahina Bay (TripReports) A traverse of the northern bush block of East Harbour Regional Parks
2016-07-03-Browns Stream (TripReports) A day trip on Jans Track to the main range.
2016-07-06-Battle Hill-Puketiro Loop (TripReports) A trip on tops and in bush and pine forest.
2016-07-06-Rimutakla (TripReports) A cycle ride from Maymorn to Featherston via the Rimutaka Incline.
2016-07-20-Arcus Dam (TripReports) Two trips to Arcus Dam and bushy spurs nearby.
2016-07-27-Paraparumu-Maungatuktuku (TripReports) A trip along spurs ,along streams, and some bush bashing.
2016-08-10-Baring Head (TripReports) Removal of the noxious weed "Yellow Horned Poppy" from Baring Head.
2016-08-13-Penn Creek (TripReports) A snowy trip to Penn Creek hut and a crowded night there.
2016-08-21-Mc Kerrow-Whakanui (TripReports) A loop leading to the McKerrow Track, & onto the upper Turere, & Whakanui track.
2016-09-10-Mt Reeves-Taits Stream (TripReports) A round trip along ridges plus a side-trip to bump 468 in bad weather.
2016-09-21-Waiotauru-Pukeatua (TripReports) Brief trip summary hereA loop up the Waiotauru Track, & back on the Pukeatua and Fenceline tracks
2016-10-21-Taupō (TripReports) Biking the Great Lake Trail, Lakeside Cycleway to Huka Falls, and Tongariro River Trail
2016-10-22-Waiohine River-Jacs Biv (TripReports) From McGreggor Biv down the Waiohine with a night in Jacs Biv.
2016-10-26-Mitre Flats (TripReports) Into Mitre Flat Hut via Blue Range, returning along Barra Track.
2016-11-02-Waiorongamai (TripReports) 27 river crossings to get to the Waiorongomai Hut.
2016-11-09-Belmont Hills (TripReports) A large loop in the Belmont Hills from Cornish Street.
2016-11-09-Totara Creek-High Ridge (TripReports) A day loop from Totara Creek to High Ridge, Powell Hut and Mountain House.
2016-11-23-Marchant Ridge-Tauherenikau River (TripReports) A round trip from Dobsons, Marchant, down a spur to Smith Creek & Puffer Saddle.
2016-12-02-Whangaehu Glacier (TripReports) Ski-touring on Whangaehu and Whakapapa Glaciers
2016-12-07-Papatahi (TripReports) A search for the Lost Lake, about 1km NNE of Papatahi
2016-12-17-East Harbour Regional Park (TripReports) From Whiorau Grove to the Ridge Track, Pukeatua footbridge, Kōnini Saddle Track, & Whites Line East,
2016 Club Nights (FixtureCard) Fixture Card for 2016 Club Nights
2016 First half of year (FixtureCard) Combined fixture card for the first half of 2016
2016 Second half of year (FixtureCard) Combined fixture card for the second half of 2016
2017 (Category) Trips and activities in 2017
2017 (TararuaTramper) Volume 89 issues 01 to 11
2017-01-17-Graces Stream (TripReports) A trip up Grace's Stream, up a ridge & back along Clay ridge
2017-01-21-Kawakawa Bay (TripReports) 3 days of rock climbing at Kawakawa Bay
2017-01-28-Ryan Creek-Wharepapa Hut (TripReports) Investigating the Lost Lakes feeding Ryan Creek.
2017-02-04-Ngamoko Hut (TripReports) To the tops of the Ngamoko Range in high winds, & onto Ngamoko Hut
2017-02-04-Tauherenikau (TripReports) A river & gorge trip up the upper Tauherenikau
2017-02-10-Takapari Track (TripReports) A bike trip up the Takapari Track in the Ruahines.
2017-02-15-Mt Wainui (TripReports) A climb of Mt Wainui
2017-03-01-Norbert Creek-Marchant Ridge (TripReports) A trip from Norbert Creek to Marchant Ridge to Kiwi Ranch
2017-03-08-Rae Ridge (TripReports) Up Rae Ridge to Fields track & back to Otaki Forks.
2017-03-12-Wellington (TripReports) Along Wellington paths including the City to Sea Walkway
2017-03-29-Tauherenikau (TripReports) A circuit crossing the Tauherenikau river, up to the peak, & return
2017-04-01-Ruapae Falls (TripReports) From Herepai Track to Mangatainoka River & Ruapae Falls.
2017-04-11-Huntleigh Park (TripReports) A botanising trip in diverse native forest.
2017-04-14-Sawtooth Ridge-Howletts Hut (TripReports) Flooded rivers, steep ridges & bad weather
2017-04-19-Rimutaka (TripReports) A round trip up the Orongorongo river & back along the Rimutaka tops via The Peak
2017-05-17-Cone Hut-Block XIX (TripReports) A loop to Cone Hut, up Block XIX, returning along the Waiohine River
2017-05-20-Blue Range-Blake-Bruce Hill (TripReports) An off-track loop from Kiriwhakapapa to Blake and Bruce Hill
2017-06-02-St Arnard (TripReports) Day trips in Nelson Lakes National Park
2017-06-14-Turere Stream (TripReports) A new Turere crossing between the McKerrow and Whakanui tracks
2017-06-16-Whakapapa (TripReports) A weekend of snowcraft instruction based at the TTC lodge.
2017-06-17-Alaska-Yukon (TripReports) A tramp on the famous Chilkoot Trail.
2017-07-12-Karori Park (TripReports) Lunch at Karori Park Cafe
2017-07-19-Whakanui Creek (TripReports) Two trips to locate a particular waterfall
2017-07-22-Wellington (TripReports) (:Summary: The City-to Sea walkway in a stiff southerly
2017-07-28-Temple Basin (TripReports) A weekend of Avalanche Awareness instruction
2017-09-06-Scholes Creek-Turere Valley (TripReports) A trip to investigate waterfalls and side streams.
2017-09-09-Tutuwai Hut (TripReports) A cold rainy weekend in the Tauherenikau Valley
2017-10-04-Mangaone (TripReports) A loop ridge walk west of the Mangaone Walkway
2017-10-04-Waiotauru-Pukeatua (TripReports) A loop via spurs from the Waiotauru Track to the Pukeatua Track.
2017-10-13-Mt Hopeless (TripReports) A weekend climb of Mt Hopeless
2017-10-15-Renata Hut (TripReports) A visit to Renata Hut (which needs maintenance)
2017-10-25-Kotumu (TripReports) A trip up steep difficult terrain to Kotumu summit
2017-10-25-Wootton Stream (TripReports) A circuit to Tapokopoko through some rugged bush country
2017-11-01-East Holdsworth (TripReports) A trip up East Holdswoth Track to misty tops.
2017-11-08-Matthews (TripReports) An attempt at the Grand Traverse of Mathews.
2017-11-11-Belmont Regional Park (TripReports) A mountain bike trip along tracks in the Belmont Regional Park
2017-11-15-Bull Hill Northern Haurangis (TripReports) A trip through Blue Creek Station to Bull Hill
2017-11-19-Mana-Pauatahanui (TripReports) A trip along the Pāuatahanui Inlet northern shore
2017-11-24-Ruamahanga Gorge (TripReports) A circuit from Cattle Ridge & back down the Ruamahanga Gorge
2017-11-29-Kapakapanui (TripReports) A round trip over Kapakapanui
2017-12-02-Mc Gregor Falls (TripReports) Off-track routes to view McGregor Falls
2017-12-06-South Saddle (TripReports) A hot steep climb up Goat Stream Spur to South Saddle.
2017-12-16-Mangaone-Pukeatea (TripReports) From South Mangone up the Pukeatea track & returning down spurs
2017-2019 (TrampingReports) Weekly activities from 2017 to 2019
2017 Club Nights (FixtureCard) Fixture Card for 2017 Club Nights
2017 First half of year (FixtureCard) Combined fixture card for the first half of 2017
2017 Second half of year (FixtureCard) Combined fixture card for the second half of 2017
2018 (Category) Trips and activities in 2018
2018 (TararuaTramper) Volume 90 issues 01 to 11
2018-00-00-Eastern Haurangis (TripReports) A fast trip up streams & over tops & Mt Barton
2018-00-00-Tongariro (TripReports) Snowy ciruit with stays in 3 huts
2018-00-00-Waiopehu (TripReports) Misty walk to Waiopehu hut & clear for the return
2018-01-10-Tauherenikau Gorge (TripReports) A cold gorge trip down the flooding Tauherenikau river.
2018-01-13-East Holdsworth (TripReports) Off-track travel from Atiwhakatu Track to near Mt Holdsworth
2018-01-17-Mukamukaiti (TripReports) To the top of Mukamukaiti Stream & down Tapokopoko and Paua Ridge
2018-01-20-Ohau-Mangahao (TripReports) A 3 day trip up the Ohau to Te Matawai & Mangahao
2018-01-21-Khandallah Park (TripReports) A botanising on the Northern Walkway
2018-01-24-Miri Hut (TripReports) Up Loop Road to Miro Hut returning on Scrub Hill Road
2018-01-27-Isabelle Creek (TripReports) Tough travel around High Ridge & Isabelle Creek
2018-01-28-Pinnacle-Donnelly Flat (TripReports) A loop over Pinnacle and nearby knobs
2018-01-31-Atiwhakatu Watercourse (TripReports) To Jumbo then off-track down the Atiwhakatu watercourse
2018-02-07-Totara Creek Spur (TripReports) Over Gentle Annie & up Totara Creek Spur to Holdsworth Track
2018-02-23-Middle Spur-Hector Forks (TripReports) A difficult circuit along ridges and flooded rivers
2018-02-28-Centennial Reserve-Seatoun (TripReports) A trip on hilly tracks of South Wellington
2018-02-28-Mangahoe-Taramea Ridge (TripReports) A loop from Mangahao 2 Dam up Macs Track & past Burn Hut
2018-03-03-Oreore Stream (TripReports) Climbing up beside the Oreore Stream to view waterfalls.
2018-03-07-Bothamely Park-Ascot Park (TripReports) Trips in the vicinity of Bothamley and Ascot Parks
2018-03-10-Lake Angelus (TripReports) Volunteer hut warden at Lake Angelus
2018-03-11-Wellington Town Belt (TripReports) Travels through Wellington streets and Town Belt
2018-03-28-Mangatarere (TripReports) A trip along farm tracks and through forest on Duntulm farm
2018-05-00-Isabelle-High Ridge (TripReports) Difficult travel in Creeks & windy High Ridge
2018-05-06-Corfu Europe (TripReports) A 6 day hike along a mountainous trail.
2018-05-26-Waiopehu Hut (TripReports) A muddy loop up Waiopehu Track & down Gable End Ridge.
2018-06-01-Ruapehu (TripReports) Challenging day trips from the TTC lodge, Whakapapa
2018-06-27-Whakanui-Cattle Ridge (TripReports) Day trips with off-track travel
2018-07-25-Tauherenikau-Dobsons (TripReports) A loop walk to the Tauherenikau & up a little-used spur to Dobsons
2018-08-03-Three Kings-Baldy (TripReports) A trip over the Kings and Baldy in drizzle and mist
2018-08-22-Inner Porirua Harbour (TripReports) Beach rubbish cleanup at Porirua Harbour.
2018-08-29-Phillips Stream Ridge MF (TripReports) Norbett Creek - Hutt Forks - Phillips Stream - .630 and return
2018-08-31-Tongariro Crossing (TripReports) A winter Tongaririo Crossing with nights at Mangatepopo Hut.
2018-09-05-Thorndon Old Heritage Walk (TripReports) Around and above Thorndon with Lynne Pomare
2018-09-08-Mt Frith (TripReports) Kiwi Ranch to Mt. Frith
2018-09-09-Hawkins Hill To Sinclair Head Etc (TripReports) EM trip to Hawkins Hills and out to WW2 Bunkers at Sinclair Head
2018-09-12-Keith George Memorial Park (TripReports) Walking the length of the park through bush and back again
2018-09-12-Lunch (TripReports) Lunch meeting
2018-09-12-Pigeon Bush Working Party (TripReports) Work on the tracks the TTC have cut over the years in Pigeon Bush
2018-09-15-Remutaka Ridge (TripReports) Tapokopoko - The Peak
2018-09-15-Tapokopoko-The Peak (TripReports) Up Paua Ridge to Tapokopoko & The Peak & down Peak Stream Spur
2018-09-16-Raumati Escarpment (TripReports) Raumati Escarpment, Mataihuka
2018-09-19-East Harbour Regional Park (TripReports) EM trip in East Harbour Regional Park
2018-09-19-Pukeatua MF (TripReports) Pukeatua Track on Waikanae side MF
2018-09-19-Pukeatua Track (TripReports) Travel up and down spurs adjacent to the Pukeatua Track.
2018-09-21th-23th-Post-AIC Taranaki (TripReports) Post-AIC trip up Mt. Taranaki
2018-09-23-Mc Kerrow EM (TripReports) Orongorongo, McKerrow, Clay Ridge EM
2018-09-26-Te Au Track-Field (TripReports) Up to & along the ridge above Waikanae to the Lodestar crash site
2018-10-07-Mc Gregor Biv-Dorset Hut-North King (TripReports) A circuit from The Pines to Dorset Creek, North King & Mitre Flats
2018-10-31-Tangata Stream (TripReports) On & off track circuit around the Tangata Stream catchment
2018-11-02-Spooners Hut (TripReports) A night at Jumbo Hut then onto the old Spooner's Hut site
2018-11-07-Waiohine Peak (TripReports) Along the tops from Mt Dick Lookout to Waiohine
2018-11-10-Cow Creek Hut (TripReports) A trip to Cow Creek Hut in rainy misty conditions
2018-11-10-Wairere Stream (TripReports) Ski touring from near the Pinnacles to Wairere Stream
2018-11-14-Pukeatua (TripReports) A trip from South Mangaone Road to Pukeatua summit
2018-11-16-Angle Knob Hut (TripReports) A visit to Angle Knob Hut then down the Atiwhakatu
2018-12-19-Waiorongomai (TripReports) A trip to tops above the Waiorongomai River
2018-12-27-Temple-Huxley-circuit (TripReports) Five day circuit Temple Stream, Huxley and Hopkins river with alpine crossing of the Barrier Range
2018 Club Nights (FixtureCard) Fixture Card for 2018 Club Nights
2018 First half of year (FixtureCard) Combined fixture card for the first half of 2018
2018 Second half of year (FixtureCard) Combined fixture card for the second half of 2018
2019 (Category) Trips and activities in 2019
2019 (TararuaTramper) Volume 91 issues 01 to 11
2019-01-03-Waiohine (TripReports) From Te Matawai, down the Waiohine River then up Carkeek Ridge
2019-01-16-Neill Winchcombe (TripReports) A long day from Otaki Forks over Winchcombe to Walls Whare
2019-01-30-Graces Stream (TripReports) A hot day trip up Graces Stream
2019-02-01-Southern Crossing (TripReports) Southern Crossing: Otaki Forks, Kime Hut, Tutuwai Hut, Reeves, Woodside Station
2019-02-07-Quoin Ridge (TripReports) Up Quoin Ridge to Alpha Hut, returning on the Marchant
2019-02-09-Waitewaewae-Prout Stream (TripReports) Over Waitewaewae to Prout Stream & to Island Forks Hut
2019-02-12-Otaki Gorge (TripReports) A tubing trip dwn the Otaki Gorge
2019-02-13-Atiwhakatu Stream (TripReports) A 12 hour day over Baldy & Broken Axe Pinnacles
2019-02-13-Prout Stream (TripReports) A trip to upper Prout Stream
2019-02-23-Corner Creek (TripReports) Difficult travel up Corner Creek to Mt Mathews
2019-02-26-Cow Saddle (TripReports) Up the Ruamahanga, over Cow Saddle & along Blue Range
2019-02-27-Penn Creek (TripReports) A difficult route to Penn Creek then Table Top
2019-03-05-Waiohine Gorge (TripReports) A Waiohine Gorge trip on tubes.
2019-03-06-Otaki Gorge (TripReports) Investigation of routes up the Otaki Gorge
2019-03-13-Eastern Hutt Gorge (TripReports) A day trip up the Eastern Hutt Gorge
2019-03-17-Perkins Farm (TripReports) A trip through Perkins Farm and surounds
2019-03-30-Kaiparoro-Makakahi River (TripReports) Up a ridge to the Kaiparoro Track and Kaiparoro summit
2019-03-30-Rimutaka Incline-Corner Creek (TripReports) A loop over the Rimutaka Incline down the Wairarapa to the coast & Hutt Valley
2019-04-05-Sunrise Hut (TripReports) A tramp up to Sunrise Hut
2019-04-06-Waiopehu Hut (TripReports) A Wellington High School tramping club trip to Waiopehu Hut
2019-04-17-Tarn Ridge Hut (TripReports) To Tarn Ridge Hut in the April School Holidays
2019-04-28-Otari-Wiltons Bush (TripReports) A day of botanising at Otari-Wilton's Bush
2019-05-11-Jumbo Hut Youth Tramp (TrampingReports) Youth Programme tramp to Jumbo Hut
2019-05-11-Pinnacle Ridge (TripReports) A weekent trip to Jumbo returning via Pinnacle Ridge
2019-05-17-Hector-Renata Ridge (TripReports) A loop from Kime to Renata & past Waiotauru huts
2019-05-29-South Saddle (TripReports) A trip along a new track from South Saddle.
2019-06-15-Tutuwai Hut (TripReports) A loop from Waihine Valley passing Cone & Tutuwai Huts, & Mt Reeves
2019-06-22-Ruapehu (TripReports) A mid-winter weekend at the Tararua Lodge
2019-06-26-Pinnacle (TripReports) A loop along Atiwhakatu & Pinnacle Ridge
2019-07-10-Porirua Harbour (TripReports) Wednesday walkers' annual beach cleanup
2019-07-11-Welcome Flats (TripReports) Warden duties & walks at Welcome Flats Hut.
2019-07-24-Wellington (TripReports) A walking tour of Art Galleries
2019-08-04-East Harbour Park (TripReports) Monitoring trap lines near Mt Hawtrey
2019-08-07-Tirotiro Knob (TripReports) Up the disused Penn Creek track, then to Tirotiro Knob
2019-08-14-Karori Cemetery (TripReports) A ramble through the Karori Cemetery
2019-09-03-Ruapehu Pinacles (TripReports) An alpine traverse of the Pinacles
2019-09-18-Mt Maunganui (TripReports) Up to Mt Maunganui & along the ridges to Cleartop & down
2019-10-17-Penn Creek (TripReports) Difficult travel up Penn Creek to Penn Creek Hut
2019-10-18-South Saddle-Mathews (TripReports) Trips to South Saddle & Mathews
2019-10-26 Stanton Memorial (TripReports) Stanton Memorial from Tararua lodge
2019-10-30-Hinakitaka Stream-Mt Mathews (TripReports) Up Hinakitaka Stream to Mathews & back via Corner Creek
2019-11-06 (TripReports) Up Wharekauhau Stream to Bump 819
2019-11-10-Trelissick Park (TripReports) A wet walk through reserves & streets of western Wellington
2019-11-23-Waerenga Hut (TripReports) A weekend trip to Waerenga Hut
2019-11-29-Kareti-Ruapae (TripReports) Trips to Kareti, Ruapae, & Herepai track
2019-11-30-Margaret Burn (TripReports) Across the Dart & up the Margaret Burn
2019-12-07-Waerenga Hut (TripReports) A meeting of the General Committee at Wearenga Hut
2019-12-14-Waikanae River (TripReports) Tricky travel up tributaries of the Waikanae River
2019-12-18-Thompson (TripReports) A ridge trail to Thompson & South Manakau Road
2019-12-31-Siberia-Young (TripReports) From Siberia over Gillespie Pass & down the Young
2019 Club Nights (FixtureCard) Fixture Card for 2019 Club Nights
2019 First half of year (FixtureCard) Combined fixture card for the first half of 2019
2019 Second half of year (FixtureCard) Combined fixture card for the second half of 2019 2019
2020 (Category) Trips and activities in 2020
2020 (TararuaTramper) Volume 92 issues 01 to 11
2020-01-05-Waiotauru Forks (TripReports) Up the track to Waiotauru Forks & back down the river.
2020-01-08-Butterfly Creek-Hawtrey (TripReports) Kereru track to Butterfly Creek and back over Hawtrey
2020-01-08 Reeves (TripReports) Tough travel to Taits Stream & Reeves
2020-01-09-Snowy River (TripReports) Up Snowy River to Tregear spur and Kime
2020-01-20-Park (TripReports) South Ohau to Nichols Hut to Park Forks to Te Matawai
2020-01-21-South Ōhau-Gable End Ridge (TripReports) South Ōhau to Gable End Ridge
2020-01-29-Mc Kerrow Track (TripReports) Browns track to Cattle Ridge and McKerrow Track
2020-02-00-Mt Somers (TripReports) A climb of Mt Somers on a fine day
2020-02-00-Paparoas (TripReports) A tramp on the new Paparoa Track
2020-02-15-Mount Mathews (TripReports) Up South Ridge to Mt Mathews returning down Corner Creek
2020-02-29-Bawbaw (TripReports) Up Burings Stream to Mount Bawbaw
2020-02-29-Holdsworth Creek (TripReports) Up Holdsworth Creek to McGregor Falls
2020-03-00-Mavora Lakes (TripReports) A tramp up to & along the Thomson Range
2020-03-00-Mt Arthur (TripReports) Up Mt Arthur from Salisbury Lodge & onto Balloon Hut
2020-03-03-Roys Peak (TripReports) A climb of Roys Peak, Wanaka
2020-03-04-Whareroa Farm (TripReports) Catchment View Track to Campbell’s Mill Road & onto Hydro Road.
2020-03-06-Diamond Lake (TripReports) A walk up the Diamond Lake track
2020-03-07-Bendigo (TripReports) Exploring the Bendigo Goldfields
2020-03-07-Wellington Skyline-Red Rocks (TripReports) From Johnsonville along the tops to Red Rocks
2020-03-08-Odell Reserve-Trelissick Park (TripReports) Through reserves of Khandallah, Ngaio, & Wadestown
2020-03-20-Kaikoura-Hapuku Hut (TripReports) A walk to Hapuku Hut & next day the Kaikoura Peninsula.
2020-03-22-Eastbourne Hills (TripReports) Botanising in forest above Lowry Bay
2020-04-00-Heke Reserve-Huntleigh Park-Orleans Makererua Reserve (TripReports) Walks through reserves & parks near Ngaio, Wellington.
2020-04-00-Lockett Range (TripReports) A day walk to Iron Hill from Sylvester Hut
2020-05-16-The Camelbacks (TripReports) A loop up Waiti Sream to Pyramid Knob and Square Knob
2020-05-17-Mt Maunganui (TripReports) From the Maungatukutuku Valley to Mt Maunganui
2020-05-30-Mt Travers (TripReports) Up Summit Creek & onto & up Mt Travers
2020-06-00-Botanic Garden-Otari (TripReports) A route guide for walking from Botanic Garden to Otari
2020-06-00-Mathews South Ridge (TripReports) Past trips on the South Ridge
2020-06-00-Waiho (TripReports) Along the Roberts Point Track to view the Franz Joseph Glacier
2020-06-10-Gollans Stream (TripReports) A trip to Lowry Trig, valley floor and return
2020-06-13-Waerenga Hut (TripReports) An overnight trip to Waerenga Hut
2020-07-00-Te Araroa Escarpment (TripReports) Escarpment trips in 2008 and 2020
2020-07-01-Tinakori Hill-Skyline Walkway (TripReports) A loop on hilly walking tracks in Western Wellington
2020-07-03-Powell Hut Track (TripReports) Up through snow to Powell Hut
2020-07-12-Ōtari-Botanic Garden (TripReports) A walk through reserves of Wellington
2020-07-15-Smith Creek (TripReports) Up a new spur route to Smith Creek & back to Kiwi Ranch
2020-07-26-Paekakariki Escarpment (TripReports) Along the Escarpment from Paekakariki to Pukerua Bay
2020-07-Rwenzori Mountains Uganda (TripReports) A trek from rainforest to glaciers in Uganda
2020-08-19-South Miramar (TripReports) Tracks and hills near Worser Bay and Miramar
2020-08-23-Gollans Stream (TripReports) From Kereru Track to Golands Stream to Korimako Track
2020-08-26-Bothamley Park (TripReports) A pickup of rubbish in and near KenepuruStream
2020-09-04-North Saddle (TripReports) To North Saddle and along ridges
2020-09-06-Mt Lowry-Hawtrey (TripReports) A damp tramp along the Eastbourne tops
2020-09-09-Remutaka Trig (TripReports) Along the trig track, then bushy travel & logging tracks
2020-09-12-Wellington (TripReports) A practical First Aid Instruction Course
2020-09-16-Pukerua Bay-Karehana Bay (TripReports) Hidden Valley track to Taua Taua Track to Karehana Bay
2020-09-19-Tongariro National Park (TripReports) Recent Wellington High School trips
2020-09-20-Toka Biv (TripReports) Over Toka Trig to Toka Biv for a night
2020-09-23-Remutaka (TripReports) A walk along bushy tops in high winds
2020-09-28 Ōrongorongo River (TripReports) A family trip to Turere Lodge
2020-10-07-Kaiwharawhara Stream (TripReports) Crossing the new Kaiwharawhara bridge
2020-10-13-Tongariro Northern Circuit (TripReports) A 3 day Tongariro Northern Circuit from Whakapapa Village
2020-10-14-Khandallah (TripReports) Exporing around Khandallah
2020-10-14 Sayer Hut (TripReports) A trip over Waiohine to Sayers Hut
2020-10-24-Mathews East Ridge (TripReports) Up Mathews East Ridge returning down Corner Creek
2020-10-28-Mt Climie (TripReports) Off track to Mt Climie &back on the 4WD track.
2020-11-04-Spicer Valley (TripReports) Up Spicer Valley and Forest & back on the Seven Pines Track
2020-11-11-Raroa Reserve (TripReports) Tau Tapu Track then through Carrad's Farm to Hidden Valley Track
2020-11-29-Burrows Avenue Reserve (TripReports) A botanising trip to Burrows Avenue Reserve
2020-12-02-Raumati Escarpment (TripReports) Along the Raumati Escarpment track.
2020-12-19-Raukawa Hut-Waerenga Hut (TripReports) Two families visit the Orongorongo River Valley
2020-2022 (TrampingReports) Weekly activities from 2020 to 2022
2020 Club Nights (FixtureCard) Fixture Card for 2020 Club Nights
2020 First half of year (FixtureCard) Combined fixture card for the first half of 2020
2020 Second half of year (FixtureCard) Combined fixture card for the second half of 2020 2020
Tararua Tramper 2021 (TararuaTramper) Volume 93, issues 01 to 11
2021-0-13-Eastbourne Hills (TripReports) Up Cheviot Track to Mt Lowry to Lees Grove
2021-01-04-Sawtooth Ridge Ruahines (TripReports) A traverse along the Ruahine tops
2021-01-08-Triangle Spur-Mt Dundas (TripReports) Up the Mangahao to a circuit over Dundas, Logan & Pukemoremore
2021-01-10-Dagg (TripReports) A tops & river valley circuit plus a sidetrip to Dagg
2021-01-13-Mathews (TripReports) An tricky exposed Knife Edge and ridge
2021-01-20-Mathews East Ridge (TripReports) From Corner Creek up to Mathews East Ridge
2021-01-25-Mathews West Rib (TripReports) From Ocean beach to Mathews & down the South Ridge
2021-01-31-Block XVI Track (TripReports) Marchant ridge to Tauherenikau River & up Smith Creek
2021-02-03-Churchill Reserve (TripReports) Through reserves, up Kaiwharawhara Stream & tunnels
2021-02-03-Mick (TripReports) From Waitohu to Mick & along ridges
2021-02-03-Pigeon Bush (TripReports) Along Thompson tk to Chandler tk in Pigeon Bush
2021-02-05-Renata (TripReports) From Cone hut to Alpha Hut to Renata Hut
2021-02-17-Butterfly Creek-Hawtrey (TripReports) Days Bay to Butterfly Creek and Hawtrey
2021-02-20-Holdsworth (TripReports) A fine but windy Jumbo-Holdsworth crossing
2021-02-21-Mt Crawford-Maupuia (TripReports) A walk on the Miramar Peninsular
2021-02-23-Mathews (TripReports) A rugged ascent to the NE Ridge
2021-02-24-Deep Creek-Waiohine (TripReports) A climb of Waiohine via an indistinct route
2021-03-03-Paekakariki Hill (TripReports) Up Fly-by-Wire gully to the tops & along & down.
2021-03-06-Arthurs Pass (TripReports) A 2 week club meet at Arthurs Pass
2021-03-14-Pohill Reserve-Highbury (TripReports) A walk through reserves in Brooklyn & Highbury
2021-03-20-Mt Richmond (TripReports) A climb of Mt Richmond and exploring a plane wreck
2021-04-01-Kaitoke (TripReports) Information about Kaitoke Tracks
2021-04-07-Mt Kaukau (TripReports) Johnsonville to Kaukau & back via multiple tracks.
2021-04-07-Square Knob (TripReports) A new route to Square Knob
2021-04-10-Orongorongo Valley (TripReports) An overnight school trip to Papatahi Hut
2021-04-21-Mt Mathews (TripReports) A climb of Mt Mathews via north saddle & Knife Edge.
2021-04-28 (TripReports) A TTC work party clearing riverbed gorse
2021-04-28-Orongorongo River Valley (TripReports) A trip to Waerenga for grandkids
2021-05-05-Titahi Bay (TripReports) A coastal walk from Titahi Bay to Little Titahi Bay
2021-05-19-Percy Reserve (TripReports) From Percy reserve to Sugarloaf Rock to Galbraith Gully
2021-05-19-Seatoun-Tarakena Bay (TripReports) A coastal walk near Breaker Bay
2021-05-26-Kaitapu Steam-Waitotara (TripReports) Overnight stays at two bush huts
2021-05-26-Summit Road Naenae (TripReports) A loop to the tops of the Eastern Hutt Hills
2021-06-02-Wellington Southern Walkway (TripReports) Tracks to Mt Victoria, Hataitai, & Greta Point
2021-06-06-Te Whiti Riser-Mt Lowry (TripReports) Along tracks in the Eastern Hills to Days Bay
2021-06-09-Dobson Loop Track (TripReports) A loop beside Shepperds Stream and Fell Creek
2021-06-09-Mt Lowry-Butterfly Creek (TripReports) Along the tops from Pt Howard to Butterfly Creek to Bus Barnes
2021-07-01-Cattle Ridge (TripReports) Up and down spurs of Cattle Ridge
2021-07-02-Waitewaewae (TripReports) An overnight stay at Island Forks Hut
2021-07-11-Highbury-Karori (TripReports) On tracks and thru reserves of west Wellington.
2021-07-13-Mt Ruapehu (TripReports) A 3-day stay in the TTC Lodge with grandparents & kids
2021-07-21-East Whakanui (TripReports) Monitoring trap lines.
2021-08-04-Akatarawa Forest (TripReports) A tricky navigational loop through Akatarawa Forest
2021-09-08-Bothamley Park-Waihora Track (TripReports) Six masked persons in Bothamley Park & Waihora track
2021-09-22-Te Whiti (TripReports) A walk from Epuni to Waterloo via Te Whiti
2021-09-24-Tapokopoko (TripReports) A loop over Tapokopoko starting at Catchpole Stream car park
2021-09-29-Aorangi (TripReports) From Waikuku Lodge along the Aorangi Ridge to Mt Ross
2021-09-29-Butterfly Creek (TripReports) From Eastbourne to Butterfly Creek
2021-09-29-Eastbourne Hills (TripReports) Walking tracks near & along the main ridge & Golon Stream.
2021-09-29-Wellington Skyline (TripReports) Along the Welligton Skyline Walkway
2021-10-01-Field Hut (TripReports) Pen Creek Track to Tirotiro Knob to Fields Hut
2021-10-03-Whareroa Farm (TripReports) Climbing the tracks of Whareroa Farm
2021-10-17-Waimapihi Reserve (TripReports) Botanising along the Highbury Fling & Transient Tracks
2021-10-20-Pencarrow (TripReports) Cycling and hiking to Baring Head
2021-11-10-Orongorongo Peak (TripReports) A loop from the Orongorongo River over the peak
2021-11-19-Waerenga Hut (TripReports) A weekend working party
2021 Club Nights (FixtureCard) Fixture Card for 2021 Club Nights
2021 First half of year (FixtureCard) Combined fixture card for the first half of 2021
2021 Second half of year (FixtureCard) Combined fixture card for the second half of 2021 2021
Tararua Tramper 2022 (TararuaTramper) Volume 94, issues 01 to 11
2022 Club Nights (FixtureCard) Fixture Card for 2022 Club Nights
2022 First half of year (FixtureCard) Combined fixture card for the first half of 2022
2022 HS Alpine (FixtureCard) Alpine trips for March 2022 club meet
2022 HS Cycling-Mountain Biking (FixtureCard) Cycling and Mountain biking trips for March 2022 Hanmer club meet
2022 HS Day Walks-Further Afield E-EM-M (FixtureCard) Day walks further afield for March 2022 club meet
2022 HS Day Walks-Local-Easy (FixtureCard) Easy, local day trips for March 2022 club meet
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In the forest 2011-04 (InTheHills) Fuchsia excorticata
In the forest 2011-05 (InTheHills) Melicytus ramiflorus
In the forest 2011-06 (InTheHills) Alectryon excelsus
In the forest 2011-07 (InTheHills) Cyathea medullaris
In the forest 2011-09 (InTheHills) Ripogonum scandens
In the forest 2011-10 (InTheHills) Corynocarpus laevigatus
In the forest 2011-11 (InTheHills) Olearia colensoi
In the forest 2011-12 (InTheHills) Griselinia lucida
In the forest 2012-03 (InTheHills) Metrosideros perforata
In the forest 2012-03 (InTheHills) Metrosideros robusta
In the forest 2012-04 (InTheHills) Pennantia corymbosa
In the forest 2012-07 (InTheHills) Rhopalostylis sapida
In the forest 2012-09 (InTheHills) Tetragonia tetragonioides
In the forest 2012-09 (InTheHills) Tetragonia implexicoma
In the forest 2012-10 (InTheHills) Pseudowintera axillaris
In the forest 2012-10 (InTheHills) Pseudowintera colorata
In the forest 2012-11 (InTheHills) Brachyglottis repanda
In the forest 2012-12 (InTheHills) Phormium cookianum
In The Hills 2013-02 (InTheHills) Elaeocarpus dentatus
In The Hills 2013-03 (InTheHills) Leptospermum scoparium
In The Hills 2013-04 (InTheHills) Geniostoma ligustrifolium var. ligustrifolium
In The Hills 2013-05 (InTheHills) Hedycarya arborea
In The Hills 2013-06 (InTheHills) Tecomanthe speciosa
In The Hills 2013-07 (InTheHills) Dysoxylum spectabile
In The Hills 2013-08 (InTheHills) Leucogenes leontopodium
In The Hills2013-08a (InTheHills) Leucogenes neglecta
In The Hills2013-08b (InTheHills) Leucogenes tarahaoa
In The Hills2013-08c (InTheHills) Leucogenes grandiceps
In The Hills2013-08e (InTheHills) Leucogenes tarahaoa
In The Hills 2013-09 (InTheHills) Passiflora tetranda
In The Hills 2013-10 (InTheHills) Hoheria sexstylosa
In The Hills 2013-11 (InTheHills) Cordyline australis
In The Hills 2013-12 (InTheHills) Cordyline banksii
In The Hills2013-12a (InTheHills) Cordyline indivisa
In The Hills 2014-02 (InTheHills) Hymenophyllum nephrophyllum
In The Hills 2014-03 (InTheHills) Cyathea medullaris
In The Hills 2014-04 (InTheHills) Cyathea dealbata
In The Hills 2014-05 (InTheHills) Dicksonia squarrosa
In The Hills 2014-06 (InTheHills) Dicksonia fibrosa
In The Hills 2014-07 (InTheHills) Cyathea smithii
In The Hills 2014-08 (InTheHills) Lophozonia menziesii
In The Hills 2014-09 (InTheHills) Fuscospora fusca
In The Hills 2014-10 (InTheHills) Fuscospora truncata
In The Hills 2014-11 (InTheHills) Fuscospora solandri
In The Hills 2014-12 (InTheHills) Fuscospora cliffortioides
In The Hills 2015-02 (InTheHills) Podocarpaceae Aotearoa's indigenous conifers
In The Hills 2015-03 (InTheHills) Dacrycarpus dacrydioides
In The Hills 2015-04 (InTheHills) Dacrydium cupressinum
In The Hills 2015-05 (InTheHills) Podocarpus totara
In The Hills 2015-06 (InTheHills) Prumnopitys taxifolia
In The Hills 2015-07 (InTheHills) Prumnopitys ferruginea
In The Hills 2015-08 (InTheHills) Libocedrus plumosa
In The Hills2015-08a (InTheHills) Libocedrus bidwillii
In The Hills 2015-09 (InTheHills) Phyllocladus trichomanoides
In The Hills 2015-10 (InTheHills) Asplenium oblongifolium
In The Hills 2015-11 (InTheHills) Asplenium flaccidum
In The Hills 2015-12 (InTheHills) Asplenium bulbiferum
In The Hills 2016-02 (InTheHills) Asplenium polyodon
In The Hills 2016-03 (InTheHills) Asplenium flabellifolium
In The Hills 2016-04 (InTheHills) Blechnum discolor
In The Hills 2016-05 (InTheHills) Blechnum colensoi
In The Hills 2016-06 (InTheHills) Blechnum novae-zelandiae
In The Hills 2016-07 (InTheHills) Blechnum filiforme
In The Hills 2016-08 (InTheHills) Blechnum fluviatile
In The Hills 2016-09 (InTheHills) Blechnum vulcanicum
In The Hills 2016-10 (InTheHills) Blechnum chambersii
In The Hills 2016-11 (InTheHills) Blechnum penna-marina
In The Hills 2016-12 (InTheHills) Pneumatopteris pennigera
In The Hills 2017-02 (InTheHills) Microsorum pustulatum subsp. pustulatum
In The Hills 2017-03 (InTheHills) Microsorum scandens
In The Hills 2017-04 (InTheHills) Pyrrosia eleagnifolia
In The Hills 2017-05 (InTheHills) Leptopteris hymenophylloides
In The Hills 2017-06 (InTheHills) Leptopteris superba
In The Hills 2017-07 (InTheHills) Hymenophyllum demissum
In The Hills 2017-08 (InTheHills) Hymenophyllum dilatatum
In The Hills 2017-09 (InTheHills) Adiantum cunninghamii
In The Hills 2017-10 (InTheHills) Myrsine australis
In The Hills 2017-11 (InTheHills) Myrsine salicina
In The Hills 2017-12 (InTheHills) Phyllocladus alpinus agg
In The Hills 2018-02 (InTheHills) Muehlenbeckia australis agg
In The Hills 2018-03 (InTheHills) Muehlenbeckia complexa agg
In The Hills 2018-04 (InTheHills) Muehlenbeckia astonii
In The Hills 2018-05 (InTheHills) Gahnia pauciflora
In The Hills 2018-06 (InTheHills) Gahnia setifolia
In The Hills 2018-08 (InTheHills) Astelia solandri
In The Hills 2018-09 (InTheHills) Astelia fragrans
In The Hills 2018-10 (InTheHills) Astelia hastata
In The Hills 2018-11 (InTheHills) Freycinetia banksii
In The Hills 2019-02 (InTheHills) Austroderia toetoe
In The Hills 2019-03 (InTheHills) Austroderia fulvida
In The Hills 2019-04 (InTheHills) Leucopogon fasciculatus
In The Hills 2019-05 (InTheHills) Leptecophylla juniperina subsp. juniperina
In The Hills 2019-06 (InTheHills) Beilschmiedia tawa
In The Hills 2019-07 (InTheHills) Laurelia novae-zelandiae
In The Hills 2019-08 (InTheHills) Lastreopsis velutina
In The Hills 2019-09 (InTheHills) Lastreopsis hispida
In The Hills 2019-10 (InTheHills) Lastreopsis glabella
In The Hills 2019-11 (InTheHills) Solanum laciniatum
In The Hills 2019-12 (InTheHills) Ozothamnus leptophyllus
In The Hills 2020-02 (InTheHills) Olearia solandri
In The Hills 2020-03 (InTheHills) Olearia lacunosa
In The Hills 2020-04 (InTheHills) Olearia paniculata
In The Hills 2020-05 (InTheHills) Pittosporum eugenioides
In The Hills 2020-06 (InTheHills) Pittosporum tenuifolium
In The Hills 2020-07 (InTheHills) Knightia excelsa
In The Hills 2020-08 (InTheHills) Elaeocarpus hookerianus
In The Hills 2020-09 (InTheHills) Aristotelia serrata
In The Hills 2020-10 (InTheHills) Aristotelia fruticosa
In The Hills 2020-11 (InTheHills) Coprosma repens
In The Hills 2020-12 (InTheHills) Coprosma robusta
In The Hills 2021-02 (InTheHills) Coprosma lucida
In The Hills 2021-03 (InTheHills) Coprosma propinqua agg.
In The Hills 2021-04 (InTheHills) Coprosma grandifolia
In The Hills 2021-05 (InTheHills) Coprosma rhamnoides
In The Hills 2021-06 (InTheHills) Coprosma foetidissima
In The Hills 2021-07 (InTheHills) Coprosma areolata
In The Hills 2021-08 (InTheHills) Pseudopanax arboreus
In The Hills 2021-09 (InTheHills) Pseudopanax crassifolius
In The Hills 2021-10 (InTheHills) Raukaua anomalus
In The Hills 2021-11 (InTheHills) Melicope ternata
In The Hills 2021-12 (InTheHills) Melicope simplex
The complete 'In The Hills' (InTheHills) The complete "In The Hills" series for printing
2013 January (FixtureCard) 2022 January
2013 July (FixtureCard) 2022 July
2013 June (FixtureCard) 2022 June
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Mt Holdsworth Jumbo Circuit (TararuaFootprints) Holdsworth Jumbo Atiwhakatu circuit
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1996-10-25 Ōtaki Forks-Park Forks-Nichols (TripReports) Ōtaki Forks - Waitewaewae - Park Forks - Carkeek Ridge - Nichols - Ōtaki River - Waitewaewae
1999-03-21-Karori Silver Stream Carey Gully Paekawakawa (TripReports) Two botanizing trips west of Wellington from Karori to Paekawakawa Valley.
2001-11-27 Sandra Lee Clubnight Speech (TripReports) Sandra Lee's Speech To Tararua Tramping Club
2004-01-16-Whanganui River-Family (Photos) Photos from the 2004 Wellington Anniversary weekend family trip from Whakahoro to Pipiriki
2006-03-11-Morison Bush (Photos) Family camping weekend at Morison Bush on the Ruamahanga River
2006-04-13-Easter-Sixtus Lodge-Family (Photos) Family lodge trip at Easter to Sixtus Lodge in the Rangitikei
2006-10-Cobb Trip (Photos) Photos from the Cobb Valley and Tablelands
2006-12-02-Morison Bush (Photos) Photos from Morison Bush in December 2006
2006-ttc-fit (Photos) Photos from TTF Fit group trips
2007-01-20-Whanganui (Photos) Photos from a family Whanganui Journey
2007-02-22-Whanganui Bay (Photos) Photos from ...
2007-03-02-Holdsworth-Family (Photos) Photos from Mt Holdsworth family trip
2007-07-School Holiday Ski Week (Photos) School Holiday ski week at Tararua Lodge
2007-08-24-Gorge Stream Spur (TripReports) Brief trip summary here
2007-08-24-Snow 3 (Photos) Photos from Snow 3
2007-09-08-Rae Ridge (TripReports) Brief trip summary here
2007-09-15-Taranaki (Photos) Photos from Taranaki...
2007-09-22-Penn Creek Revisited (TripReports) Brief trip summary here
2007-10-01-Hopeless (Photos) Photos from Mt Hopeless, Nelson Lakes...
2007-10-19-Tapuae-O-Uenuku (TripReports) Brief trip summary here
2007-10-26-Mt Hopeless (TripReports) Brief trip summary here
2007-11-02-Southern Crossing (TripReports) Brief trip summary here
2007-11-15 Middle Crossing (TripReports) A November Middle Crossing
2007-11-17-Ruapehu-Girdlestone (Photos) Ruapehu Girdlestone climb
2007-11-24-Neill Forks (TripReports) Brief trip summary here
2007-12-01-Arthurs-Pass (Photos) Photos from ...
2007-12-09-Gorge Creek (TripReports) Brief trip summary here
2007-12-30-Sayers Hut (TripReports) Brief trip summary here
2007-Photo Competition Rules (Photos) Photographic competition entry and rules
2008-01-02-Mount Hikurangi (TripReports) Brief trip summary here
2008-01-10-Ascent Of Aoraki (TripReports) Brief trip summary here
2008-01-18-Tarn Ridge (TripReports) Brief trip summary here
2008-01-21-Mt Whitcombe (TripReports) Brief trip summary here
2008-03-08-Taranaki (Photos) Photos and Report from Rock Climbing on the Organ Pipes
2008-03-09-Pekapeka (TripReports) Brief trip summary here
2008-03-15-Southern Crossing (TripReports) Brief trip summary here
2008-03-29-Wellington Town Belt (TripReports) Brief trip summary here
2008-05-04-Waiotauru River And Snowy Hut (TripReports) Snowy and Eastern Waiotauru Rivers
2008-06-14-Turoa To Whakapapa (TripReports) Brief trip summary here
2008-08-16-Kotumu Stream-Waterfall Stream-The Peak (TripReports) A 10 hour day trip to the tops of the steep and scrubby Orongorongos
2008-08-23-Takapu Stream-Te Awakairangi (TripReports) A challenging day walk through reserves and patches of dense bush in the hills between Wellington and Hutt Valley
2008-09-05-Putara-Cattle Ridge-Pukemoremore (TripReports) A weekend trip n the Northern Tararuas
2008-09-12-Alpine Instruction Snow Caving (TripReports) Snow caving on northern Ruapehu plus a climb of Te Heu Heu
2008-09-12-Lees Creek-Raglan Range (TripReports) A four day trip to explore Lees Creek with plentiful spring snow
2008-09-20-Waerenga Hut Reopening (Photos) Photos from the Waerenga Hut reopening weekend
2008-10-01-Red Rock Stream-Kotumu (TripReports) A trip of river travel and some bush bashing to a peak, returning along a windy ridge.
2008-10-02-Jennys Family Ski Week (Photos) Photos from Jenny's Family Ski Week, October school holidays
2008-10-06-Waerenga Hut (TripReports) A gourmet trip to Waerenga with an attempt on Mt Mathew thwarted by strong winds.
2008-10-22 (TrampingReports) Weekly club night tramping report for eg theme or area of trips
2008-10-24-Te Puia Lodge-Mangatainoka Hot Springs (TripReports) A Labour weekend trip to Te Puia Lodge,and to hot springs at Mangatainoka and the Mangatutu roadend.
2008-10-27-Whitemans Valley-Blue Mountain Road (TripReports) A day bike trip from Wallaceville to Whiteman’s Valley
2008-10-27-Whitemans Valley Ride (Photos) Photos from Whiteman's valley bike ride
2008-10-29-Waitohu Stream-Mick (TripReports) A day trip to Waitohu stream for a climb of Mick using new routes.
2008-11-02-Field Hut Work Party (TripReports) A Field hut work party of 4 people who celebrated the 84th birthday of Field hut.
2008-11-02-Mt Taranaki (TripReports) A snow climb of classic north ridge route of Taranaki in perfect weather.
2008-11-08-Girdlestone (TripReports) A 13-hour ascent of Girdlestone, Ruapehu. by Alpine Instruction graduates.
2008-11-12 (TrampingReports) Weekly club night tramping report for Oriwa
2008-11-28-Carkeek Ridgemiddle Crossing (TripReports) A traverse across remote parts of the Tararuas requiring long days.
2008-11-28-Nelson-Lakes (Photos) Photos from the Mt Travers trip
2008-12-05-Waerenga Hut-Mt Matthews (TripReports) A summer weekend at Waerenga with a climb of Matthews
2008-12-27-Ahuriri Valley (TripReports) A Xmas trip to explore the Ahuriri valley and nearby valleys, plus various climbs.
2008-6-14-Turoa To Whakapapa (TripReports) Brief trip summary here
2008-Photo Competition Rules (Photos) 2008 Photographic competition entry and rules
2009-01-17-Putaputa Stream (TripReports) A day trip to Kakariki summit, with some tricky navigation and bush bashing.
2009-01-21-Herepai-Ruapai (TripReports) A long day trip encircling Herepai, Ruapai, Haukura Ridge, and Ruapai Stream
2009-01-31-Deception Spur (TripReports) A 10-hour round trip along untracked bushy spurs near North Ohau River
2009-01-31-Waingawa River (TripReports) A trip with lots of swimming to Mitre Flats bridge and then down the Waingawa River Gorge.
2009-02-18 (TrampingReports) Tararua Range
2009-03-07-Whanganui-Bay (Photos) Photos from Whanganui Bay trip
2009-03-14-Tongariro Crossing (TripReports) A Tongariro crossing, ascents of Ngauruhoe and Tongariro, and a night at Ketetahi
2009-03-21-Percy Stream-Middle Ridge Track-Cannons Head Ridge (TripReports) A coast-to-coast from Petone to Paramata via Percy and Korokoro Streams.
2009-03-25 (TrampingReports) Tararua Range, Marlborough Sounds
2009-03-28-Mangaehuehu Glacier (TripReports) Instruction in glacier travel and rescue on the Mangaehuehu Glacier
2009-03-29-Hikurangi Range Of Ruahines (TripReports) BA trip along the of the Ruahines tops in fine weather
2009-04-04-Waiotauru Forks-Tregear Stream-Rae Ridge (TripReports) Track clearing of old logging roads plus travel up Rae Ridge
2009-04-08 (TrampingReports) Kahurangi National Park Paparoa, Tararua and the St James
2009-04-10-Mt Kehu-Mt Travers (TripReports) Climbs of Mt Kehu and Mt Travers, Nelson Lakes National Park
2009-04-16-Nichols Hut (TripReports) A trip from Otaki Forks to Waitewaewae hut and then to Nichols Hut and back.
2009-04-22 (TrampingReports) ANZAC Week End Tararua and Ruahine Ranges
2009-04-26-Beacon Hill-Mt Bristol (TripReports) A tramp from Seatoun to Beacon Hill Reserve and through streets to Mt Bristol and beyond.
2009-04-29 (TrampingReports) Tararua and Ruahine Ranges
2009-05-13 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2009-05-30-Mt Una (TripReports) A cold mid-winter trip up Cannibal Gorge and over Ada Pass to climb Mt Una from the west branch of Christopher river
2009-06-24 (TrampingReports) Winter Solstice
2009-07-01 (TrampingReports) 90th Anniversary
2009-07-04-Turere-Wakanui (TripReports) 90th Anniversary tramp to McKerrow and Wakanui tracks and Turere stream
2009-07-05-Skyline Walkway Wellington (TripReports) 90th Anniversary tramp along the Skyline Walkway from Karori to Kaukau
2009-07-05-Tinakori Hill Circuit (TripReports) 90th Anniversary tramp around a Tinakori Hill circuit
2009-07-15 (TrampingReports) Waerenga Winter Social
2009-07-22 (TrampingReports) Local Day trips
2009-08-19 (TrampingReports) Climbing Cupola
2009-08-22-Cupola (Photos) Photos from a climb at Mount Capola Nelsons Lakes
2009-08-22-Mt Cupola (TripReports) A climb of Mt Cupola by a difficult route and an unplanned overnight bivvy.
2009-08-26 (TrampingReports) Blue Range Hut
2009-09-02 (TrampingReports) Moonlight Southern Crossing
2009-09-04-Tahurangi Lodge-Taranaki (TripReports) A climb of Taranaki with icy conditions from Tahurangi Lodge
2009-09-06-Table Top-Penn Creek Hut (TripReports) A strenuous day trip from Table Top to Penn Creek hut by a new route and back
2009-09-09 (TrampingReports) Totara Flats
2009-09-12-Lowry Bay Waiu Park Hayward Scenic Reserve (TripReports) A botanizing trip in the eastern hills of Wellington.
2009-09-13-Marchant Stream Spur (TripReports) A fine day up the Marchant Stream Spur to the Marchant track
2009-09-16 (TrampingReports) Waerenga Chopping Party
2009-09-18-TTC Ruapehu Lodge (TripReports) Ski touring the glaciers from the TTC Lodge on Ruapehu
2009-09-23 (TrampingReports) Tararuas and Family Ski Week
2009-09-26 Cone Via Makaka Creek (TripReports) An off-track day trip to Cone Peak from Waiohine road end
2009-10-14-Mc Kerrow Track-Whakanui Stream (TripReports) A visit to an aeroplane wreck and difficult travel in Whakanui Stream
2009-10-23-Rome Ridge-Mt Rolleston (TripReports) A climb of the low peak of Mt Rolleston via Rome ridge and back down the Goldney ridge
2009-10-23-Travers Valley-Hukere Stream-Angelus Basin (TripReports) A long-weekend trip to a campsite in the upper Hukere Stream and a sidetrip to Angelus Basin
2009-10-24-Manuoha-Waikareiti (TripReports) A 3-day tramp along ridges and through luxuriant forest in the Ureweras
2009-10-24-Orongorongo (Photos) Photos from Ōrongorongo Family trip in October 2009
2009-11-04-Otari-Skyline Ridge (TripReports) A walk along the Skyline Ridge above Otari in gale force winds
2009-11-06-Bomb Arete-Lower Tuwharetoa Bluff-Girdlestone-Tahurangi (TripReports) A weekend of rock and snow climbing in Tongariro National Park.
2009-11-08-Field Hut-workparty (TripReports) A Field Hut workparty on the 85th anniversary of the hut
2009-11-11 (TrampingReports) Taranaki climbing
2009-11-29-Wainuiomata Catchment Botanising (TripReports) A day of botanizing in the Wainuiomata Catchment
2009-12-01-Baring Head Climbing (TripReports) A day of bouldering and climbing at Baring Head in windy conditions.
2009-12-02 (TrampingReports) Southern Tararuas
2009-12-05-Morison Bush (Photos) Photos from Morison Bush in December 2009
2009-12-09 (TrampingReports) Southern Crossing
2009-Photo Competition Rules (Photos) 2009 Photographic competition entry and rules
2009 Club Nights (FixtureCard) Fixture Card for 2009 Club Nights
2009 Patagonian Expedition40th Anniversary (TripReports) The 40th anniversary of: The “New Zealand Patagonian Expedition 1969 (commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Tararua Tramping Club)”
2010-01-03-Huayna Potosi-Bolivia (TripReports) A guided climb of a 6088m peak in Bolivia
2010-01-04-Mt Sealy (TripReports) A challenging 15 hour day to traverse Mt Sealy from Mueller Hut.
2010-01-22-Rainbow Road-Molesworth (TripReports) A cycle trip from St Arnaud through the Rainbow Valley to Lake Tennyson and on through the Molesworth to Hodder Bridge
2010-01-29-Mid Waiohine Hut (TripReports) A trip to Mid-Waiohine Hut and return by an off-track route.
2010-02-09 (TrampingReports) Ruahine Range
2010-02-17 (TrampingReports) Tararua Range
2010-02-20-Karaka Park-Korohiwa (TripReports) A day walk to the forest from Karaka Park to Korohiwa track
2010-02-20-Utah Ski Fields (TripReports) A ski trip to Utah, USA, to ski the best snow on earth
2010-02-22-Main Range-Maungahuka Hut-Middle Spur (TripReports) Otaki Forks to Kime to Maungahuka Hut with a side trip to Aokaporangi Hut & Middle Spur.
2010-02-24 (TrampingReports) Tararuas and Ruahines
2010-03-03 (TrampingReports) Hutt Valley, Orongorongos and Marlborough Sounds
2010-03-10 (TrampingReports) Wellington and East Tararuas
2010-03-10-Wootton Stream-Tapokopoko (TripReports) An energetic day walk from the Orongorongo Track, up the Wootton Stream to the peak of Tapokopoko in the Rimutaka Range.
2010-03-17 (TrampingReports) North-western Tararuas and Aorangi Forest Park
2010-03-20-Tawirikohukohu-Deception Spur (TripReports) A trip to Tawirikohukohu, Mangahao Flats Hut, returning via Deception Spur
2010-04-01-Renata Forks-Elder Hut-Quoin Ridge (TripReports) A 2-day round trip from Eastern Hutt to Elder Hut via Renata Forks and Quoin Ridge
2010-04-02-Mt Owen (TripReports) An easter trip to Mt Owen area with climbs of Mt Owen, Replica, anda visit to Granity Pass.
2010-04-14 (TrampingReports) Tauherenikau
2010-04-17-The Pacific Crest Trail (TripReports) For 5 ½ months Susan Guscott and David Castle tackle the most fiendish of all fiendish tramping trips: the Pacific Crest Trail, USA
2010-04-18-Red Rocks (TripReports) A family tramp to Red Rocks, Wellington South Coast.
2010-04-18-Whakanui Stm Traverse (TripReports) A day trip along the Whakanui Track to the East Whakanui Track via an off track crossing of Whakanui Stm
2010-04-24-East Wakanui (TripReports) A day of track clearing on the East Wakanui track, using the old pack track as access
2010-04-31-Otztal Alps Traverse (TripReports) An alpine ski touring trip to the Otztal alps, central eastern Alps, Europe
2010-05-05 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2010-06-02 (TrampingReports) Queen’s Birthday Weekend
2010-06-05-Makaroro River-Sparrowhawk Biv (TripReports) A lodge day trip with river crossings and bush bashing and steep tracks
2010-06-09 (TrampingReports) Wellington regional jaunts
2010-06-16 (TrampingReports) Tararuas and Orongorongos
2010-06-23 (TrampingReports) Winter Solstice
2010-06-26-Tararua Lodge Ruapehu (TripReports) A mid-winter weekend to celebrate the new alterations
2010-06-27-Orongorongo Huts (TripReports) Two separate day trips to view two new DOC huts in the Orongorongos.
2010-07-01-Cordilleras Blanca And Huayhuash-Peru (TripReports) Eight weeks of climbing and living in the mountains of northern Peru using the town of Huaraz as a base
2010-07-04-Bucegi Mountains-Romania (TripReports) A hike in changeable weather in the Bucegi mountains passing through Bucegi National Park, Romania
2010-07-06 (TrampingReports) Tararuas, climb, snow & ski
2010-07-10-Wellington East Harbour Regional Park (TripReports) Up & down forested ridges of the East Harbour Regional Park, accessed by public transport.
2010-07-21 (TrampingReports) Alpine instruction
2010-07-26 (TrampingReports) Dads snow tramp
2010-08-04 (TrampingReports) Local Area trips
2010-08-21-Penn Creek (TripReports) A trip along the difficult Penn Creek Track then off-track travel to Judd Ridge
2010-08-22-Marchant Stream-Joe S Track (TripReports) A day trip into the Tauherenikau via Dobsons and the puffer ending with a helicopter rescue.
2010-08-22-Tararua Lodge Mt Ruapehu (TripReports) University ski week at the TTC lodge.
2010-08-25 (TrampingReports) Local winter trips
2010-09-08 (TrampingReports) Let it snow 2
2010-09-15 (TrampingReports) Tararuas, Orongorongos, and skiing
2010-09-22 (TrampingReports) Tararuas, Rimutakas, and skiing
2010-10-02-Mick-Tangata Maunga (TripReports) A 9-hour day trip over two peaks and along ridges
2010-10-16-Mt Ruapehu Glaciers (TripReports) A ski touring weekend on Whakapapa, Mangaturuturu and Whangaehu glaciers
2010-10-17-Percy Scenic Reserve (TripReports) A trip to unveil a memorial to Peter Jagger in the Percy Scenic Reserve
2010-10-20 (TrampingReports) Labour Weekend
2010-10-22-Mitre-Dorset Ridge (TripReports) A trip to Dorset Ridge Hut via Mitre and return over Cairn Peak and Baldy to Mitre Flat.
2010-10-22-Pelorus River-Bryant Range (TripReports) Labour Weekend - Pelorus River to Middy Hut, & Bryant Range to Dew Lakes
2010-10-22-Table Ridge-Pinnacle Spur (TripReports) A 3 day loop traversing ridges, spurs and tracks including Waiohine Pinnacles and Arete Forks
2010-10-22-Tapuae-o-uenuku (TripReports) Labour weekend climbs of Tapuae-o-Uenuku and Alarm from the Clarence River
2010-10-25-Sixtus Lodge Family (Photos) Photos from the young family group lodge trip to Sixtus
2010-10-27 (TrampingReports) Rimutakas, Tararuas, Ruapehu
2010-10-27-North Range Road-Hall Block Road (TripReports) Along North Range road and Hall Block road to Manawatu Gorge Scenic Reserve.
2010-11-03 (TrampingReports) Wellington city, Tararuas, Taranaki
2010-11-03-Waiohine And Tauherenikau Peaks (TripReports) Two Wednesday trips, first to the Waiohine and then to the Tauherenikau Peaks
2010-11-10 (TrampingReports) Tararuas, Wainui, Wairarapa, Taranaki, Aspiring, Botanising
2010-11-13-Otari-Wilton S Bush (TripReports) A day of native plant identification at Otari -Wilton's Bush.
2010-11-17 (TrampingReports) Wellington city, Wairarapa, Haurangis, Belmont biking
2010-11-24 (TrampingReports) Nelson Lakes, Taupō, Kawekas, Tararuas
2010-11-26-Middle Crossing Via Shingle Slip Knob (TripReports) A Middle Crossing via Shingle Slip Knob with some steep bushy descents and ascents
2010-12-04-Hutt River-Quoin Ridge (TripReports) A strenuous 11 hour day from Kaitoke up the Quoin Ridge returning via the Eastern Hutt River gorge.
2010-12-04-Morison Bush (Photos) Photos from Morison Bush family camping weekend
2010-12-08 (TrampingReports) Christmas trips
2011-01-03-Holdsworth-Mid Waiohine-Aokaparangi Biv (TripReports) A trip to explore around Aokaparangi while based at Aokaparangi Biv.
2011-01-05 (TrampingReports) New Year trips
2011-01-19 (TrampingReports) Wellington Anniversary weekend
2011-01-19-Taits Stream (TripReports) An adventurous trip from the Waiohine to Mt Reeves, down along Taits stream and back over Mt Reeves
2011-01-26 (TrampingReports) End of January jaunts
2011-02-02 (TrampingReports) Waitangi weekend
2011-02-09 (TrampingReports) Tararuas, local tracks and new members’ trips
2011-02-11-Chamberlain Creek-Ruamahanga River Gorge (TripReports) An 18.5 hour trip down Chamberlain Creek and Ruamahanga River Gorge
2011-02-16 (TrampingReports) Tararuas, local tramps and new members’ trips
2011-02-18-Cattle Ridge-Cow Creek (TripReports) A trip from Kiriwhakapapa to Cow Saddle to Waingawa Peak to Cattle Ridge and Cow Creek.
2011-02-23 (TrampingReports) Local mountains and Aspiring National Park
2011-02-27-Ruakokoputuna Road-Blue Rock Road (TripReports) A cycling trip up the Ruakokoputuna and Blue Rock Roads in the Wairarapa
2011-03-05-Morison Bush (Photos) Photos from Morison Bush family camping weekend
2011-03-11-Cone Hut-Neill-Winchcombe (TripReports) A trip to Cone and along the Neill-Winchcombe ridge with a retreat in misty conditions.
2011-03-16 (TrampingReports) Cone work party
2011-03-19-Cone Hut Work And Birthday Party (TripReports) A work party to maintain Cone Hut and celebrate its 65th birthday.
2011-03-20 Philistine-Rolleston Traverse (Photos) An ascent of Mt Philistine and traverse to Mt Rolleston (Arthurs Pass).
2011-03-23 (TrampingReports) wet weekend again
2011-04-06 (TrampingReports) Tararuas and Eastbourne
2011-04-08-Otaki Waterfall (TripReports) A day trip in difficult terrain to try to find the Otaki waterfall
2011-04-09-Marchant Stream Forks-Marchant Ridge (TripReports) Down a spur from Dobsons to Marchant Stream Forks, & back to Marchant Ridge track
2011-04-13 (TrampingReports) Wainuiomata, Tararuas and climbing in Rainbow Area
2011-04-20 (TrampingReports) All over the place for Easter
2011-04-21-Nina Valley-Doubtful Valley (TripReports) Easter in the Nina and Doubtful valleys of Lake Sumner Forest Park
2011-04-22-Family Group Otapawa Farm Stay (Photos) Photos from 2011 Family Group Easter trip to Otapawa Farm Stay
2011-04-27 (TrampingReports) Makara, Terawhiti; Battle Hill Farm Park; Days Bay – Hawtry – Middle ridge – Butterfly Creek; Galbraith gully/Petone - Takapu Road; Gollans Valley
2011-04-30-Galbraith Gully-To Holdaway Scenic Reserve (TripReports) A day trip up Galbraith Gully to Holdaway Scenic Reserve, to Baked Beans Bend and out.
2011-05-04 (TrampingReports) Ruahine Range–Crow Hut
2011-05-11 (TrampingReports) Underhill Rd, Frith, Abbotts Creek; Ngaio – Skyline – Otari; Burn Hut Loop; Totara Flats; Cattle Ridge-Orongorongo River
2011-05-13-Naxos Island Greece (TripReports) Several day walks on the Naxos, one of islands in the Greek Cyclades group
2011-05-18 (TrampingReports) Puketaha traverse, Huia forks; Western Hutt Hills – Harbour View area; Dry Creek-Boulder Hill-Petone; Waiopehu Hut;
2011-05-18-Sinclair Creek (TripReports) A day trip circum-navigating Sinclair Creek in the Wainuiomata catchment of WRC forest
2011-05-25 (TrampingReports) Maugnaraki-Kororo Dam, Pigeon Bush, Old Whakanui-Top Turere-Nikau Track, Otari Bush
2011-05-25-Pigeon Bush And Nicholl (TripReports) A windy day trip through Pigeon Bush and an ascent of Nicholl, 437m high.
2011-06-01 (TrampingReports) Queens Birthday
2011-06-03-Kawhatau Outdoor Education Centre (TripReports) A Queens Birthday weekend lodge trip with lots of day walks.
2011-06-04-Parks Peak-Upper Makaroro Hut (TripReports) A queens birthday weekend trip along the Ruahine tops and valleys.
2011-06-22 (TrampingReports) Solstice quiet time
2011-06-29 (TrampingReports) Titi-Manganui, Kime, Mt.Rolleston, Lodge
2011-07-01-Mt Rolleston (TripReports) A climb of the low peak of Mt Rolleston taking 19 hours
2011-07-06 (TrampingReports) City Walk, Dobsons-Marchant Stream, Atiwhakatu, Kapakapanui, Waerenga
2011-07-13 (TrampingReports) Lodge Trip, Moonlight Southern Crossing, Walls Whare – Makaka Creek – Cone Saddle, Fraser St-East Ridge-Fern Gully
2011-07-13-Northern Romania (TripReports) Travels by car and foot in Northern Romania
2011-07-16-Clem Creek Spurs (TripReports) A day trip from Walls Whare to Clem Creek
2011-07-20 (TrampingReports) Waerenga Hut – Mt Matthews, Te Araroa: Mangaone- Pukeatua- Otaki Forks
2011-07-23-Mangaone-Pukeatua-Otaki Forks (TripReports) A day tramp along the Mangaone-Pukeatua-Otaki Forks section of the Te Araroa walkway
2011-07-27 (TrampingReports) Strathmore to Poiti Pa, Harvey's Track-Old 5 Mile track-River-McKerrow Track, Puke Ariki. Days Bay to Butterfly Creek, Off-track east of Hendersons ridge in the Pukeatua area
2011-08-03 (TrampingReports) Interesting E/M trips; Makara Peak; Battle Hill; Mt Reeves, Tutuwai and Cone Saddle; Mt Climie; Whakanui, top Turere, Nikau Track
2011-08-10-Baring Head Pencarrow Lakes (TripReports) A windy day trip to Baring Head and Pencarrow Lakes
2011-08-13-Holdsworth S Forest Lookout-Carrington Ridge (TripReports) A day trip to the Holdsworth's Forest Lookout and on to Carrington Creek and Carrington Ridge
2011-08-17-Field (Photos) Photos of Field Hut in snow
2011-08-21-East Harbour Regional Park (TripReports) A day trip long the ridges above Eastbourne
2011-08-24 (TrampingReports) Wellington region + Ski
2011-09-03-Northern Southern Crossing-Waiotauru (TripReports) A round trip along the snowy tops of the northern part of the Southern Crossing
2011-09-10-Days Bay-Lowry Trig-Wainuiomata (TripReports) An off-track trip along the bushy terrain from Days Bay to Lowry Trig to Wainuiomata
2011-09-28-Marchant Forks-Boulder Creek Spur (TripReports) Off-track trip from the Marchant Ridge to Marchant Forks to Boulder Creek Spur
2011-10-08-Taranaki East Slope (TripReports) A climb of Taranaki via the very steep Ted’s Alley
2011-10-12-Makahika Valley-Foxhole Ridge-Makahika (TripReports) A Wednesday trip to Makahika Valley, Foxhole Ridge, and Makahika
2011-10-19 (TrampingReports) Labour Weekend
2011-10-21-Lake Challis (TripReports) A labour weekend trip to the Richmond Range, Marlborough.
2011-10-22-Mitre Peak Kaikouras (TripReports) An alpine climb of Mitre Peak in the inland Kaikouras
2011-10-22-Waitewaewae-Oriwa Ridge (TripReports) A wet tramp from Waitewaewae to Oriwa peaks to Mick-Thompson ridge
2011-10-26 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2011-11-02 (TrampingReports) Early Nov, day walks
2011-11-09 (TrampingReports) Mid November
2011-11-09-Mangatoetoe Peak (TripReports) A climb of Mangatoetoe Peak, Aorangi Range,near Cape Palliseer.
2011-11-16 (TrampingReports) Mid-late Nov, work parties
2011-11-16-Aoraki Mt Cook (TripReports) A climb of Aoraki Mt Cook
2011-11-16-Mt Holdsworth (TripReports) A day trip to Mt Holdsworth in changeable southerly weather
2011-11-20-Karori Reserves (TripReports) An 87 native species botany trip to three Karori Reserves
2011-11-23 (TrampingReports) Late Nov, Mt Cook
2011-11-25-Morison Bush (Photos) Photos from Morison Bush family camping weekend
2011-11-26-Waiopehu Hut (TripReports) A weekend to Waiopehu Hut returning via a longish short-cut
2011-11-30-Mitre Flats (TripReports) Two trips to investigate old routes into Mitre Flats
2011-12-03-Baring Head (TripReports) A cycle trip from Eastbourne to Baring Head and back into a northerly
2011-12-03-Pioneer Hut (TripReports) Climbs of Haidinger, Halcombe, Glacier Peak, West Peak, & Lendenfield.
2011-12-06-Cook (Photos) Photos from Mt Cook November 2011
2011-12-17-Holsdworth-Cone Ridge (TripReports) A 3 day trip from Totara Creek to Cone Ridge returning via Totara Forks Stream Spur
2012-01-11 (TrampingReports) 2011-12 summer holiday trips
2012-01-12-Climbing The Nuns Veil (Photos) A TTC trip to Aoraki Mt Cook National Park to climb The Nun's Veil (2749m), January 11-13 2012
2012-01-14-Southern Rimutuka (Photos) Photos from Brian Hasell...
2012-01-18 (TrampingReports) Anniversary Weekend
2012-01-22-Bridge Nowhere (Photos) Photos from bike trip to the Bridge to Nowhere
2012-01-25 (TrampingReports) Late January
2012-01-26-Catchpool South Saddle-Matthews Track (TripReports) A day trip to South Saddle and ferocious winds.
2012-01-28-Bawbaw Rimutaka Divide (TripReports) An off-track day trip on the Rimutaka divide to Bawbaw
2012-02-01 (TrampingReports) Waitangi Weekend
2012-02-04-Waingawa River (TripReports) A trip down the Waingawa River downstream from Mitre Flats
2012-02-14-Tutoko (Photos) Ascent of SE ridge of Tutoko, the Darran mountains
2012-02-22-Whakatikei Gorge (TripReports) A day trip up the Whakatikei Gorge and return over the tops.
2012-03-10-Holdsworth-Jumbo (TripReports) A bushcraft trip over Holdsworth-Jumbo crossing
2012-03-10-Totara Creek-Mangaterere Track-Sayers Hut (TripReports) A bushcraft trip with off-track navigation into the Totara Creek area
2012-03-16-Mangatepopo (Photos) Photos from two good days of climbing
2012-03-16-Mitre Flats-Mid King-Jumbo (TripReports) A trip from Mitre Flats, Mid King Biv, Mid King, Broken Axe Pinnacles to Jumbo
2012-03-23-Mangaehuehu Glacier (TripReports) A training course in glacier travel & crevasse extraction, Mt Ruapehu
2012-03-25-Abbotts Creek-Rimutaka Summit (TripReports) A day trip up Abbotts Creek and over the ridges to the Rimutaka Summit
2012-03-28-Phillips Stream (TripReports) Three trips over three years to find the 10m waterfall in Phillips Stream.
2012-03-31-Malte Brun West Ridge (Photos) Late season ascent of Malte Brun West Ridge, Mount Cook National Park.
2012-04-05-Moss Pass (TripReports) An easter trip up the Sabine, over Moss Pass, returning down the D'Urville
2012-04-08-St Arnaud Family Lodge Trip (Photos) Easter Family Lodge Trip to St Arnaud
2012-04-11-Moss Pass (Photos) Photos from Easters Moss Pass Trip
2012-04-14-Maraenui Paekawakawa (TripReports) A day walk through reserves and beaches in south Wellington
2012-04-14-Mc Kerrow-Turere-Whakanui (TripReports) Kiwi tracking in the Rimutaka Forest area behind Wainuiomata
2012-04-15-Barra Track-North King-Girdlestone-Mitre (TripReports) Barra track to Mitre Flats & a tops loop from North King to Girdlestone to Mitre
2012-04-25-Queen Elizabeth Park (TripReports) A trip through the southern part of Queen Elizabeth Park
2012-04-27-Tiger Leaping Gorge-China (TripReports) A tramp down one of the world's deepest gorges in Yunnan Province of China
2012-05-05-Burn Hut Circuit (TripReports) A day trip from Mangahao River to Burn Hut to Mack’s Track,& Baber Forks
2012-05-06-Sunday PM Zoo To Houghton Bay-Island Bay (TripReports) Sunday 1pm walk from Zoo to Houghton Bay to Island Bay & Champagne !
2012-05-06-Te Kopi-Cape Palliser (TripReports) A cycle trip from Te Kopi to Cape Palliser and back.
2012-05-12-Youth Climbing Titahi Bay (Photos) Photos from youth rock climbing at Titahi Bay
2012-05-19-Warrens Saddle-Hutt Forks-Phillips Stream-Norbett Stream (TripReports) A day of off-track travel in Kaitoke Regional Park.
2012-06-09-Hikurangi (Photos) Tramp up Mt Hikurangi, first peak to see the sun!
2012-06-27 (TrampingReports) End June - Beg July
2012-07-06-Douglas (Photos) Attempt on the south face of Douglas, Mount Cook National Park
2012-07-08-Tararua Lodge Whakapapa (TripReports) School holiday Ski week, Tararua Lodge, Whakapapa Ski field
2012-07-11 (TrampingReports) A Weather of Two Halves
2012-07-11-Battle Hill (TripReports) Volume 84, no 10, November
2012-07-11-Colonial Knob (TripReports) A trip through Porirua Scenic Reserve to Colonial Knob
2012-07-18 (TrampingReports) Smiths Creek focus
2012-07-21-Pinnacles Traverse (Photos) Pinnacles traverse in early winter conditions
2012-07-25 (TrampingReports) Persistence Rewarded
2012-07-28-Akatarawa-Kakanui Peak (TripReports) A day circuit along various bushy spurs to Kakanui peak.
2012-07-28-Tapuae O Uenuku (Photos) Early winter ascent of Tapuae o Uenuku, Inland Kaikouras.
2012-08-10-Tararua Lodge (TripReports) A ski weekend of sunny skis and snow at the Tararua Lodge, Whakapapa
2012-08-11-Tasman Glacier Skiing (TripReports) A week of south island backcountry skiing
2012-08-12-Phillips Stream (TripReports) Up Norbett’s Creek Track then a loop around ridges above Phillips Stream
2012-08-16-Upper Tasman Glacier Skifield (Photos) A TTC trip to Aoraki Mt Cook to ski the Tasman Glacier, August 11-19 2012
2012-08-18-Waiotauru River-Pukeatua (TripReports) A trip through rugged bush to Waiotauru River then up to Pukeatua.
2012-08-22-Turere Waterfall (TripReports) A day trip along the Whakanui track then down a ridge to the Turere Waterfall
2012-08-29 (TrampingReports) Ascents of all kinds
2012-09-05 (TrampingReports) Early Spring, uncertain WX
2012-09-12 (TrampingReports) Lots On in early Sept
2012-09-12-Tauherenikau Valley (TripReports) A snowy trip into Tutuwai Hut
2012-09-15-Warenga Hut (TripReports) A gourmet weekend at Warenga Hut
2012-09-19-Mt Barton (TripReports) A trip to Mt Barton returning down the Little Akatarawa River.
2012-09-23-Murchison (Photos) Perfect weekend trip to Arthurs Pass
2012-09-27-Mounts Paske And Dora (TripReports) Climbs of Mt Paske and Mt Dora from Paske Hut.
2012-09-28-Te Ao Whekere-Manakau Traverse (Photos) Traverse in excellent conditions
2012-09-29-Rainbow Valley Nr Nelson Lakes (Photos) Photos from Paske Creek headwaters
2012-09-Akatarawa Saddle-Kapakapanui (TripReports) A long trip on road to Akatarawa Saddle then track over Kapakapanui
2012-10-07-Family Ski Week (Photos) Photos from Gill and Kevin's ski week
2012-10-10 (TrampingReports) Post equinox gales
2012-10-19-Bibbulmun-Western Australia (TripReports) Tramping in the Bibbulmun region of Western Australia.
2012-10-19-Hopeless Hut-John Tait Hut (TripReports) A wet tramp to Hopeless Hut and John Tait Hut.
2012-10-19-Mt Tapuae O Uenuku (TripReports) Ascents of Mt Tapuae O Uenuku at labour weekend.
2012-10-21-Lees Creek Nelson Lakes (Photos) Photos from Lees Creek, Raglan Range, Labour Day weekend 2012
2012-10-25-Syaokang (Photos) Photos from on our climb of Sayokang (6040m) in October
2012-10-31 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2012-11-07 (TrampingReports) All Sorts, and a mountain
2012-11-07-Mt Rolleston-Avalanche Peak (TripReports) A climbing trip traversing Rolleston and Avalanche Peaks.
2012-11-08-Rolleston (Photos) Photos from a couple of good days at Arthur's Pass
2012-11-10-East Harbour Regional Park Traverse (TripReports) A 5 hour traverse across from Wainuomata to Eastbourne.
2012-11-14 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2012-11-18-Seton Nossiter Park Woodridge (TripReports) A 4 hour botany trip in regenerating native forest.
2012-11-21 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2012-11-28-Hawtrey-Butterfly Creek (TripReports) A day trip from Hawtrey to Gollans Stream and up and along East Ridge ridge
2012-11-Traverse Of Southern Alps Via Mts Cook And Tasman (TripReports) A sixteen day climbing trip with no helicopters!
2012-12-01-Morison Bush (Photos) Photos from Morison Bush family camping weekend
2012-12-10-Mt Dixon (Photos) Photos from climbing Mt Dixon, Aoraki Mt Cook NP, December 2012
2012-12-16-Alarm (Photos) Early summer ascent of Mt Alarm, Inland Kaikouras
2012-12-23-Franklin NLNP (Photos) Ascent of Mt Franklin (Nelson Lakes)
2012-Bushcraft (Photos) Photos from Bushcraft 2012
2013-01-04-Dragonfly (Photos) Ascent of Dragonfly peak, Mt Aspiring National Park.
2013-01-16 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2013-01-20-Hopeless (Photos) Ropeless on Hopeless (Nelson Lakes)
2013-01-23 (TrampingReports) Mid-late Jan, gales or golden days
2013-01-27-Adkin-Girdlestone-Dorset Ridge (TripReports) Angle Knob to MacGregor Bivvy, over Girdlestone to Dorset Ridge Hut & Atiwhakatu Hut
2013-01-27-Northern Crossing (TripReports) A Northern Crossing by father and son.
2013-01-28-Barth (Photos) Ascent of Barth in the Ahuriri Valley
2013-01-30 (TrampingReports) End Jan and hot!
2013-02-07-Sabre (Photos) Ascent of Sabre via the north buttress, the Darran Mountains
2013-02-09-Cow Creek (Photos) Photos from Youth Group Cow Creek
2013-02-16-Kime Hut Construction (Photos) Photos from construction of new Kime Hut
2013-02-17-Willowbank Park-Belmont Regional Park (TripReports) Day trip from Takapu Rd Station to Horokiwi Bridleway, Belmont Trig & Korokoro
2013-02-18-False Spur (TripReports) A trip via Quoin Ridge to Alpha hut then to Atkinson via False Spur.
2013-02-20-Mangahao (TripReports) Up Baber creek, down Dick Creek, then (swimming) down the Mangahao
2013-02-21-Dorset Ridge (TripReports) A trip via Baldy and Caim and bushy ridges to Dorset Creek and Dorset Hut.
2013-02-23-Pink-Floyd-Buttress (Photos) Photos of Momentary Lapse of Reason, a climb on Pink Floyd Buttress, Mt Ruapehu
2013-02-24-Unicorn Dilemma (Photos) The secret of the Unicorn. MCNP
2013-02-27-Orongorongo Valley-Turere Lodge (TripReports) A night at Turere Lodge & visits to Waeranga & Haurangi Lodges.
2013-03-09-Te Mara-Waingawa River-Mitre (TripReports) A demanding circuit encompassing Te Mara, Waingawa River, Girdlestone, and Mitre
2013-03-10-Tamaki (Photos) Ascent of Tamaki Peak, MCNP. Accessed via the Cass.
2013-03-17-Kaitoki Ridge-Benge Creek (TripReports) On & off-track travel up Katoke Ridge to Benge Creek.
2013-03-22-Tararua Lodge (Photos) Photos from Tararua Lodge work party
2013-03-23-Belvedere (Photos) Ascent of Belvedere Peak, St Arnaud Range
2013-03-27 (TrampingReports) Easter trips
2013-03-27-Pinnacle Ridge (TripReports) A round trip to Pinnacle, along Pinnacle Ridge & down the Atiwhakatu
2013-03-27-Roaring Meg (TripReports) Offtrack up the Roaring Meg then returning via ridge on south side.
2013-03-28-Robson S Lodge-Kuripapango (TripReports) Trips from Robson’s Lodge to Mount Kuripapango, Kaweka Hut, Mackintosh Hut, & Blowhard Bush Reserve.
2013-03-30-Needle And Haystack (Photos) Tramping in Kahurangi National Park
2013-03-9-Mt Ross (TripReports) A round trip in the Aorangi Mountains encountering plenty of undergrowth.
2013-03-Mitre Peak (TripReports) A climb of Mitre Peak with two high camps.
2013-04-03 (TrampingReports) Drought breaking(?)
2013-04-03-West Akatarawa Maunganui (TripReports) A day walk from in the N.W. Akatarawa Forest Park
2013-04-07-Paske (Photos) Ascent of Mt Paske, St Arnaud Range
2013-04-14-Dasler Pinnacles (Photos) Ascent of Dasler Pinnacles via north ridge
2013-04-14-Mt Matthews (Photos) Photos from Mt Matthews day trip April 14 2013 led by Daniel Rogerson
2013-04-14-Mt Matthews (TripReports) A climb of Matthews by an off-track route.
2013-04-25 (TrampingReports) Week of Anzac Day
2013-05-11-Rabbiters Peak (Photos) Attempt on Rabbiters Peak, Hopkins valley
2013-05-11-Skull Gully Wainuiomata (TripReports) A trip in the Wainuiomata Water Catchment Area to Skull Gully & Drummond Ridge
2013-05-25-Akatarawa Tramline (TripReports) Through Akatarawa forest spurs, ridges, & river crossings plus the Akatarawa Tramline
2013-05-29 (TrampingReports) Queen's Birthday weekend
2013-05-31-St Arnard (TripReports) Walks to the tops & around Lake Rotoiti from Red Deer Lodge
2013-06-09-Waerenga Hut (TripReports) A trip to Waerenga Hut to dedicate the Michael Taylor memorial dry stone seat.
2013-06-12 (TrampingReports) In the shortest days
2013-06-14-Tongariro Northern Circuit (Photos) Photos from Tongariro Northern Circuit
2013-06-19 (TrampingReports) Week of the Big Storm
2013-06-23-Totara Flats (TripReports) Two nights at Totara Flats hut with exploring to Makaka Creek & Totara Creek
2013-07-06-Carrington Ridge (TripReports) Up Carrington Creek then a climb to near Gentle Annie Saddle & along Carrington Ridge
2013-07-13-Ruapehu-Youth Programme Snow 1 (TripReports) A snow instruction course based at Hut Valley Lodge accompanied by a snow storm.
2013-07-27-Akatarawa Forest (TripReports) River crossings and wading, plus travel up and down spurs in the Akatarawa Forest
2013-07-31 (TrampingReports) Local and the Lodge
2013-08-07 (TrampingReports) Regional day walks
2013-08-14 (TrampingReports) Week of the 6.6 quake
2013-08-15-Makara Coastline Clean-up (TripReports) Wednesday walkers spend a day removing rubbish from the Makara Coast
2013-08-21 (TrampingReports) Eerily early spring
2013-08-26-Uni Ski Week (Photos) Photos from Anita's university ski week
2013-08-28 (TrampingReports) Busy end of August
2013-08-31-Pioneer Hut (Photos) Photos from Pioneer hut / MCNP
2013-09-04 (TrampingReports) theme or area of trips
2013-09-11 (TrampingReports) Wed wild, weekend mild
2013-09-18 (TrampingReports) Wild weekend
2013-09-25 (TrampingReports) Day walks and work party
2013-10-16-Manganui (TrampingReports) grand traverse north from Titi, across Maunganui and on to Cleartop
2013-11-02-East Holdsworth (Photos) Photos from East Holdsworth
2014-09-22-Fox Glacier (Photos) Photos from Fox Glacier skitouring week
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2018-11-14-Butterfly Ck (Photos) Photos from BBB Wed trip to East Harbour Regional

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